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More USA Wrestling Changes Updated

2019-2020 USA Wrestling Changes
By, 08/20/19, 12:00PM MDT

This past week the State Leaders from across the country met in Denver, Colorado to discuss upcoming changes with USA Wrestling. Each year this happens in the month of August. This year there were a few changes that will take place in the 2019-2020 year, they are listed below with details of each.

All Girl age divisions will now match the Boys age divisions such as 12U, 14U, 16U etc.

In the 14U boys weight classes the old weight classes went 83,87,90 and then 97. The 90 pound weight class will now change to 92.

At Regional and National competition all weigh ins shall only be valid for the day of plus 2 days. For example if the event is a long event such as the West Regional was last year you can’t weigh in on Monday and that weigh in still count for Thursday competition. If the tournament lasts that long you would have to reweigh in for Thursday competition.

If at the National Duals a state brings 2 teams and they wrestle each other in the event. They will have to wrestle the dual or one team can forfeit to the other but the dual score will be 1-0.

Out of state wrestlers can join state teams for the National Duals but their matches will not count for team points.

Straight back throws in Freestyle and Greco are now legal for all ages.

Video review is required at all National Championships including duals for all rounds.

Separation criteria has changed for all genders, ages and styles for regional and national competition, this will be posted on the national website.

At the girls National Duals they will hold a Greco duals but it will be unofficial.

National Duals Teams must have a video volunteer for each dual.