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Texas Girls Dominate at Heartland Duals Nationals

Day one Texas Team results at the Heartland Duals.  The Girls are dominating as the boys are running into resistance.  Below is the day one results from the pool results.  Both of the girls teams are in the Diamond bracket competing today.  In Middle School Boys Texas Red is in the Platinum Bracket and the Texas Blue and Best Trained are in the Gold pool.  The Elementary Boys team Red is in the Platinum bracket and the Blue team is in the Gold.
Final Individual Results will be posted later today after the complete tournament is over

Elementary Boys

Texas Blue 
L-Texas vs Nebraska Black 60-28
W-Texas vs USA Freedom 78-12
L-Texas vs IKWF 82-4
L-Texas vs Kansas Thunderstorm

Texas Red 
L-Texas vs Minnesota Lightning 55-36
W-Texas vs Indiana Blue 64-21
L-Texas vs Missouri United 60-31
L-Texas vs Kansas Prairie Fire 58-30

Middle School Boys 

Texas Blue 
L-Texas vs Nebraska Blue 45-30
W-Kansas Dust Storm 56-9
L-Texas vs IKWF 91-0
L- Texas vs Minnesota Thunder 88-8

Texas Red 
L-Texas vs Iowa 74-12
L-Texas vs Kansas Thunder Storm 46-32
W-Texas vs South Dakota 50-22
W-Texas vs USA Freedom 70-27
L-Texas vs Georgia 56-18

Best Trained Team
L-BT vs Kansas Prairie Fire 44-38
L-BT vs IKWF Silver 49-28
L-BT vs Minnesota Storm 887-10
L-BT vs Nebraska Red 43-41


Texas Blue
W-Texas vs Kansas Lightening 42-30
W-Texas vs Nebraska Red 60-3
W-Texas vs Georgia 34-33
L-Texas vs Indiana 53-13

Texas Red 
W-Texas vs Iowa 63-9
W-Texas vs Kansas Thunder 48-18
W-Texas vs Idaho 46-21
W-Texas vs Nebraska Blue 47-14
W-Texas vs Minnesota 31-30