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USA Wrestling Changes Effective September 1st

Beginning at 10:00 AM (Mountain Time) today, August 23rd, USA Wrestling memberships, club charters and event sanctions will be available for purchase for the 2019-20 membership season.  All items purchased between August 23rd-31st will have an effective date of September 1st and be valid through August 31st, 2020.  Anyone who needs to complete SafeSport training and/or a background screening will be able to do so before September 1st as to avoid a lapse in membership.

Below is a one-page document showing the primary changes/enhancements to membership and the membership system that will all be in effect by September 1st.  If you have any questions about these items, let me know.

For any state that has the traditional athlete membership, please let me know if you would like for us to make the High Performance Athlete membership available.  The membership will only be available for purchase in the membership system and will cost $105 ($65 to USA Wrestling, $40 to state association).  This membership carries the same benefits as the traditional athlete membership, but comes with the following items that are sent by USA Wrestling:


  • Plastic membership card
  • USA Wrestling luggage tag
  • Set of 2019 World Team posters
  • Nike cinch bag
  • USA Wrestling key chain
  • Access to exclusive video content

If you have questions concerning changes to the membership system, let me know.  If you have questions on how to navigate the membership system, a Help/FAQ section can be found at  If you have state admin access and have questions on how to navigate while in the admin, let me know and we can schedule a tutorial for you.

In the Olympic Spirit,


Tony Black

USA Wrestling

Director of State Services

[email protected]

719.265.3665 (direct)

719.659.9636 (cell)

719.598.9440 (fax)


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