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Darwin Hull Wins Gold @ Tallinn Open in Europe

San Antonio’s/Schertz’s  Darwin Hull who attends Wyoming Seminary traveled to Tallinn Estonia in Europe to compete in Europes largest tournament for kids, cadets and juniors.  Hull is one of the few American wrestlers to bring home a gold medal.








TALLINN OPEN Invitation 2019


Wyoming Seminary girls win five medals at Tallinn Open in Estonia; USA boys win 20 freestyle medals

The Wyoming Seminary delegation poses together in Tallinn, Estonia. Photo courtesy of Chad Vandiver.

TALLINN, Estonia – It was a strong day for U.S. wrestlers at the Tallinn Open on Sunday, a major international age-group competition in Europe which had competition in freestyle for both boys and girls today. Athletes from the U.S. won 25 medals for the day.

The Wyoming Seminary girls wrestling team won five medals, including three individual champions in Vayle-Rae Baker, Ava Bayless and Kennedy Blades.

Baker won the gold medal in the division for girls born from 1999-2001 at 53 kg. She won three straight matches, including a 9-5 win over Emma Luttenauer of France in the finals.

Bayless also finished with a perfect 3-0 record to claim the 46 kg title in the division for girls born in 2002-2003. She scored an impressive 11-0 technical fall over Valeriya Rusinova of Russia to secure the title.

Kennedy Blades dominated her three opponents, scoring a pin and a pair of technical falls at 73 kg in the 2002-2003 birth division. In her championship match, she beat Kristina Fedosova of Russia, by technical fall, 10-0.

The other Wyoming Seminary medalists in the girls division were Abbygale Duke, who won silver at 49 kg, and Korina Blades, who won bronze at 57 kg, both in the division for girls born in 2002-2003.

The Wyoming Seminary girls team competes in freestyle and is supported by USA Wrestling as an accelerated elite girls developmental program.

A large group of U.S. boys competed in freestyle, and finished the day with 20 medals, including seven gold medalists.

Wyoming Seminary also brought a group of boys to compete alongside the girls, and five of the boys medals for the USA came from the SEM athletes. Included was a gold medal by Darwin Hull at 80 kg in the 2002-2003 birth year division. SEM had a silver medalist in Jacob Stefanowicz (75 kg/1999-2001). Bronzes by Wyoming Seminary boys were won by Jake Dailey (44 kg/2004-2005), Niko Katsuyoshi (71 kg/2002-2003) and Lincoln Heck (61 kg/1999-2001).

A large group of U.S. athletes are part of a tour to compete in the Tallinn Open, and that group had a very successful freestyle tournament.

In the boys division for 2006 – 2007 birth years, three Americans won gold medals: Cooper Hilton (35 kg), Gunner Andrick (42 kg) and Wyatt Duchateau (47 kg).

In the boys division for 2004 – 2005 birth years, two other Americans were champions, Cheaney Schoeff at 48 kg and Jadon Skellenger at 62 kg. Also winning a gold medal was Sefton Douglass at 48 kg for boys born in 2002-2003.

Duchateau, Skellenger and Douglass were also champions in Saturday’s freestyle tournament, giving them double titles from this year’s Tallinn Open.

The eight other silver medalists from the USA included:
2006 – 2007 birth years silver medals
• 35 kg –Neal Krysty
• 38 kg – Declan Koch
• 47 kg –Hunter Sturgill
2004 – 2005 birth years silver medals
• 38 kg –Luke Lilledahl
• 41 kg –Kolby Warren
• 52 kg –Tyler Sagi
• 62 kg – Lowell Arnold
2002 – 2003 birth years silver medal
• 48 kg – Christian Forbes

Also winning a bronze medal for the USA was Revin Dickman at 32 kg in the 2006 – 2007 birth years division.

