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American Womens Wrestling National Rankings

AWW has a more favorable rankings for our Texas Women, check it out..

Story from American Womens Wrestling:

AWW Inaugural TOP25 Girls National High School Rankings

We were able to rank 350 girls in our TOP25 format. That’s 70 more than the traditional top 20 rankings!

After poring over scores of results and thousands of athletes, we’re thrilled to drop our inaugural TOP25 Girls National High School Rankings! With the TOP25 feature, we’re able to recognize 350 of our top female wrestlers in the country, including an additional 70 more than the traditional top 20 rankings. Some thoughts before you take a look:

1. Congratulations to all the young women that made the list! We rank U.S. girls in grades 9-12. Our rankings come from national USA Wrestling events, UWW Women’s Nationals (also affectionately called “Body Bar”), and we also use state championship results to gain insight when needed. As the year progresses, we’ll also pay attention to major events like Freak Show, Super 32, Gotham City, and the NHSCA High School Nationals. Here’s our #1’s: junior Sage Mortimer from Utah at 100 pounds, junior Mia Palumbo from Illinois at 106 pounds, junior Montana Delawder from Pennsylvania at 112 pounds, senior Stefana Jelacic from Arizona at 117 pounds, sophomore Sofia Macaluso from New York at 122 pounds, sophomore Skylar Hattendorf from New Hampshire at 127 pounds, sophomore Kylie Welker from Wisconsin at 132 pounds, junior Cheyenne Bowman from California at 138 pounds, sophomore Lillian Freitas from California at 144 pounds, sophomore Amit Elor from California at 152 pounds, sophomore Kennedy Blades from Illinois at 164 pounds, senior Elisa Robinson from Kansas at 180 pounds, senior Gabrielle Hamilton from Illinois at 200 pounds, and senior Lilian McCoy from California at 225 pounds.

2. It’s interesting to note that we had six different #1’s than the other national ranking. Further, we had some other wrestlers in significantly different positions. This tells us a few things. First, there’s a certain part of rankings that are subjective and open to interpretation. Second, there’s incredible depth and talent in the U.S. right now, and the fact that you can make a case for several wrestlers being the #1 is testament to the fact that these are good days for female wrestling. And as an aside, when it comes to depth, wait until you see what’s coming up from middle school! Wow. There’s some hammers ready to become stars at the next level. There were numerous cases where middle schoolers beat high school wrestlers that are in our top 15.

3. The toughest weights to rank, in our view, were 106, 122 & 138. There’s just so many quality girls at those weights. Wish we could do a top 40. We wouldn’t run out of candidates.

4. A few cool notes on some girls:

Ngao Shoua Whitethorn hit the rankings at 127 (#13). She was 6th at Fargo in 2017 and made the finals of Oklahoma Folkstyle Nationals that same year. She’s been out for almost two whole seasons with a hyper-extended elbow that required two surgeries. She never stopped training, even while in recovery, though until recently wasn’t given clearance to compete. Minnesota/Team USA coach Chad Shilson says, “She’s strong and will be looking at picking up where she left off before the injury.”

Nina Makem, an immigrant from Liberia who is entering her second year as a wrestler, cracked the TOP25 at #25 after becoming an All-American in Oklahoma last year. She’s got Jordan-Burroughs-like athletic talent and it’s scary to think how good she could get if she made the TOP25 after one year.

5. Finally, it’s a certainty we made some mistakes, though we hope they’re small. If you think we blundered, let us know! There’s an email at the end of the rankings that you can reach out to. Honestly ranking 16-25 was the hardest as there’s less head-to-heads and so many you could make a case for. Regardless, if we need to make adjustments, rest assured that we post updated rankings the first week of every month. OK, now to the rankings!

