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Delgado, Jackson-Bey, and Ferrari Win Championships @ PreSeason Nationals

The Youth division wrapped up Sunday at the Preseason Nationals in Des Moines with Texas coming away with 3 Champions.
For the girls, all 4 registered girls wrestling for NXT Level Wrestling claimed All American  placing in the top 4 with Hailey Delgado a 4th grader claiming a championship at 61-65 weight class.
For the boys it was Whitted Trained’s Javin Jackson-Bey @ grades 7 and 8 division wrestling at 91 weight class taking a championship and in the same age division Angelo Ferrari of Best Trained took him a championship at the 120 pound weight class.
11 other youth boys also claimed All American as well.

Complete Brackets and Results

Girls Youth
5th-8th58-63Eden Cordero (6th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy3rd Place
5th-8th72-79Alyssa SedilloNXT Level Wrestling Academy2nd Place
4th and Under61-65Hailey Delgado (4th)NXT Level Wrestling AcademyChampion
5th and Under53-58Nayeli Ortiz (4th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy4th Place
Grades 7 and 884Ivan Lopez (8th)Whitted Trained
Grades 7 and 891Caio Aron (6th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
Grades 7 and 891Javin Jackson-Bey (7th)Whitted TrainedChampion
Grades 7 and 891Noah Thorsen (8th)Best Trained
Grades 7 and 898Austin Letsche (7th)Best Trained
Grades 7 and 898Joseph Liescheski (8th)Best Trained8th Place
Grades 7 and 8120Angelo Ferrari (8th)Best TrainedChampion
Grades 7 and 8120Gavin Ramos (8th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 5 and 660Aaron Garcia (5th)Katy Area Wrestling Club
Grades 5 and 660Dylan Ota (6th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
Grades 5 and 660Hector Ortiz (5th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 5 and 670Mikey Ruiz (5th)Wesley Club Wrestling4th Place
Grades 5 and 675Cayden Rios (5th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy7th Place
Grades 5 and 680Jair Jackson-Bey (6th)Whitted Trained3rd Place
Grades 5 and 690Luke Burgar (6th)Whitted Trained
Grades 5 and 690Zayn Navarrete (6th)NB Elite4th Place
Grades 5 and 695Steel Meyers (6th)Whitted Trained6th Place
Grades 3 and 450Roman Lopez (4th)Whitted Trained2nd Place
Grades 3 and 455Nayeli Ortiz (4th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 3 and 460Vinny Ferrari (3rd)Best Trained5th Place
Grades 3 and 470Hailey Delgado (4th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 3 and 470Shiloh Jackson-Bey (4th)Whitted Trained2nd Place
Grades 1 and 240Bo Rios (K)NXT Level Wrestling Academy3rd Place
Grades 1 and 245Gino Ferrari (1st)Best Trained5th Place