At Tallinn, Estonia

Girls (1999-2001 birth years)

53 kg – Vayle-Rae Baker (SEM), gold medal
WIN Viktoria Apolonik (Belarus), 4-0
WIN Tamuna Samkharadze (Georgia), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Emma Luttenauer (France), 9-5

53 kg – Julia Dailey (SEM), 7th place
LOSS Cheyenne Jilke (Germany), pin
LOSS Emma Luttenauer (France), tech. fall 11-1

Girls (2002 – 2003 birth years)

43 kg – Ekta Arora (SEM), 4th place
LOSS Aanastasiia Kudriavtseva (Ukraine), pin
LOSS Daria Skomorokhova (Russia), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Ema Rozaityte (Lithuania), pin

46 kg –Ava Bayless (SEM), gold medal
WIN Ninna Ala-Ranta (Finland), pin
WIN Natalia Hramenkova (Russia), 8-5
WIN Valeriya Rusinova (Russia), tech. fall 11-0

49 kg – Abbygale Duke (SEM), silver medal
WIN Helena Truber (Estonia), pin
WIN Ellen Ostman (Sweden), 6-4
WIN Nelly Johnsson (Sweden), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Amel Rebiha (France), 12-7
LOSS Vestina Daniseviciute (Lithuania), 6-3

57 kg – Korina Blades (SEM), bronze medal
WIN Laura Stanelyte (Lithuania), pin
WIN Maarja Plaser (Estonia), 7-5
WIN Mia Olivier (France), pin
WIN Caroline Kvist (Sweden), tech. fall 12-0
LOSS Othelie Hoie (Norway), 8-2
WIN Sophia Smith (USA/SEM), 6-0

57 kg – Sophia Smith (SEM), 4th place
LOSS Elizaveta Petlyakova (Russia), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Jannicke Stromnes (Norway), tech. fall 13-0
WIN Meda Anceryte (Lithuania), pin
WIN Agnes Nygren (Sweden), 6-3
LOSS Korina Blades (USA/SEM), 6-0

61 kg – Kate O’Brien (SEM)
LOSS Diana Malavko (Latvia), pin
LOSS Abbie Fountain (Great Britain), pin

65 kg – Reese Larramendy (SEM), 4th place
LOSS Elena Reinholtsen (Norway), pin
WIN Arina Haritonova (Latvia), pin
WIN WIlmiina Popponen (Finland), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Heta Viemero (Finland), pin
LOSS Marielle Graff (France), tech. fall 10-0

73 kg – Kennedy Blades (SEM), gold medal
WIN Linda Sakne (Latvia), pin
WIN Olesia Bezuglova (Russia), tech. fall 11-0
WIN Kristina Fedosova (Russia), tech. fall 10-0

Boys (2008 and younger)

32 kg – Matt Dailey (SEM), 4th place
WIN Bontarohuk Nozar (Ukraine), pin
WIN Ivan Izmailov (Russia), pin
WIN Oleksandr Tkashuk (Ukraine), pin
LOSS Oleksandr Ivanchuk (Ukraine), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Ilja Ivanovs (Latvia), tech. fall 15-3
WIN Egor Basyi (Russia), tech. fall 12-0
LOSS David Khartitonov (Russia), pin

Boys (2006 – 2007 birth years)

32 kg – Revin Dickman, bronze medal
WIN Domenic Munaretto (USA), 10-2
WIN Artem Sharafutdinov (Russia), pin
WIN Matias Maijala (Finland), pin
WIN Nathan Rioux (USA), tech. fall 14-0
LOSS Danylo Skilshyi (Ukraine), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Danoush Jowkar (Great Britain), pin
WIN Teiman Orujov (Russia), 6-0
WIN Eduards Bejasovs (Latvia), tech. fall 12-0

32 kg –Nathan Rioux, 6th place
WIN Harry Meadows (Great Britain), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Alexander Ahonen (Finland), pin
LOSS Revin Dickman (USA), tech. fall 14-0
WIN Danoush Jowkar (Great Britain), pin
WIN Telman Orujov (Russia), 8-7
LOSS Danlo Skilskyi (Ukraine) tech. fall 12-0
LOSS Nathan Braun (USA), 6-5

