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Asia Ray wins an NAIA Womens National Championship

Texas had a lot of women in the NAIA Womens Nationals in Jamestown ND. this past weekend along with Wayland Baptist the only Texas team whom placed 6th over all out of 20 teams.
Below is the list of the All Americans
101 LBS
1st Asia Ray (Wayland Baptist University) VSU1 Nina Pham (Wayland Baptist University), 8-1 6:00
3rd Junnette Caldera (University of Jamestown) VFA Hiba Salem (Menlo College), 8-7 3:30
5th Jessica Rodriguez (University of Cumberlands) VFA Kassidy Ramirez (Lyon College), 8-0 1:50
7th Faye Cherrier (Life University) VIN Amber Garriga (Life University)
109 LBS
1st Alleida Martinez (Menlo College) VFA Mckayla Campbell (Campbellsville University), 10-0 3:22
3rd Tyesha Topps (Life University) VPO1 Raven Guidry (Oklahoma City University), 6-2
5th Brianna Ribucan-leong (Lyon College) VFA Cassidy Freeman (Eastern Oregon University), 8-0 1:22
7th Diana Leyva (Waldorf University) VSU1 Alessia Cokeley (Ottawa University), 14-1 4:24
116 LBS
1st Jathiya Isaac (Wayland Baptist University) VSU1 Gracie Figueroa (Menlo College), 3-2 6:00
3rd Cassidy Jasperson (Oklahoma City University) VSU Madison Angelito (University of Cumberlands), 12-0 6:00
5th Glory Konecny (Southern Oregon) VFA Taryn Ichimura (Menlo College), 8-2 3:35
7th Chelsea Dionisio (University of Jamestown) VSU Jamayia Blackston (University of Jamestown), 10-0 4:46
123 LBS
1st Tiana Jackson (Menlo College) VSU1 Koral Sugiyama (Campbellsville University), 5-2 6:00
3rd Dajan Treder (University of Providence) VPO1 Macy Higa (Eastern Oregon University), 8-4
5th Alannah Vetterick (Midland University) VFA Victoria Norris (Ottawa University), 4-4 3:52
7th Arianna Marrufo (University of Jamestown) VPO1 Daniela Flores (Oklahoma City University), 6-5
130 LBS
1st Andribeth Rivera (Campbellsville University) VFA Cara Romeike (University of Jamestown), 6-2 1:47
3rd Sydney Freund (Oklahoma City University) VPO1 Anesia Ramirez (Southern Oregon), 2-1
5th Julissa Taitano (Southern Oregon) VPO1 Jocelyn Murphy (Missouri Valley College), 14-9
7th Breannah Duduoit-vasquez (Wayland Baptist University) VSU Aysia Cortez (Life University), 10-0 3:23
136 LBS
1st Solin Piearcy (Menlo College) VSU1 Erica Sotelo (Life University), 8-1 6:00
3rd Destiny Lyng (Oklahoma City University) VSU Bridgette Duty (University of Cumberlands), 10-0 3:00
5th Akina Yamada (Waldorf University) VFA Elissa Douglass (Lyon College), 8-2 1:57
7th Brittany Woods-orrison (Menlo College) VFA Sophia Carson (Campbellsville University), 7-4 4:25
143 LBS
1st Marilyn Garcia (Menlo College) VSU Angela Peralta (Menlo College), 2-0 6:00
3rd Maggie Douma (Oklahoma City University) VFA Zoe Wight (Life University), 4-0 1:21
5th Sienna Ramirez (Southern Oregon) VIN Cierra Foster (Oklahoma City University)
7th Joy Muniz (University of Jamestown) VFA Morgan Shines (Life University), 7-0 2:07
155 LBS
1st Iman Kazem (Menlo College) VFA Anna Naylor (University of Cumberlands), 2-0 0:39
3rd Myranda Velazquez (University of Jamestown) VSU Shamera Mctier (Missouri Valley College)
5th Destinee Rivera (Life University) VPO1 Gabriela Hunter (Midland University), 4-1
7th Sierra Talmadge (University of Jamestown) VPO1 Isabella Ricchiazzi (University of Cumberlands), 4-3
170 LBS
1st Dymond Guilford (Missouri Baptist University) VSU1 Precious Bell (Menlo College), 2-1 2:36
3rd Rachel Watters (Oklahoma City University) VPO1 Mariah Harris (Campbellsville University), 4-4
5th Jordan Nelson (Life University) VSU1 Kenya Sloan (Campbellsville University), 12-1 5:58
7th Payton Rigert (University of Cumberlands) VPO1 Alyssa Schrull (University of Jamestown), 8-6
191 LBS
1st Paige Baynes (Wayland Baptist University) VSU1 Chi chi Nwankwo (Oklahoma City University), 7-5 6:00
3rd Leilani Camargo-naone (Midland University) VPO1 Agatha Andrews (University of Jamestown), 6-5
5th Alexandra Castillo (Campbellsville University) VPO1 Jesse Kirby (University of Cumberlands), 8-2
7th Emily Sandoval (Menlo College) VSU Angel Ochoa (Missouri Baptist University), 10-0 0:33