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Texas at Preseason Nationals

188 Texas Wrestlers are registered to invade the Preseason Nationals in Des Moines Iowa at the Iowa Events Center (Hyvee Hall) this weekend.

Wrestling will start this Friday the 25th with the High School division and follow on Saturday with the girls and the youth.

Also gives us all a chance to see the up and coming freshman on the high school scene


9th-10th100Carter Taylor (9th)3F Wrestling
9th-10th100Joseph Richardson (9th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-10th100Kenneth Hendriksen (10th)Creekview High School
9th-10th106Colton Tidwell (9th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-10th106Kevin Aguinada (10th)Lions Den Wrestling
9th-10th106Matthew Thorsen (9th)Best Trained
9th-10th106Thiago Almeida (10th)TNT Wrestling
9th-10th106Trebor Moreno (9th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
9th-10th113David Ray (9th)Texas Pride
9th-10th113Joshua Stoddard (9th)Best Trained
9th-10th113Joshua Garcia (10th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-10th113Joshua Salais (10th)Texas Pride
9th-10th113Luke Newton (9th)Katy Area Wrestling Club
9th-10th113Mason Gordon (9th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-10th113Tyten Volk (10th)Frisco Texas Jacks
9th-10th120Chase Abshear (9th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-10th120Reeves Baller (9th)Mile High Wrestling Club
9th-10th120Robert Franks (9th)Texas Best Trained Elite
9th-10th126Jeremy Granadero (9th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-10th126Mark Hayden (10th)Liberty Christian School
9th-10th126nathan mooney (10th)Mountaineer Wrestling Club
9th-10th132Brennan Langdon (10th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-10th132Jackson Berg (10th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-10th132Odin Hicks (10th)VICI Wrestling Club
9th-10th138Bryce McLaren (10th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-10th138Evan Stolba (10th)Centennial HS
9th-10th138Jarrett Moore (10th)Best Trained
9th-10th138Jayson Stahl (9th)Best Trained
9th-10th145Roberto Bautista (10th)Tech Fall
9th-10th152James Marquez (10th)Lion`s Den Wrestling
9th-10th152Mario Danzi (10th)Best Trained
9th-10th160Alexander Luna (9th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-10th170Farid Mobarak (10th)Texas Pride
9th-10th182Vincenzo Oliva (10th)Best Trained
11th-12th106Douglas Melrose (12th)Cobra Kai
11th-12th106Elijah Rincon (12th)Corpus Christi
11th-12th106Jack Tallant (11th)Texas Pride
11th-12th113Joe Stephens (11th)Frisco Texas Jacks
11th-12th113Kyle Edwards (11th)All American Wrestling Club
11th-12th113Sam Shafer (11th)All Saints Episcopal School
11th-12th113Trey Reed (12th)All American Wrestling Club
11th-12th120Austin Gordon (11th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th120Daniel Countryman (11th)Plano west
11th-12th120Jackson Crandall (11th)KT 3 Style
11th-12th120Jude Camacho (11th)W4R Training Center
11th-12th120Landon Brown (12th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th120Luke Cambere (11th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th120Maximiliano Barrera (12th)All-Valley Wrestling Club
11th-12th120Wright Hunter (11th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
11th-12th126Caleb Freeman (11th)All American Wrestling Club
11th-12th126Carmine Marino (12th)Texas Pride
11th-12th126Curtis Haneisen (11th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
11th-12th126Donovan Fisher (11th)NB Elite
11th-12th126Jacob Garcia (12th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
11th-12th126John Bennett (12th)Frisco Texas Jacks
11th-12th126Mason Woodward (11th)Punisher Wrestling
11th-12th126Michael Branam (11th)JFlo Wrestling
11th-12th126Nick Thompson (12th)All Saints Episcopal School
11th-12th132Alexander Tinana (11th)Texas Style Wrestling Club
11th-12th132Armando Vasquez (12th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th132Hunter Duncan (10th)lovejoy leopards
11th-12th132Jaren Powell (11th)Liberty Warrior Wrestling
11th-12th132John Richardson (11th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th132Luke Holland (11th)KT 3 Style
11th-12th132Rance Waigand (12th)Best Trained
11th-12th132Tagen jamison (11th)Texas Pride
11th-12th138Ajani Reyes Nazario (12th)Cobra Kai
11th-12th138Coby Eikenhorst (12th)Creekview High School
11th-12th138Evan Atchley (11th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th138Lawson Nagel (12th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th138Paul Nield (12th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th138Warren Asire (12th)All American Wrestling Club
11th-12th145Jackson Bourne (12th)The Bombers of Frisco Wrestlin
11th-12th145Jacob Aragon (12th)Texas Pride
11th-12th145Konnor Wright (11th)W4R Training Center
11th-12th145London Snow (12th)Frisco Texas Jacks
11th-12th152Braeden Baller (11th)All Saints Episcopal School
11th-12th152brian ramirez (11th)Lions Den Wrestling
11th-12th152Chandler Young (12th)Texas Style Wrestling Club
11th-12th152Chase Halme (11th)Timber Creek High Wrestling
11th-12th152Haven Garcia (11th)All-Valley Wrestling Club
11th-12th152Humberto Alcala (12th)All-Valley Wrestling Club
11th-12th152Joshua Garza (12th)Texas Style Wrestling Club
11th-12th152Kevin Jackson (12th)Prosper High School
11th-12th152Levi Olsen (12th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th152Roger Vislosky (12th)lovejoy leopards