32 kg –Nathan Braun, 5th place
WIN Romer Bostan (Estonia), pin
WIN Antton Jyrkkanen (Finland), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Ossian Juuso (Sweden), pin
LOSS Abdulmazhid Abdulmadzhidov (Russia), tech. fall 14-2
WIN Omar Omarov (Russia), 10-6
LOSS Eduards Bejosovs (Latvia), 10-9
WIN Nathan Rioux (USA), 6-5

32 kg –Domenic Munaretto,
LOSS Revin Dickman (USA), 10-2
WIN Matias Maijala (Finland), pin
LOSS Danylo Skilskyi (Ukraine), tech. fall 13-0

35 kg – Cooper Hilton, gold medal
WIN Neston Vettenranta (Finland), tech. fall 14-0
WIN Nikita Tytiuk (Ukraine), 5-2
WIN Onni Sivula (Finland), pin
WIN Hamzat Hasjagolgov (Sweden), pin
WIN Ilias Laaouina (Netherlands), 7-1
WIN Rufulla Asanbekov (Russia), 10-2
WIN Neal Krysty (USA), 6-2

35 kg –Colin McDowell, 4th place
WIN Artturi Reinio (Estonia), pin
WIN Karoly Barath (Hungary), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Igors Nizins (Latvia), 15-2 tech. fall
WIN Artem Ovsiuk (Ukraine), tech. fall 12-0
LOSS Neal Krysty (USA), 10-9
LOSS Rufulla Asanbekov (Russia), tech. fall 18-5

35 kg –Neal Krysty, silver medal
WIN Felix Lamminen (Finland), tech. fall 14-0
WIN Serhii Stohnii (Ukraine), pin
WIN Oubayda Itaev (France), tech. fall 18-5
WIN Marks Purins (Latvia), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Colin McDowell (USA), 10-9
WIN Igors Nizins (Latvia), tech. fall 12-0
LOSS Cooper Hilton (USA), 6-2

38 kg –Jayden Bowles
LOSS Vasileios Kesidis (Greece), 7-4
LOSS Ahmed Arsunkaev (Hungary), tech fall 12-0

38 kg – Logan Trenary, 9th place
LOSS Peter Totok (Hungary), 8-6
WIN Lwo Ljungqvist (Sweden), pin
WIN Vyacheslav Kopko (Russia), 18-10
LOSS Volodimir Bedrak (Ukraine), 4-3

38 kg – Declan Koch, silver medal
WIN Daniel Jeremejev (Estonia), pin
WIN Ukko Riehunkangas (Finland), pin
WIN Dairis Priednieks (Latvia), pin
WIN Aron Salonen (Finland), forfeit
WIN Ahmed Arsunkaev (Hungary), tech. fall 14-2
WIN Islam Agaev (Germany), 12-4
LOSS Volodimir Bedrak (Ukraine), pin

38 kg –Griffin Jens
LOSS Yurii Pyhulskyi (Ukraine), tech. fall 16-4
LOSS Volodimir Bedrak (Ukraine), pin

42 kg –Gunner Andrick, gold medal
WIN Bagrat Osipov (Russia) pin
WIN Leoonid Chernovtsky (Ukraine). Tech fall 12-0
WIN Liam Svensson (Sweden), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Kevin Karl (Germany), pin
WIN Leanid Fadjev (Atlant), pin
WIN Giousue Hickman (Italy), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Tristan Aleksandrov (Estonia), 9-6
WIN Filippos Psomas (Greece), 8-0

42 kg –Turner Campbell, 7th place
WIN Ali Sulikov (Belgium), pin
WIN Marcus Torhonen (Finland), pin
WIN Musaab Mahroof (Great Britain), tech fall 17-4
WIN Vladislav Krugliakov (Russia), pin
LOSS Timur Yunusov (Russia), tech. fall 12-0
LOSS Filippos Psomas (Greece), tech fall 14-0

