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Texans at Flo Nationals

This year we have 4 Texas Wrestlers register to wrestle at the Flo Nationals in Indiana Pennsylvania.  This tournament is used to get points to see who gets to competes in the Cadet Pan Am Tournament in Mexico this coming June.  It also serves as criteria for the Cadet Team Trials later in Akron.
Below is the registered wrestlers from Texas

Flo Nationals Cadet Freestyle and Greco Entries
60kg-Jaren Powell of Burleson Centennial-Xtreme Training
65kg-Chase Warden of Dripping Springs-3F Wrestling-4th seed
65kg-Jaxon Gonzales of San Antonio-NB Elite
80kg-Darwin Hull of Schertz-Wyoming Seminary-6th seed

Better explained from Flo
USA Wrestling has designated FloNats as the Trials for the team being sent to the Cadet Pan Am championships. This year the event is in Morelia, Mexico at the end of June. America is sending one representative per weight, meaning that the athlete who goes will wrestle both freestyle and Greco.

The process to make the team uses a point system, and each style provides the same opportunity for points. The point distribution depending on where you place is below.


So for example, if an athlete makes the finals in Greco and gets third in freestyle, they score 14 points. If that is the highest point total of anyone at that weight, he will be the first selection to represent Team USA. Pretty straightforward, and we will update the scores for each weight as the tournament goes on.

Now, some athletes are only wrestling one style. A reason why an athlete would do that is because the event is not only the Pan Am Trials, it is also an opportunity to earn separation criteria for Akron in June. Separation criteria would take a while to explain fully, but the simplest explanation is that Akron, where Cadet World Team Trials are, does not seed wrestlers, rather they separate them based on prior accomplishments at Fargo, Akron, and now, FloNats.

Making the finals here is the third separation criteria for Akron this year, right below making last year’s Fargo or Akron finals. The top criteria is being a returning world medalist.