11th-12th160Ethan Kallis (12th)Cobra Kai
11th-12th160Jesus Ceja (11th)All-Valley Wrestling Club
11th-12th160Kishawn Higgins (12th)Katy
11th-12th160Mark Leija (12th)Texas Style Wrestling Club
11th-12th160Matthew Maxwell (12th)Independent
11th-12th160Michael Daichman (11th)Gorilla
11th-12th170Brayden Brandvold (12th)Prosper High School
11th-12th170caleb derusha (12th)Lebanon Trail High School
11th-12th170Darwin Hull (11th)Ohana Wrestling Academy
11th-12th170Jakob Underwood (11th)lovejoy leopards
11th-12th170Shay Burns (RS Jr)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
11th-12th170Skyler Malone (12th)Independent
11th-12th182Eli Sheeren (11th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
11th-12th182Ethan Wilson (11th)Liberty Warrior Wrestling
11th-12th182Mason Ding (11th)Texas Pride
11th-12th182Xavier Rogers (11th)G-STYLE WRESTLING
11th-12th195Arian Sejdini (12th)Frisco Texas Jacks
11th-12th195Zane Davis (12th)Texas Best Trained Elite
11th-12th220Rylan Bonds (12th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th285Evin Leson (11th)Cobra Kai
11th-12th285Nicholas Juarez (11th)The Lions Den
11th-12th285william bennett (12th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/AAlexis Montes (9th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/AAlyssa Ruiz (9th)All American WC
9th-12thN/AAngelina Archuleta (11th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-12thN/AAngelina Prado (12th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/AAnnabelle Garcia (11th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/AAshley Morris (11th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
9th-12thN/AAvery Ashley (10th)lovejoy leopards
9th-12thN/ABrittyn Corbishley (11th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/ACarlie Allred (12th)All American Wrestling Club
9th-12thN/ACarmen Allred (12th)All American Wrestling Club
9th-12thN/ACecilia Adams (12th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-12thN/ADestiny Reed (11th)Plano Pride
9th-12thN/ADevin Patton (11th)Texas Pride
9th-12thN/AEliana Martinez (10th)Allen High School Wrestling
9th-12thN/AElla Musselman (9th)lovejoy leopards
9th-12thN/AGwendolyn Grimes (11th)Cobra Kai
9th-12thN/AHaley Wilcox (11th)All American WC
9th-12thN/AHannah Francis (11th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-12thN/AIllyuana Martinez (12th)Cobra Kai
9th-12thN/AIsabella Armstrong (11th)Texas Pride
9th-12thN/AJaden Lund (12th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/AJordyn Anderson (12th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/AJuliana Baugher (12th)All American WC
9th-12thN/Akaren gutierrez (10th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/AKaya Foster (9th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/AKeyla Martinez (10th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/AKyrah Ford (11th)All American Wrestling Club
9th-12thN/ALeandra Leal (11th)Texas Style Wrestling Club
9th-12thN/ALeilani Hernandez (11th)Texas Pride
9th-12thN/AMelissa Cifuentes (10th)Cypress WC
9th-12thN/AMia Uvaldo (11th)Carrollton Thunder
9th-12thN/AMiah White (12th)Cobra Kai
9th-12thN/AMiriam Pacheco (12th)All American WC
9th-12thN/ANayeli Hernandez (12th)All-Valley Wrestling Club
9th-12thN/AOdelia Lopez (12th)Texas Style Wrestling Club
9th-12thN/APriscilla Luevano (11th)All-Valley Wrestling Club
9th-12thN/ASamantha Bonilla (12th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/ASamara Chavez (11th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-12thN/ASarah Martinez (12th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/ASydney Harper (11th)All American WC
9th-12thN/ATayah Thomas (12th)HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-12thN/ATeresa Angeles Solis (11th)Bear Wrestling
5th-8thN/AEden Cordero (6th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
4th and UnderN/AHailey Delgado (4th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
5th and UnderN/ANayeli Ortiz (4th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 7 and 884Ivan Lopez (8th)Whitted Trained
Grades 7 and 891Caio Aron (6th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
Grades 7 and 891Javin Jackson-Bey (7th)Whitted Trained
Grades 7 and 891Noah Thorsen (8th)Best Trained
Grades 7 and 898Austin Letsche (7th)Best Trained
Grades 7 and 898Joseph Liescheski (8th)Best Trained
Grades 7 and 8120Angelo Ferrari (8th)Best Trained
Grades 7 and 8120Gavin Ramos (8th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 5 and 660Aaron Garcia (5th)Katy Area Wrestling Club
Grades 5 and 660Dylan Ota (6th)SPARTAN MAT CLUB
Grades 5 and 660Hector Ortiz (5th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 5 and 670Mikey Ruiz (5th)Wesley Club Wrestling
Grades 5 and 675Cayden Rios (5th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 5 and 680Jair Jackson-Bey (6th)Whitted Trained
Grades 5 and 690Luke Burgar (6th)Whitted Trained
Grades 5 and 690Zayn Navarrete (6th)NB Elite
Grades 5 and 695Steel Meyers (6th)Whitted Trained
Grades 3 and 450Roman Lopez (4th)Whitted Trained
Grades 3 and 455Nayeli Ortiz (4th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 3 and 460Vinny Ferrari (3rd)Best Trained
Grades 3 and 470Hailey Delgado (4th)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 3 and 470Shiloh Jackson-Bey (4th)Whitted Trained
Grades 1 and 240Bo Rios (K)NXT Level Wrestling Academy
Grades 1 and 245Gino Ferrari (1st)Best Trained