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Team Texas Schoolgirls Place 6th @ National Duals

In the first ever USA National Schoolgirl Team Duals held in Tulsa Oklahoma. Team Texas placed 6th out of 7 teams and although that might not be good on the stat sheet it was however outstanding since they was giving up 5 forfeits per dual spotting the opposing team 25 points per dual.  The individual girls went 30-18 total combined including forfeits .  Alyssa Ruiz, Mikayla Herber, and Madison Canales all had the best records with 5-1.
Team List

85Brenna Trang
92Brooke Martin
97Trinity Baker
97Danielle Silva
101Rachel Cotter
101Alyssa Ruiz
105Mikayla Herber
110Madison Canales
127Bayley Trang
185Mia Cayard

Alyssa Ruiz placed 2nd on “Most Pins Least Time”  with 5 @ 6:57
Brooke Martin place 1st on “Most Tech Falls Least Time” with 3 @ 5:26
Mikayla Herber placed 4th on “Most Pins/Tech Falls Least Time: with 5 @ 5:04
Mikayla Herber placed 2nd on “Fastest Fall” time of 18 seconds
Mikayla Herber placed 1st on “Fastest Tech Fall” time of 18 seconds

Individual results click here

Most Pins Least Time

Wrestler NameTeamPins
1Brissa BernalOklahoma56:18
2Alyssa RuizTexas56:57
3Kaylie PetersenIndiana45:36
4Alley AltringerMinnesota45:42
5Lexia SchechterlyPennsylvania32:14
6Madison CanalesTexas32:27
7Mikayla HerberTexas32:46
8Faith BartoszekWisconsin32:58
9Wendy WashingtonIllinois33:01
10Rianne MurphyIndiana34:16


Most Tech Fall Least Time

Wrestler NameTeamTech Falls
1Brooke MartinTexas35:26
2Rianne MurphyIndiana35:42
3Netavia WicksonIllinois35:44
4Devyn MooreIndiana36:45
5Gisele GallegosMinnesota37:21
6Abbie MilesPennsylvania22:13
7Avry RyhalPennsylvania22:14
8Mikayla HerberTexas22:18
9Morgan EdwardsPennsylvania22:42
10Lexia SchechterlyPennsylvania23:53

Most Pins/Tech Falls Least Time

Wrestler NameTeamFallsTotal Time
1Brissa BernalOklahoma68:07
2Rianne MurphyIndiana69:58
3Kaylie PetersenIndiana611:21
4Mikayla HerberTexas55:04
5Lexia SchechterlyPennsylvania56:07
6Alyssa RuizTexas56:57
7Faith BartoszekWisconsin44:23
8Abbie MilesPennsylvania45:10
9Madison CanalesTexas45:14
10Alley AltringerMinnesota45:42

Fastest Fall

Wrestler NameTeamPin Time
1Kaylee McFaddenWisconsin0:14
2Mikayla HerberTexas0:18
3Brissa BernalOklahoma0:23
4Sydney DeloisIndiana0:24
4Charlotte GilfoilPennsylvania0:24
6Savannah WittPennsylvania0:25
7Madison CanalesTexas0:26
8Princess Monica MonsaludOklahoma0:27
9Joel Makem RatzingerMinnesota0:28
9Kaylie PetersenIndiana0:28

Fastest Tech Fall

Wrestler NameTeamTech Fall Time
1Mikayla HerberTexas0:18
2Aubre KrazerPennsylvania0:31
3Brooke CorriganWisconsin0:43
4Julia GregoryWisconsin0:47
5Avry RyhalPennsylvania0:56
6Abbie MilesPennsylvania0:58
7Saki YoshikawaIllinois1:02
8Morgan EdwardsPennsylvania1:09
9Brooke MartinTexas1:13
10Kadence HazelWisconsin1:15