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The method used was state champion, National Ranked, H2H, and State placer, 6A vs 5A with some Fargo thrown in the mix strength of schedule meaning some state champs had an easier road then others. Opinions from various coaches.



1113-6ABraxton BrownAllenSR13x state champ , National ranked
2126-6ADonavan WhittedArlington MartinSR82x state champ,
3145-6AMario DanziAllenJR92x state champ, undefeated in texas
4132-6ATagen JamisonPlano WestSR11state champ, finalist, nationally ranked
5132-PREPSkylar SmithLiberty ChristianSR123x prep state champ, 2x National Prep placer
6170-5ABranson BrittenCanyon RandallSR13state champ, state finalist, Nationally ranked, fargo double AA (twice)
7152-6AAaron LoftenVista RidgeSR15state champ, 3x state placer, 3rd,3rd
8126-6ANoah GochbergAustin VandegriftSR16state champ, 3x state placer, 2nd,3rd
9182-6AEli SheerenKleinSR17state champ, 3x state placer, 2nd,3rd
10138-6AJayden Two LanceArlington MartinSR243x state placer
11138-6AJohn RichardsonProsperSR253x state placer
12106-5AKenneth HendriksonCarrollton CreekviewJRNRstate champ, fargo AA
13138-6ADeShawn CosbySchertz ClemensSRNR2x state finalist, 3x state qualifier
14106-6AEamonn JimenezKilleen EllisonSRNRstate champ, qualifier
15195-5AMason DingCarrollton CreekviewSRNRstate champ, 3x state qualifier