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Texas Girls Pre Season Nationals Recap.

Texas will be coming home with 6 champions and 17 other medalist in the woman’s Pre Season National tournament which is growing every year.  Below the weights are broken down with the Texas placers

An all Texas Final with #3-5A ranked @95 Odelia Lopez of Corpus Christi Ray wrestling for Texas Style Wrestling Club taking a 1-0 decision over Lucas Lovejoy’s #1-5A ranked @ 102 Avery Ashley to win the Championship.  #4-6A @ 95 Annabelle Garcia of Keller Central/Hammerhead Wrestling took a 3rd place finish over another Texas girl Ashley Morris #2-6A @ 102 from Klein Collins/Spring Klein Wrestling with a 4-2 decision. making this weight an all Texas top 4 finish.  Unranked Melissa Cifuentes of Cypress wrestling placed 8th.

#1-6A @ 110 Samara Chavez takes the championship here making the 2nd consecutive major national tournament win.  #4-6A @ 110 Nayeli Hernandez of Pharr-San Juan-Alamo/All Valley Wrestling took a 5th place finish.

#3-6A @ 110 Carmin Allred of Euless Trinity/All American WC  takes a 6th place finish with #20-5A @ 110 Keyla Hernandez of El Paso Eastwood/NXT Level taking a 7th place finish.

The story here is the #18-5A @ 119 Alexis Montes of El Paso Eastwood/NXT Level Wrestling defeated 4-0 #2-6A @ 119 Devin Patton of Plano West/Texas Pride in the semi finals then won the championship with a fall in the finals.  Patton who wrestled 5 matches and all except the 3rd place match was against Texas wrestlers.  Patton took 3rd place. #4-6A @ 119 Sydney Harper took a 5th place finish. Carlie Allred of Euless Trinity/All American WC placed 7th.

#6-6A @ 119 Illyauna Martinez of Katy Mayde Creek/Cobra Kai  took a 2nd place finish.  Angelina Prado the #5-5A @ 128 from El Paso Eastwood/NXT Level Wrestling took a 3rd place finish.  #4-6A @ 128 Juliana Baugher of Prosper/All American WC took a 5th place finish with fellow team mate Cecilia Adams of Prosper/Spartan Mat  taking a 8th place finish

Had no Texas placers at this weight.

#10-6A @ 165 Leilani Hernandez of Plano West/Texas Pride is the champion here.  Hernandez defeated #18-6A @ 165 Angie Archuleta of Rockwall-Heath/Spartan Mat Club by a 4-0 decision in the semi finals.  Archuleta cam back to take a 4th place finish.  #8-6A @ 148 Isabella Armstrong of Plano West/Texas Pride took a 6th place finish.

#12-6A @ 148 Haley Wilcox of Euless Trinity/All American WC placed 5th.

#2-6A @ 185 Brittyn Corbishley of College Park/Boneyard Wrestling was your champion at this weight.

#4-6A @ 215 Hannah Francis of Coppell/Spartan Mat won her a championship here as well.

9th-12th93-102Annabelle Garcia (11th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy3rd Place
9th-12th93-102Ashley Morris (11th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club4th Place
9th-12th93-102Avery Ashley (10th)lovejoy leopards2nd Place
9th-12th93-102Melissa Cifuentes (10th)Cypress WC8th Place
9th-12th93-102Mia Uvaldo (11th)Carrollton Thunder
9th-12th93-102Odelia Lopez (12th)Texas Style Wrestling ClubChampion
9th-12th105-113Alyssa Ruiz (9th)All American WC
9th-12th105-113Kaya Foster (9th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12th105-113Nayeli Hernandez (12th)All-Valley Wrestling Club5th Place
9th-12th105-113Samara Chavez (11th)SPARTAN MAT CLUBChampion
9th-12th105-113Sarah Martinez (12th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
9th-12th113-121Carmen Allred (12th)All American Wrestling Club6th Place
9th-12th113-121Keyla Martinez (10th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy7th Place
9th-12th113-121Tayah Thomas (12th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12th115-125Alexis Montes (9th)NXT Level Wrestling AcademyChampion
9th-12th115-125Carlie Allred (12th)All American Wrestling Club7th Place
9th-12th115-125Destiny Reed (11th)Plano Pride
9th-12th115-125Devin Patton (11th)Texas Pride3rd Place
9th-12th115-125Ella Musselman (9th)lovejoy leopards
9th-12th115-125Gwendolyn Grimes (11th)Cobra Kai
9th-12th115-125karen gutierrez (10th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12th115-125Sydney Harper (11th)All American WC5th Place
9th-12th115-125Teresa Angeles Solis (11th)Bear Wrestling
9th-12th126-132Angelina Prado (12th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy3rd Place
9th-12th126-132Cecilia Adams (12th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB8th Place
9th-12th126-132Illyuana Martinez (12th)Cobra Kai2nd Place
9th-12th126-132Jordyn Anderson (12th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12th126-132Juliana Baugher (12th)All American WC5th Place
9th-12th132-141Jaden Lund (12th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12th132-141Kyrah Ford (11th)All American Wrestling Club
9th-12th132-141Priscilla Luevano (11th)All-Valley Wrestling Club
9th-12th144-158Angelina Archuleta (11th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB4th Place
9th-12th144-158Isabella Armstrong (11th)Texas Pride6th Place
9th-12th144-158Leilani Hernandez (11th)Texas PrideChampion
9th-12th144-158Samantha Bonilla (12th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
9th-12th159-171Haley Wilcox (11th)All American WC5th Place
9th-12th173-183Brittyn Corbishley (11th)Boneyard Wrestling AcademyChampion
9th-12th202-219Hannah Francis (11th)SPARTAN MAT CLUBChampion