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Power Beach Bash Recap

The Power Beach Bash happened this past weekend at the Sports Garden DFW sponsored by Coach Kenney and the Power Wrestling Club.  Beach Wrestling is different. Beach Wrestling is a 1, 3 minute period and the first wrestler to 3 points wins.  A takedown or push out is one point, if you knee touches ground its one point, if you throw feet to the back its 3 points, these were the basic’s points I saw.
We also saw wrestlers from College Park, The DeGeorgio Girls made the trip up to Dallas.  Stone Drulman a State Champ from 2013 was wrestling in the senior division.  A wide arrange of wrestlers from 8U to Seniors was in attendance.   All in All it was a great event that will definitely keep growing and the venue is great at the Sports Garden DFW which happens to be owned by a former wrestler from Minnesota.

A Little About Beach Wrestling:
Beach wrestling was introduced as an international style by UWW, the international governing body for wrestling, as another avenue for athletic competition. Beach Wrestling (or sand wrestling) has been a consistent style of wrestling internationally for centuries. Combining elements of all wrestling styles, including sumo, Beach events have drawn walk-up crowds when partnered with other sporting events, helping expand the reach of wrestling through non-traditional venues.

Action Shots from the Tournament Click Here