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Mota-Pettis and Holloway set to Repeat as National Champs

With the Womens Junior Freestyle Nationals coming to a close Xochitl Mota-Pettis and Gabi Holloway are poised to repeat as National Champs and defend their weight class.  Mota-Pettis is defending champ at Junior 127, and Holloway is defending champ at Junior 225.  7 others will be wrestling for there place on the medal stand.
Camille Fournier, Nia Miranda, and Ashley Lekas will be competing  for 3rd place.  Brittyn Corbishley and Valerie Carreon will compete for 7th place.  Sydney Harper and Hannah Francis will be competing for a 5th place finish.
Finals/medals matches start at 1:30

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