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Team Texas Junior Women Place 3rd

The Team Texas Women had to settle for 3rd place at the 2019 Junior Women National Freestyle Duals as the didn’t get by Team Illinois in the semi finals and didn’t get a chance to wrestle for true 2nd against Team Washington.  Team Illinois was the only team to give Texas some grief along with Team Florida.  Getting 5 falls in the Florida dual and at least a point in the losing matches kept Team Texas on top as both teams won 7 matches each in the consolation semi finals where Texas won 34-29.
Texas Red only had a partial roster so they was giving up points from the start so they didn’t finish high as a team but did manage to get 6 matches total .
Lexie Basham went 7-0, Hunter Robinson went 6-0, Kaylynn Albrecht went 7-0  and Hannah Francis went 6-0 to make the all tournament team.
Congrats to all the Wrestlers and Coaches, below is some fun results
Hannah Francis placed 2nd in the “Most Pins Least Time” with 6 @ 4:24
Lexie Basham placed 5th in the “Most Tech Falls Least Time” with 4 @ 4:37
Lexie Basham placed 2nd in the “Most Pins/Tech Falls Least Time” with 7 @ 7:15
Hannah Francis tied 5th for “Fastest Fall” @ 14 seconds. (really should be 3rd because first 2 were zero)
Lexie Basham placed 1st for the “Fastest Tech Fall” @ 19 seconds
Hannah Francis placed 1st for the “Most Team Points” @ 40
Amanda McAleavey placed 1st for “Most Single Match Points” @ 22

placeNamemost team points
1Hannah FrancisTexas Blue40.0
2Tiyahna AskewGeorgia39.0
3Lexie BashamTexas Blue36.0
3kaylynn albrechtTexas Blue36.0
5Kyleigh HaneyGeorgia35.0
5Amani JonesGeorgia35.0
5Jordan BlairOklahoma35.0
8Jaslynn GallegosColorado34.0
8Hunter RobinsonTexas Blue34.0

Individual Match Results click here..


Texas BlueRecord
100Valerie Carreon5-3
106Avery Ashley5-3
112Elizabeth Duvall5-3
117Amanda McAleavey4-4
122Jacqueline Ghent4-4
127Sydney Harper4-4
132Clarissa Archuleta1-2
Aubrey Yauger1-6
138Lexie Basham7-0
144Jordan Johnston2-4
152Hunter Robinson6-0
164Kaylynn Albrecht7-0
180Brittyn Corbishley4-3
200Emma Lozada3-4
225Hannah Francis6-0
Texas RedRecord
100Brittany Cotter3-3
106Asialani Gutierrez2-1
Elena Moreno0-2
112Eliana Martinez1-5
117Ella Musselman0-6
Mia Armstrong1-5
127Juliana Baugher3-2
132Cecelia Adams2-4
138Miriam Pacheco1-5
144Cassie Moseley3-3
180Daniella Seely3-2
200Anastasia Evans4-2