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Day 1 of Super 32

20 Texas high school wrestlers started the day and only 5 made it to the 2nd day.  Braxton Brown, Dominic Chavez, Skylar Smith, Tagen Jamison, and Luke Sloan.   Brown, Chavez, Smith, and Jamison lost in the round of 16 and Sloan lost in the round of 32.    All 5 wrestlers battled back to the consolation 0f 8#1 where they all have to win 2 more matches to place.
Brown the #2 seed @ 113 won all his first matches by decision until he ran into the #15 seed Erik Roggie of Virginia and lost in SV 4-2, Brown then defeat a Cali wrestler 3-0 to end the day.
Chavez @ 120 the #6 seed at 120 won his first matches by all decision until his 7-4 loss to the #11 seed J. Titus of New York who is ranked #7 on Flo.
Smith @ 132 decisioned his way to the round of 16 and defeated a #16 ranked Carter Young from Oklahoma 4-2 on his way before dropping a decision to J. Farber of Georgia 9-5.
Jamison @ 132 as well, ranking wise had a tougher road thus far.  His 2nd match of the day was a win against the #8 ranked wrestler Nathan Pulliam of Missouri, then loses to the #7 ranked Kenny Herrmann of PA in the round of 16, then defeats the #14 ranked wrestler Ramon Ramos of Arizona in decision 8-2 to get to the 2nd day.  Smith and Jamison could meet in the medal rounds.
Sloan @ 138 has wrestled the most with 6 total matches while the others only wrestle 5 matches thus far.  Also Sloan has the only fall of the 5 guys left.   Sloans only loss is to Stedeford of PA by a 3-2 decision.

Sunday the Youth and the Women join the battle

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