47 kg –Hunter Sturgill, silver medal
WIN Samuy Luojus (Finland), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Vadim Soin (Russia), pin
WIN Emil Ulamec (Germany), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Krechuniak Yehor (Ukraine), 8-0
WIN Rabinski Reuvein (Israel), pin
WIN Serhii Stepanov (Ukraine), tech. fall 14-1
WIN Petrus Van der Merwe (South Africa), tech fall 12-1
LOSS Wyatt Duchateau (USA), 6-2

47 kg –Jack Duncan, 6th place
WIN Rafik Mekhdiev (Russia), pin
WIN Davis Kiveris (Latvia), pin
LOSS Nikita Evdokimov (Russia), pin
WIN Amir Soblirov (Russia), pin
WIN Dmitrijs Gultajevs (Latvia), pin
WIN Timor Arusaar (Estonia), 12-10
LOSS Wyatt Duchateau (USA), tech. fall 12-0
LOSS Serhii Stepanov (Ukraine), tech. fall 15-2

47 kg – Wyatt Duchateau, gold medal
WIN Fesa Tasneem (Great Britain), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Sebastian Abrant (Finland), pin
WIN Timor Arusaar (Estonia), tech fall 12-0
WIN Vladyslav Tsvigun (Ukraine), tech. fall 14-0
WIN Nikita Evdokimov (Russia), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Stefanos Vavilis (Greece) tech. fall 12-0
WIN Jack Duncan (USA), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Hunter Sturgill (USA), 6-2

Boys (2004 – 2005 birth years)

38 kg – Braden Tatum, 5th place
WIN Pvels Orlovs (Latvia), pin
WIN Oliver Grauen (Estonia), pin
WIN Muhammad Hussain (Great Britain), pin
WIN Rene Talts (Estonia), pin
LOSS Rostyslav Boruts (Ukraine), pin
LOSS Luke Lilledahl (USA), 6-0
WIN Din-Magomed Surkhaev (Russia), pin

38 kg –Angelo DiPol,
WIN Dmitry Serov (Russia), pin
LOSS Felix Fecher (Germany), pin
LOSS Din-Magomed Surkhaev (Russia), pin

38 kg –Luke Lilledahl, silver medal
WIN Rostyslav Boruts (Ukraine), 8-6
WIN Tim Moller (Germany), 12-0
WIN Juhan Kristjuhan (Estonia), tech. fall 12-1
WIN Muhammad Hussain (Great Britain), tech. fall 11-1
WIN Braden Tatum (USA), 6-0
LOSS Abbos Kobilov (Uzbekistan), tech. fall 10-0

41 kg – Hunter Taylor, 4th place
WIN Leokim Beky (Norway), tech fall 10-0
WIN Deniss Vasilyev (Latvia), tech fall 12-1
WIN Joona Hakola (Finland), 7-0
LOSS Seyfulla Itaev (France), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Max Hristjuk (Estonia), 4-1
LOSS Andrei Sorokin (Russia), 17-16

41 kg –Kolby Warren, silver medal
WIN Andrei Sorokin (Russia), tech. fall 12-0
WIN Marat Muhhametzjanov (Estonia), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Skyler Hickman (Italy), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Lennie Steyn (South Africa), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Janar Lips (Estonia), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Seyfulla Itaev (France), tech. fall 14-4

44 kg – Jake Dailey (SEM), bronze medal
WIN Artuu Vahantapohja (Finland), pin
LOSS Abdou Rahman Itaev (France), 11-2
WIN Minkail Gezemiyev (France), 10-8
WIN Vikke Tarkkio (Finland), pin
WIN Romualds Vaisnerovics (Latvia), pin

48 kg – Royce Nilo
WIN David Gert (Germany), tech fall 10-0
WIN Marc Kaugmann (Switzerland), tech. fall 18-7
LOSS Adam Gazdag (Hungary), injury

