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16U Team Texas Greco Roman Dual Day 1 Recap

Team Texas got assigned Pool B for the Greco Roman Duals and had Team Oklahoma 1st dual.  Oklahoma won 55-19.  Then Team Texas had Team Kansas and was holding their own till late and Kansas won 46-27.  Texas then wrestled Team Utah for 5th place and won 42-32.
Team Texas will be in the Green Pool to start tomorrow  with Team Colorado up 1st followed by Team North Carolina.









Individual Results below.

 Match #1 Quarterfinal
Oklahoma defeated Texas 55-19

  • 88Karsten Holmes (Oklahoma) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 94Cael Hughes (Oklahoma) over Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 100Christian Forbes (Oklahoma) over Alec Robeson (Texas) TF 13-2
  • 106Shelton Chastain (Oklahoma) over Troy Guerra (Texas) Dec 12-7
  • 113Jim Mullin (Oklahoma) over Timothy McGuire (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 120Cole Brooks (Oklahoma) over Ruben Calderon (Texas) Fall 3:40
  • 126Roman De La Cruz (Texas) over E Tecson (Oklahoma) Dec 14-9
  • 132Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma) over Corey Camden (Texas) Fall 1:38
  • 138John Wiley (Oklahoma) over Alec Strange (Texas) Fall 0:41
  • 145Caleb Mata (Texas) over Noah Smith (Oklahoma) Dec 14-7
  • 152Julius Alfaro (Texas) over Garrett Wells (Oklahoma) Dec 9-0
  • 160Chance Davis (Oklahoma) over Jonathan Wertz (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 170Eli Sheeren (Texas) over Christian Mora (Oklahoma) Dec 5-0
  • 182Brannigan Reyes (Oklahoma) over Vincenzo Oliva (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 195Corbin Phelps (Texas) over Coleman Lecoq (Oklahoma) Fall 1:34
  • 220James Maguire (Oklahoma) over Drake Madole (Texas) Fall 1:44
  • 285Nicholas Rowland (Oklahoma) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #2 Cons. Round 1

Texas received a Bye

Match #3 Cons. Semi

Kansas defeated Texas 46-27

  • 100Jordan Habben (Kansas) over Alec Robeson (Texas) Dec 5-1
  • 106Grayson Sonntag (Kansas) over Troy Guerra (Texas) Dec 7-4
  • 113Damian Mendez (Kansas) over Timothy McGuire (Texas) Fall 3:54
  • 120Ruben Calderon (Texas) over Easton Taylor (Kansas) Dec 5-3
  • 126Roman De La Cruz (Texas) over Carson Dulitz (Kansas) Dec 2-1
  • 132Corey Camden (Texas) over Coby Burchett (Kansas) TF 11-0
  • 138Cason Lindsey (Kansas) over Alec Strange (Texas) TF 11-0
  • 145Caleb Mata (Texas) over Connor Padgett (Kansas) Dec 1-0
  • 152Jared Simma (Kansas) over Julius Alfaro (Texas) TF 13-3
  • 160Jacob Mclain (Kansas) over Jonathan Wertz (Texas) Dec 7-5
  • 170Eli Sheeren (Texas) over Matthew Rodriguez (Kansas) Dec 8-4
  • 182Vincenzo Oliva (Texas) over Caiden Casella (Kansas) Fall 1:50
  • 195Gavin Meyers (Kansas) over Corbin Phelps (Texas) Dec 12-8
  • 220Sterling Harp (Kansas) over Drake Madole (Texas) Fall 3:29
  • 285Ethan Kremer (Kansas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 88Braden Tatum (Kansas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 94Hunter Taylor (Kansas) over Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) Dec 5-4

Match #4 5th Place Match

Texas defeated Utah 42-32

  • 88Kyison Garcia (Utah) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 94Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) over Kole Johnson (Utah) TF 15-5
  • 100Alec Robeson (Texas) over Kaden Ercanbrack (Utah) Dec 8-3
  • 106Troy Guerra (Texas) over Trenton Ward (Utah) TF 16-6
  • 113Jaxon Bearden (Utah) over Timothy McGuire (Texas) TF 14-1
  • 120Ruben Calderon (Texas) over Ethan BOULTON (Utah) Inj 1:30
  • 126Roman De La Cruz (Texas) over gage ogden (Utah) Dec 12-3
  • 132Scott Robertson (Utah) over Corey Camden (Texas) Dec 10-10
  • 138Kaleb Sanchez (Utah) over Alec Strange (Texas) TF 13-0
  • 145Caleb Mata (Texas) over Gabe Sanders (Utah) Dec 8-0
  • 152Jordan Davies (Utah) over Julius Alfaro (Texas) Dec 4-2
  • 160Jonathan Wertz (Texas) over Jaden Stange (Utah) Dec 8-0
  • 170Eli Sheeren (Texas) over Christian Smoot (Utah) TF 12-0
  • 182Talmage Carman (Utah) over Vincenzo Oliva (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 195Corbin Phelps (Texas) over Carson Pugh (Utah) Fall 3:54
  • 220Drake Madole (Texas) over Austin Bunton (Utah) Fall 2:22
  • 285Kyler Boren (Utah) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf