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Out of Town Texas Recap

It was a big weekend for the traveling teams that came away with champions from each tournament.  We will start with the Geary Invitational in Geary Oklahoma where Arlington Martin, and Canyon Randall, made the journey. Donavin Whitted was the lone Champion here
Placers include:
106-Shawn Rycamz of Martin-6th place
120-Dominic Chavez of Martin-2nd place
126-Donavan Whitted of Martin-Champion
126-Jesse Perea of Randall-6th place
138-Jaden Two Lance of Martin-5th place
152-Julius Alfaro of Martin-5th place
160-Jaydn Heaton of Randall-5th place
170-Branson Britton of Randall-3rd place

The Cushing Invitational in Cushing Oklahoma had Allen and Dumas in the house.  Allen ran away with this tournament team wise and Dumas came in 9th out of over 40 teams. Allen had 9 finalist with 6 champions.  At 195 it was an all Texas final with Zane Davis of Allen and Davin Gates of Dumas, the win went to Allen.

106-Caden Garcia of Allen 2nd place
113-Braxton Brown of Allen-Champion
120-Kade Moore of Allen-2nd place
132-Rance Waigand of Allen-2nd place
132- Ah Lee Yart of Dumas-4th place
138-Jarrett Moore of Allen-4th place
138-Jakob Nakamura of Allen-5th place
145-Anthony Ferrari of Allen-Champion
152-Mario Danzi of Allen-Champion
160-Alejandro Cavazos of Allen-Champion
160-Diego Falcon of Dumas-3rd place
170-Elise Brown Ton of Allen-Champion
195-Zane Davis of Allen-Champion
195-Davin Gates of Dumas-2nd place

In New Mexico, 3 of the El Paso teams made the trip competing in the Conflict at Cleveland. Franklin, Pebble Hills and Coronado.  Franklin placed the highest of the 3 teams coming in 6th placed followed by Pebble Hills then Coronado.  James McClain III, Dominic Melendez, and David Powers all came away with the Gold.

113-Justin Rodriguez of El Paso Pebble Hills-2nd place
120-Fabian Najera of El Paso Coronado-6th place
126-Emilo Acosta of El Paso Franklin-6th place
132-Alexander Delgado of El Paso Pebble Hills-5th place
138-James Mcclain III of El Paso Franklin-Champion
145-Dominic Melendez of El Paso Pebble Hills-Champion
152-Anthony Delgado of El Paso Pebble Hills-5th place
152-Sebastian Escobar of El Paso Franklin-6th place
195-David Powers of El Paso Franklin-Champion
285- Jaydn Jaramillo of El Paso Franklin-2nd place