48 kg – Cheaney Schoeff, gold medal
WIN Dewan Kruger (South Africa), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Magomed Aminov (Russia), pin
WIN Rainer Plaser (Estonia), pin
WIN Edgars Milevics (Latvia), pin
WIN David Siko (Sharples), pin
WIN Kaleb Casey (Estonia), pin
WIN Artiom Cvetkov (Lithuania), pin
WIN Ivan Gradiner (Russia), pin

48 kg – Cooper Lane
WIN Zevs Nikiforov (Russia), pin
LOSS Joseph Lee (Great Britain), 12-11
LOSS Ivan Gradiner (Russia), tech. fall 10-0

52 kg – Zachary Eliszewski,
LOSS Muhamed Bektemirov (Austria), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Aleksej Nedbailo (Latvia), pin

52 kg –Tyler Sagi, silver medal
WIN Artjoms Pankovs (Latvia), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Alexander Podlipnij (Russia), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Daniel Korkin (Israel), pin
WIN Matej Rebic (Croatia), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Keaton Mayernik (USA), tech. fall 12-2
WIN Artur Jeremejev (Estonia), tech fall 10-0
LOSS Kirill Kanin (Estonia), pin

52 kg –Keaton Mayernik, 8th place
WIN Tom Bleher (Israel), pin
LOSS Daniel Korkin (Israel), pin
WIN Boris Abdulaev (Germany), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Caleb Mays (USA), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Tyler Sagi (USA), tech. fall 12-2

52 kg – Cash Stewart, 4th place
WIN Oto Lusis (Latvia), tech. fall 13-0
WIN Levi Ulamec (Germany), tech. fall 18-8
WIN Aram Vagarsakjan (Latvia), 6-0
LOSS Kirill Kanin (Estonai), tech. fall 13-0
WIN Muhamed Bektemirov (Austria), 14-13
LOSS Artur Jeremjev (Estonia), 10-0 tech fall

52 kg – Caleb Mays
WIN Stefan Lauri Molder (Estonia), pin
LOSS Artur Jeremejev (Estonia), pin
LOSS Keaton Mayernik (USA), tech. fall 10-0

57 kg – Maclain Morency, 4th place
WIN Gavin Linjer (USA), tech fall 10-0
WIN Mark Babenko (Russia), tech fall 10-0
WIN Aimar Alksnis (Estonia), tech. fall 12-0
LOSS Kiril Krupskyi (Ukraine), tech. fall 14-3
WIN Patrik Toth (Hungary), pin
WIN Alexander Seiwald (Austria), pin
WIN Miska Vanamo (Finland), pin
LOSS Evgenii Pavlov (Russia), pin

57 kg – Henry Amborn, 10th place
WIN Gunnar Hamre (USA), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Antii Kangasniemi (Finland), pin
WIN Volodars Smirnovs (Latvia), 10-8
LOSS Asadbek Karimov (Uzbekistan), tech fall 10-0
LOSS Evgenii Pavlov (Russia), pin

57 kg –Gavin Linjer
LOSS Maclain Morency (USA), tech fall 10-0
WIN Aimar Alksnis (Estonia), 11-2
LOSS Miska Vanamo (Finland), pin

57 kg – Gunnar Hamre, 8th place
LOSS Henry Amborn (USA), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Colodars Smirnovs (Latvia), pin
WIN Agasi Khachatryan (Armenia) tech fall 10-0
WIN Reinis Sumanis (Latvia), pin
LOSS Asadbek Karimov (Uzbekistan), tech. fall 10-0

62 kg – Lowell Arnold, silver medal
WIN Konstantin Fadeev (Latvia), pin
WIN Israel Asaev (Israel), pin
WIN Barna Zimonyi (Hungary), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Rafael Kinsfater (Germany), tech. fall 11-1
WIN Dmitrii Poliashov (Russia), pin
WIN Artjoms Titovs (Latvia), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Jadon Skellenger (USA), tech fall 15-4