100 pounds
1. Sage Mortimer (junior, Utah)
2. Sterling Dias (sophomore, Nevada)
3. Dianna Holmes (junior, Georgia)
4. Jessica Corredor (senior, Florida)
5. Heaven Fitch (junior, North Carolina)
6. Alex Szkotnicki (freshman, Maryland)
7. Rayana Sahagun (senior, Michigan)
8. Elizabeth Dosado (senior, Virginia)
9. Amanda Newcomb (senior, Kansas)
10. Estrella Dorado-Marin (senior, Colorado)
11. Isabella Morales (sophomore, Washington)
12. Lizette Rodriguez (senior, California)
13. Nyla Valencia (junior, California)
14. Shea Reisel (sophomore, Illinois)
15. Ella Schmit (junior, Iowa)
16. Kailey Rees (sophomore, Florida)
17. Melissa Lee (senior, California)
18. Eva Diaz (junior, Florida)
19. Logan Farnsworth (junior, Rhode Island)
20. Kendra Ryan (junior, Michigan)
21. Samantha Miller (junior, West Virginia)
22. Karina Vang (sophomore, California)
23. Morgan Johnson (sophomore, Colorado)
24. Sophia Anderson (sophomore, Florida)
25. Zoe Omura (sophomore, Hawaii)

106 pounds
1. Mia Palumbo (junior, Illinois)
2. Cristelle Rodriguez (sophomore, California)
3. Olivia Shore (junior, Ohio)
4. Samara Chavez (junior, Texas)
5. Faith Cole, (sophomore, Missouri)
6. Jenavi Alejandro (sophomore, Nevada)
7. Caitlyn Walker (senior, Pennsylvania)
8. Emily Mendez (senior, Washington)
9. Tehani Soares (Nevada)
10. Kennedy Shropshire (junior, Georgia)
11. Ava Bayless (sophomore, Pennsylvania)
12. Olivia Messerly (freshman, Kentucky)
13. Juliana Moccia (junior, Maryland)
14. Johanna Palshan (senior, Michigan)
15. Alejandra Corral (senior, Hawaii)
16. Leah Gaitan (sophomore, California)
17. Crystal Venegas (sophomore, Texas)
18. Adrienna Turner (junior, California)
19. Abbygale Duke (sophomore, Pennsylvania)
20. Tilynne Vasquez (senior, Montana)
21. Angel Rios (senior, Colorado)
22. Greta Gustafson (junior, California)
23. Isabella Garcia (senior, New York)
24. Riley Banyas (sophomore, Ohio)
25. Genesis Cejudo (sophomore, Arizona)

112 pounds
1. Montana Delawder (junior, Pennsylvania)
2. Nichole Moore (senior, Kansas)
3. Amani Jones (junior, Georgia)
4. Trinity Berry (senior, Virginia)
5. Autumn Flanigan (senior, Missouri)
6. Alexis Janiak (sophomore, Illinois)
7. Arieana Arias (freshman, California)
8. Catherine Bertrand (junior, Georgia)
9. Allison Hynes (junior, Oklahoma)
10. Amanda McAleavey (senior, Texas)
11. Salyna Shotwell (junior, Washington)
12. Lexy Beadles (sophomore, California)
13. Torieonna Buchanon (sophomore, Indiana)
14. Lily Grismer (sophomore, Montana)
15. Israel Resendez (sophomore, Colorado)
16. Artemisia Matera (California)
17. Amiyah Hart (junior, Illinois)
18. Brelane Huber (senior, Idaho)
19. Elizabeth Duvall (Texas)
20. Hannah Hall (junior, Florida)
21. Alexis Miller (junior, Oklahoma)
22. Victoria Nunez (senior, Texas)
23. Rian Grunwald (sophomore, Minnesota)
24. Nayeli Hernandez (senior, Texas)
25. Kerra Strevel (junior, Tennessee)

117 pounds
1. Stefana Jelacic (senior, Arizona)
2. Camille Fournier (senior, Texas)
3. Molly Williams (senior, Washington)
4. Adriana Dorado-Marin (junior, Colorado)
5. Jennifer Soto (sophomore, California)
6. Katie Gomez (sophomore, California)
7. Holly Beaudoin (senior, Washington)
8. Melanie Mendoza (senior, California)
9. Kiersten Bush (senior, Utah)
10. Claire Dicugno (junior, Washington)
11. Jazmin Mercado (senior, Washington)
12. Alexis Montes (Texas)
13. Caitlyn Thorne (senior, Missouri)
14. Ally Fitzgerald (junior, New York)
15. Anna Knappenberger (junior, Maryland)
16. Alisha Narvaez (senior, California)
17. Kaila Del Toro (Illinois)
18. Emma Karhu (junior, Wyoming)
19. Carmen Allred (senior, Texas)
20. Desinee Lopez (senior, California)
21. Annette Enciso (junior, Texas)
22. Chloe Herrick (sophomore, Maryland)
23. Sophia Matthews (junior, Massachusetts)
24. Tamsin Urbas (junior, California)
25. Jenna Beddow (Washington)

