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AJ Ferrari Commits to Oklahoma State.

It was with much anticipation that the #1 college wrestling recruit in the country AJ Ferrari picked his college of choice last night at his home in Allen Texas filled with family and friends.  Oklahoma State University was the winner out of Nebraska, Penn State, Rutgers, and Ohio State Universities.  Each University had its perks, a lot of people thought Penn State might be the choice to carry on a Texas tradition that Bo Nickal started, but Rutgers had its appeal from the Italion perspective plus has a couple of National Champs in the house.  Nebraska and Ohio State both were top contenders, but Oklahoma State was what everyone expected.  Oklahoma State is definitely one of the NCAA wrestling power houses in the country and if anyone knows the Ferrari’s they know that they are big on God and Family and large family they do have, mostly all locally in Texas.  So Oklahoma State was what everyone suspected.

A huge Congratulations to AJ Ferrari and his family