62 kg –Jadon Skellenger, gold medal
WIN Teemu Maijala (Finland), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Victor Roux (France), tech fall 10-0
WIN Sebastian Schwyzer (Switzerland), pin
WIN Paulius Lescauskas (Lithuania), pin
WIN Sergey Sosnin (Ukraine), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Amirbek Dilurodov (Uzbekistaan), pin
WIN Lowell Arnold (USA), tech. fall 15-4

Boys (2002 – 2003 birth years)

48 kg – Sefton Douglass, gold medal
WIN Maksym Kozyr (Ukraine), 10-1
WIN Jules Gardette (France), 5-5
WIN Christian Forbes (USA), 4-3

48 kg – Christian Forbes, silver medal
WIN Kaspars Bondarenko (Latvia), tech. fall 16-4
WIN Jacques Bode (South Africa), tech fall 10-0
LOSS Sefton Douglas (USA), 4-3

51 kg – Brandon Boehm, 5th place
WIN Karolis Grigelaitis (Lithuania), pin
WIN Bruno Cabula (Croatia), pin
LOSS Harvey Ridings (Great Britain), pin
WIN Biko Huvonen (Finland), pin

71 kg – Jared Stricker, 9th place
WIN Vilhelm Larsson (Sweden), 10-9
WIN Samvel Babayan (Armenia), pin
LOSS Grigori Shabdarov (Russia), 9-4
LOSS Niko Katsuyoshi (USA), 6-0

71 kg –Niko Katsuyoshi (SEM), bronze medal
WIN Anton Deineka (Ukraine), tech fall 12-2
LOSS Bohdan Fostyk (Ukraine), 15-8
WIN Alexsei Savlits (Estonia), pin
WIN Armond Seignol (France), pin
WIN Jared Stricker (USA), 6-0
WIN Grigori Shabdarov (Russia), 7-1
WIN Vadym Ponomarenko (Ukraine), pin

80 kg – Darwin Hull (SEM), gold medal
WIN Isa-Khalil Alam (Great Britain), tech fall 10-0
WIN Roman Znamenskii (Russia), pin
WIN Dan Lokk (Estonia), pin
WIN Tomislav Brkan (Croatia), tech fall 10-0
WIN Kristians Aleksejevs (Latvia), pin
WIN Georgy Tskhediashvili (Russia), pin

Boys (1999 – 2001 birth years)

61 kg – Raymond Rioux, 4th place
LOSS Djabrail Tsikiev (France), tech fall 10-0
WIN Teemu Laurila (Finland), pin
WIN Stephane Sine (France), pin
WIN Oleg Steyuk (Ukraine) pin
LOSS Lincoln Heck (USA), pin

61 kg –Lincoln Heck (SEM), bronze medal
WIN Adam Biboulatov (France), pin
WIN Pavlo Anoniuk (Ukraine) tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Esqin Alizade (Russia), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Theo Mazoyer-Veauthier (France), 14-11
WIN Sultumov Zorikto (Russia), 10-9
WIN Raymond Rioux (USA), pin

65 kg –Hunter Lewis, 4th place
WIN Abdullah Hannan (Great Britain), tech fall 10-0
WIN Aleksei Kucharchik (Belarus), pin
WIN Dmitry Kerdol (Belarus), pin
WIN Alexander Riefling (Germany), pin
LOSS Denis Solovei (Belarus), 14-8
LOSS Omar Pirbaev (Belgium), pin

75 kg – Jacob Stefanowicz (SEM), silver medal
WIN Abdourrahiman Omarov (Belgium), tech. fall 14-3
WIN Daud Alizalov (Belarus), tech. fall 11-0
WIN Oleksandr Khomych (Ukraine), 13-6
WIN Yury Seiaryn (Belarus), pin
LOSS Asomiddin Khasanov (Uzbekistan), 5-0

86 kg – Austin Cooley (SEM), 8th place
LOSS Nathan Livesey (Great Britain), injury
LOSS Gamzat Sulikov (Belgium), injury

92 kg – Jacob Kaminski (SEM), 5th place/withdraw
LOSS Aleh Motorny (Belarus), tech fall 13-2
LOSS Kevin Aas (Estonia), inj dft.