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American Wrestler Pre-Season Rankings Update

The American Wrestler pre season rankings will be released on Wednesday.  These rankings are simply just the seniors removed and the rest of the wrestlers moved up.  NO freshman have been added and obviously the weights haven’t been changed.  weight changing will come closer to the season.

Freshman can be emailed to add to the data base, will need name, school and weight.  The Team rankings are based on the the top 5 and top 10 ranked wrestlers.  The amount of top 5 ranked wrestlers are totaled for the tournament team and top 10 for the dual team.

If anyone wants to be apart of the rankings this season please email me “[email protected]”.  Im looking for about 10 people from around the state to help input results for men and women. I couldn’t of done this without last years help.  Each person does like 2 tournaments a weekend takes about 30 minutes of your time.

Like previous seasons new rankings will be posted every Wednesday once the season starts.  Any ranking questions can be directed to [email protected]


Ray Shoaf