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AWW Preseason National Rankings – NCAA Schools

With the addition of Women’s Wrestling into the NCAA the New York based American Women Wrestling has came up with NCAA Womens rankings.  Lots of Texas high school wrestlers in the list including some #1 ranked wrestlers.  Texas wrestlers are highlight below, am sure I missed some so let me know and I can edit.


Words from AWW.

This is our inaugural NCAA ranking! Last June, the NCAA recommended adding women’s wrestling for emerging sport status, and this year will have their own Invitational. We thought it was time to put together our very first ranking of NCAA schools! There are 31 NCAA programs, and many of them are brand new. We expect to see more diversity in the schools listed in this ranking in the future, but with established programs like Emmanuel, King, McKendree & Simon Fraser, their experience and depth definitely shows up in this list. As an aside, we’ll also be posting a team ranking afterward based on these individual results. Well, here it is! For the first time, the first-ever AWW Top 8 NCAA preseason individual ranking!
Please note: Rankings are not predictive. They are based on college level results. While we know there are many incoming freshman that are rank-worthy, we do not rank freshmen until they have results.

Tell us where we didn’t get it right! We’ll update our rankings the first week of the month during season.
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1. Angelina Gomez, SO (Emmanuel)
2. Alexia Seal, SR (Simon Fraser)
3. Jaclyn McNichols, SO (King)
4. Natalie Reyna, JR (McKendree)
5. Zamantha Mulder, RS-SR (McKendree)
6. Alisha Elizalde, SR (Ferrum)
7. Trinity Oredina, SO (Tiffin)
8. Courtney Walker, SO (Tiffin)

1. Ciara McCrae, JR (Simon Fraser)
2. Kylie Titus, SO (MacMurray College)
3. Allissa Maldanado, JR (McKendree)
4. Carly Valleroy, SO (McKendree)
5. Clare Garcia, SO (Emmanuel)
6. Brooke Richards, RS-SO, (Tiffin)
7. Alicia Messer, SO (Schreiner)
8. Lesly Hernandez, SO (King)

1. Felicity Taylor, SO (McKendree)
2. Maria Vidales, SR (Emmanuel)
3. Theresa Rankin, RS-JR (McKendree)
4. Kasey Baynon, SO (Emmanuel)
5. McKayla Welch, SO (King)
6. Allie Mahoe, SO (Schreiner)
7. Autumn Potkay, SR (Ferrum)
8. Katherine Sumner, SR (McKendree)

1. Alex Hedrick, JR (Simon Fraser)
2. Cheyenne Sisenstein, SO (King)
3. Alexia Ward, RS-SR (McKendree)
4. Marissa Gallegos, RS-FR (Colorado Mesa)
5. Sierra Brown Ton, SO (Colorado Mesa)
6. Alexandra Herle, JR (Emmanuel)
7. Mia Dow, JR (MacMurray)
8. Maddie Ruckdashel, SO (Lakeland)

1. Brenda Reyna, JR (McKendree)
2. Lauren Mason, RS-JR (Simon Fraser)
3. Allison Petix, JR (King)
4. Alyssa Aceval, RS-SO (King)
5. Caitlyn Cardenas, SO (Emmanuel),
6. Zoe Nowicki, SO (Adrian)
7. Serena Cervantes, SO (Schreiner)
8. Passion Hollins, RS-JR (Emmanuel)

1. Nicole Joseph, SR (King)
2. Kayla Marano, JR (Emmanuel)
3. Jenna Garcia, JR (Simon Fraser)
4. Michelle Camacho, RSSO (McKendree)
5. Julianna Padilla, SO (Emmanuel)
6. Marizza Birrueta, RS-SO (Emmanuel)
7. Sadie Tackett, SR (Emmanuel)
8. Shyann Ronning, SO (Adrian)

1. Felicity Bryant, JR (Emmanuel)
2. Ashlynn Ortega, SO (King)
3. Anna Luciano, SO (King)
4. Sara Brinkac, SO (Simon Fraser)
5. Chloe Rogers, JR (Simon Fraser)
6. MacKenzie Matta, JR (Adrian)
7. Grace Kristoff, SO (McKendree)
8. Hailey Finn, SO (Life U)

1. Alexandria Glaudé, RSSR (McKendree)
2. Alyvia Fiske, JR (Simon Fraser)
3. Joye Levendusky, SO (McKendree)
4. Alison Horne, SR (Simon Fraser)
5. Hailey Cancelleri, SO (King)
6. Maggie Elliot, JR (Adrian)
7. Alma Mendoza, SO (Colorado Mesa)
8. Taylor Hites, SO (Tiffin)

1. Korinahe Bullock, JR (McKendree)
2. Emily Cue, SO (Simon Fraser)
3. Rebekah Trudel, JR (SFU)
4. Nia Crosdale, SO (King)
5. Sydnee Kimber, SO (McKendree)
6. Andrea Sennett, RS-JR (McKendree)
7. Mckhenna Calhoun, SO (Tiffin)
8. Payton Klotzer, SO (Schreiner)

1. Kaylee Seabolt, SO (Emmanuel)
2. Serena Woldring, SO (Simon Fraser)
3. Leya Deickman, SR (Ferrum)
4. Jessie Lee, JR (Tiffin)
5. Kimberly De La Cruz, JR (Lindenwood-St.Charles)
6. Emily Clawson, SR (Colorado Mesa)
7. Miriam De La Garza, SO (Schreiner)