122 pounds
1. Sofia Macaluso (sophomore, New York)
2. Nanea Estrella (senior, Hawaii)
3. Leilah Castro (senior, Ohio)
4. Riley Dalrymple (senior, New York)
5. Emily Paulino (Hawaii)
6. Mary Harrell (senior, Missouri)
7. Kelly Escamilla (junior, California)
8. Autumn Teague (senior, Michigan)
9. Kendall Bostelman (junior, Ohio)
10. Brelane Huber (senior, Idaho)
11. Nadine Quijada (freshman, California)
12. Savannah Cosme (sophomore, Colorado)
13. Jaclyn Dehney (freshman, New Hampshire)
14. Ariah Barragan (junior, California)
15. Cayden Condit (junior, Colorado)
16. Monica Garcia (senior, California)
17. Aki Choates (senior, Georgia)
18. Leidaly Rivera (senior, Florida)
19. Charlotte Kouyoumtjian (junior, California)
20. Nadine Quijada (California)
21. Jordan Knecht (junior, Kansas)
22. Elysia Urrea (senior, California)
23. Caridad Nugent (Massachusetts)
24. Heidi Richardson (senior, Maryland)
25. Brooke Cox (sophomore, Missouri)

127 pounds
1. Skylar Hattendorf (sophomore, New Hampshire)
2. Alexys Zepeda (junior, Oregon)
3. Skye Realin (senior, Hawaii)
4. Korina Blades (sophomore, Illinois)
5. Amor Tuttle (junior, Minnesota)
6. Waipuilani Beauchamp (senior, Hawaii)
7. Lana Perez (senior, Hawaii)
8. Sydney Harper (junior, Texas)
9. London Houston (junior, Washington)
10. Clarissa Archuleta (junior, Texas)
11. Sofia Brynman-Metcalf (sophomore, Wisconsin)
12. Devin Patton (junior, Texas)
13. Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Minnesota)
14. Haley Ward (freshman, Missouri)
15. Carolina Moreno (junior, Arizona)
16. Naomi Henry (senior, New York)
17. Robin Yunis (senior, Tennessee)
18. Solana Mottola (junior, California)
19. Isabella Amaro (sophomore, Oregon)
20. Alisha Von Scoy (senior, San Diego)
21. Sarah Savidge (sophomore, Colorado)
22. Piper Staniford (junior, Oregon)
23. Riley Holman (senior, Arkansas)
24. Riley Stoner (senior, Pennsylvania)
25. Emma Truex (senior, Colorado)

132 pounds
1. Kylie Welker (sophomore, Wisconsin)
2. Viktorya Torres (senior, Washington)
3. Louisa Schwab (senior, Illinois)
4. Mia Macaluso (senior, New York)
5. Emma Walker (senior, Tennesee)
6. Avia Bibeau (senior, Pennsylvania)
7. Marisol Nugent (senior, Massachusetts)
8. Grace Pauls (senior, New York)
9. Nonnie Justice (junior, Missouri)
10. Taryn Martin (junior, Ohio)
11. Tiera Jimerson (junior, California)
12. Savannah Gomez (sophomore, California)
13. Maddie Kubicki (freshman, Maryland)
14. Elleni Johnson (sophomore, Utah)
15. Tristen Music (junior, Georgia)
16. Shelby Ottum (senior, Alaska)
17. Lily Sherer (junior, Pennsylvania)
18. Zoe Gress (senior, New York)
19. Anna Krause (junior, New Hampshire)
20. Sophia Smith (senior, North Dakota)
21. Brigid Shannon (senior, Idaho)
22. Jordan Suarez (senior, Texas)
23. Taylor Fierbach (freshman, South Dakota)
24. Alina Antillon (sophomore, Colorado)
25. Aevri Ciha (sophomore, Wisconsin)

