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Junior Women National Duals Freestyle

Women’s wrestling the fastest growing sport in the USA has 5 more teams at 17 this year at the Womens National Duals in Tulsa with California, Missouri, (brought a 2nd team), Colorado, North Dakota, and Washington  State.  Oklahoma added a team as well as Kentucky didn’t make the trip this year.
Also there was only 169 wrestlers in those 12 team in 2018 versus 254 wrestlers in the 17 teams this year.
Team Texas brought 2 teams like last year and Texas 1 is the defending champs.  Texas Blue is the equivalent of
Texas 1 this year and is in Pool D with Wisconsin, Georgia, Alaska, and North Dakota.  Texas Red the 2nd team is in Pool B and has Colorado, Missouri Red and California to compete with.
Below is the team list. Best of Luck Ladies


Texas Blue
100Valerie Carreon
106Avery Ashley
112Elizabeth Duvall
117Amanda McAleavey
122Jacqueline Ghent
127Sydney Harper
132Clarissa Archuleta
Aubrey Yauger
138Lexie Basham
144Jordan Johnston
152Hunter Robinson
164Kaylynn Albrecht
180Brittyn Corbishley
200Emma Lozada
225Hannah Francis
Texas red
100Brittany Cotter
106Asialani Gutierrez
Elena Moreno
112Eliana Martinez
117Ella Musselman
Mia Armstrong
127Juliana Baugher
132Cecelia Adams
138Miriam Pacheco
144Cassie Moseley
180Daniella Seely
200Anastasia Evans