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Katy WINS 6A Boys Dual State–Results/Recap

In a 2 way tie for first.  Katy High School pulls out the win on criteria over New Braunfels.  Plano West takes 3rd over Weatherford and Arlington Martin with a minimum line up placed 5th.  This Dual was a coaching battle on top of the wrestlers having to wrestle as each team had their champs and top ranked guys mixed in with younger inexperienced wrestlers.
I break it down below by round.

1st Round
New Braunsfels over Arlington Martin 42-30.  Martin had 3 of their super stars with Dominic Chavez, Donavan Whitted, and Jaden Two Lance.  several other starters where out with the Flu that’s been going around.  Anyway Martin gets the wins there and a couple others but New Braunfels takes care of business.

Katy is over Plano West 63-16.  All the matches from 106 thur 170 were battles with most going to Katy. Farid Mobarak of Plano West like another 5 seconds of tying the score against KiShawn Higgins.

Weatherford had a Bye

2nd Round
Weatherford over Martin in a close one 42-40.  Everyone was pinning or forfieting.  Chavez, Whitted, and Two Lance won and Mason Woodward of Weatherford got a forfeit.

Katy over New Braunfels 47-33. Katy had NB’s number.  Most all the scrambles went Katy’s way. #2 Tyler Ramirez got  the fall over Truman Timmons..

Plano West had the Bye

3rd Round
Weatherford over Katy 39-36 and New Braunfels over Plano West  39-33 with Martin having the Bye.  Notable here was #2 ranked Tyler Ramirez of NB wins over Jacob Aragon of PW

4th Round
He things start to get interesting.  Plano West wins over Martin 43-36 with Tagen Jamison of Plano West bumping up to wrestle Jaden Two Lance of Martin.  Jamison won 3-1 getting the only takedown.

New Braunfels wins over Weatherford 39-36.  One turning point was #5 ranked Noah Cairns of NB getting the fall over #4 Koby Kidd.  Then it was a back and forth battle at 106 that went NB’s way to seal the victory.

5th Round
With each Katy, Weatherford, and New Braunfels each having 1 loss with Weatherford beating Katy, Katy beating New Braunfels, and New Braunfels beating Weatherford it would come down to the last duals and criteria.  New Braunfels had a Bye so all Weatherford and Katy had to do was win to go into criteria with New Braunfels.  Well Katy did its part winning over Arlington Martin 42-16. The Chavez and Jackson Crandall was a great match going to Chavez.  But Plano West had other intentions then letting Weatherford win.  Plano West defeats Weatherford 53-24 to give Weatherford their 2nd loss and tie them with Plano West at 2-2. Plano West with the tie breaking win gets 3rd place.  Notable here was the Tagen Jamison vs Mason Woodward match up.  It was close the 1st period and 2nd period and in the 3rd period Jamison opened it up and took Woodward down a couple time in a row but couldn’t quite get the major.

Katy wins over New Braunfels by criteria of most points.