138 pounds
1. Cheyenne Bowman (junior, California)
2. Aine Drury (senior, California)
3. Lexie Basham (senior, Texas)
4. Reese Larramendy (sophomore, Nevada)
5. Nanen Aguilar (senior, Colorado)
6. Jade Herzer (junior, Wisconsin)
7. Sara Sulejmani (junior, Illinois)
8. Esther Han (sophomore, Maryland)
9. Annie Hua (junior, California)
10. Athena Willden (junior, California)
11. Maggie Palmore (senior, Maryland)
12. Jahnea Miguel (senior, Hawaii)
13. Abby McIntyre (sophomore, Iowa)
14. Chloe Ogden (junior, Florida)
15. Kya Rybachek (junior, Minnesota)
16. Hailie Beadles (California)
17. Paige Respicio (senior, Hawaii)
18. Ashley Klingberg (Rhode Island)
19. Faalia Martinez (senior, California)
20. Phoenix Waters (junior, Michigan)
21. Marissa Jimenez (sophomore, Idaho)
22. Courtney Pittman (junior, Kentucky)
23. Veronica Whitacre (sophomore, New Jersey)
24. Paige Peterson (sophomore, Wisconsin)
25. Deanna Francisco (Minnesota)

144 pounds
1. Lillian Freitas (sophomore, California)
2. Nia Miranda (senior, Texas)
3. Ivy Kraught (senior, Washington)
4. Destiny Rodriguez (freshman, Oregon)
5. Tiyahna Askew (senior, Georgia)
6. Ella Nichols (sophomore, Connecticut)
7. Kayley Rada (junior, Michigan)
8. Lydia Krauss (sophomore, Michigan)
9. Jessie McCurry (sophomore, Arizona)
10. Sydney Manos (junior, Illinois)
11. Vivian Hurn (senior, Tennessee)
12. Seda Tsarni (junior, Maryland)
13. Victoria Hinojo (senior, Texas)
14. Rose Cassioppi (sophomore, Illinois)
15. Joanna Qiu (junior, California)
16. Ayala Wolak (junior, Ohio)
17. Alexandria Hernandez (junior, Washington)
18. Emmily Patneaud (senior, California)
19. Jacquelyn Font (senior, Florida)
20. Emma Cole (senior, Missouri)
21. Jazzmine Seely (senior, Missouri)
22. Beyonce Garcia (senior, California)
23. Bella Wazny (sophomore, Michigan)
24. Daijah Cloud (senior, New York)
25. Nina Makem (Minnesota)

152 pounds
1. Amit Elor (sophomore, California)
2. Tiffani Baublitz (junior, Pennsylvania)
3. Kiley Hubby (senior, Washington)
4. Jewel Gonzalez (junior, New Jersey)
5. Francesca LoPresti (senior, California)
6. Alexandria Sanford (senior, Washington)
7. Michelle Kamyshin (senior, California)
8. Sidney Sullens (sophomore, Georgia)
9. Morgan Mayginnes (senior, Kansas)
10. Alexandra Nelson (sophomore, Rhode Island)
11. Gianna Anaya (senior, California)
12. Madison Ellis (junior, Alaska)
13. Hannah Ricioli (junior, California)
14. Lourdes Torres (senior, Washington)
15. Destiny King (senior, Wisconsin)
16. Madison Konopka (senior, Pennsylvania)
17. Shianne Whited (junior, Virginia)
18. Dakota-Marie Dinielli (sophomore, Connecticut)
19. Mariyah Casados (California)
20. Kai Poux (senior, New York)
21. Annabel Garcia (junior, California)
22. Jillian Wold (senior, Texas)
23. Skylah Chakouian (junior, Rhode Island)
24. Layla Wood (sophomore, Nebraska)
25. Jessica Beavers (sophomore, California)

164 pounds
1. Kennedy Blades (sophomore, Illinois)
2. Tristan Kelly (senior, Colorado)
3. Alia Abushi (senior, California)
4. Katja Osteen (junior, California)
5. Alice Brulotte (junior, Washington)
6. Olivia Robinson (senior, Oregon)
7. Ariana Pereira (senior, California)
8. Katie Moore (senior, New York)
9. Dasia Yearby (sophomore, South Carolina)
10. Ananya Phochana-Johnson (junior, Nevada)
11. McKenzie Samuels (junior, New York)
12. Alivia White (freshman, Washington)
13. Delaney Cobbs (sophomore, Washington)
14. Grace Nelson (senior, Washington)
15. Alyssa Arana (sophomore, California)
16. Alycia Pidgeon (junior, Washington)
17. Kyleigh Dean (sophomore, South Carolina)
18. Annabelle Helm (senior)
19. Kiersten O’Neill (junior, Indiana)
20. Ava Miller (sophomore, Missouri)
21. Leilani Hernandez (sophomore, Texas)
22. Paige Anderson (sophomore, Maine)
23. Lyndsey Buechman (sophomore, Kansas)
24. Brittany Reed (sophomore, Virginia)
25. Angelina Lee (Oklahoma)

180 pounds
1. Elisa Robinson (senior, Kansas)
2. Jaycee Foeller (junior, Missouri)
3. Brianna Staebler (junior, Wisconsin)
4. Joanna Jones (senior, New York)
5. Brittyn Corbishley (junior, Texas)
6. Tristian Martinez (sophomore, New Mexico)
7. Bailey Dennis (senior, Oregon)
8. Adelina Parra (senior, California)
9. Kamilla Montenegro (senior, Nevada)
10. Rayana Vigil (senior, New Mexico)
11. Ofa He Lotu Tuifua (junior, Washington)
12. Sam Calkins (sophomore, California)
13. Fiona McConnell (junior, Oregon)
14. Kailyn Garrett (sophomore, Michigan)
15. Jayleen Sekona (junior, Alaska)
16. Larissa Bryant-Coleman (junior, Indiana)
17. Cheyenne Meade (sophomore, Ohio)
18. Riley Dempewolf (sophomore, Indiana)
19. Bo Geibe (sophomore, Michigan)
20. Natalia Diaz-Portillo (California)
21. Jaylen Hyman (junior, Maryland)
22. Sarah Sams (senior, Colorado)
23. Brynlee Goodvoice (sophomore, Oklahoma)
24. Saige Cook (North Carolina)
25. Brooke Leedahl (North Dakota)

200 pounds
1. Gabrielle Hamilton (senior, Illinois)
2. Olivia Brown (junior, Oklahoma)
3. Eliana Bommarito (sophomore, Michigan)
4. Juliannah Bolli (senior, California)
5. Tatum Heikkila (junior, Washington)
6. Stacey Pgouda (senior, Georgia)
7. Sariah Stewart (senior, New York)
8. Maranda Bell (sophomore, Kansas)
9. Raina Herzog (junior, Oregon)
10. Millie Peach (junior, Iowa)
11. Sujeydy Matos (freshman, New York)
12. Kayvette Osorio (junior, California)
13. Ariyanna Anderson (sophomore, Tennessee)
14. Ryan Schlereth (junior, Missouri)
15. Hollie Espinoza (junior, California)
16. Asia Rave (junior, Wisconsin)
17. Debranna Bealer (sophomore, Alaska)
18. Catherine Palmieri (senior, Tennessee)
29. Isela Mendez (California)
20. Amber Latta (Texas)
21. Abigail Veske (sophomore, California)
22. Brooke Bennett (sophomore, Missouri)
23. Andrea Smith (junior, Florida)
24. Lauren Ashley-Miller (sophomore, Georgia)
25. Anastasia Evans (senior, Texas)

225 pounds
1. Lilian McCoy (senior, California)
2. Isabeau Shalack (senior, Illinois)
3. Jasmine Guerrero (junior, California)
4. Hannah Francis (junior, Texas)
5. KJ Haney (senior, Georgia)
6. Daya Powell (senior, Texas)
7. Lexie Cole (junior, Missouri)
8. Kathleen Janis (senior, Utah)
9. Valerie Smith (sophomore, Tennessee)
10. Cassidy Curtis (junior, California)
11. Tangitenina Niutupuivaha (senior, Hawaii)
12. Ashley Tapp (senior, Texas)
13. Larresha Bryant-Coleman (senior, Indiana)
14. Chanel Siva (senior, Washington)
15. Vatoria Keyes (senior, Washington)
16. Kayleen Way (junior, New York)
17. Dominique Diaz (junior, New York)
18. Samantha Apple (senior, Missouri)
19. Madeleine Wadesisi (junior, Ohio)
20. Hannah Francis (junior, Texas)
21. MaQuoia Bernabe (senior, Kentucky)
22. Ciara Boyd (senior, California)
23. Alayna Darley (Pennsylvania)
24. Kaila Mungo (senior, New Jersey)
25. Melissa Mota (sophomore, Indiana)

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