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Womens Team Texas Update

Team Texas Women will be traveling to Oklahoma City next weekend for the Folkstyle National Championships and will be putting together a dual team.

Below is information from their facebook page

As of right now, this is the list of girls we will have on our Dual teams.

*This list comes from those who HAVE emailed us at [email protected] with their information. (If you previously stated that you were interested in the Duals on our google form, but DID NOT email us then we did not include you in the list below).

* Please be aware of a a few things:
-Girls may be required to bump up a weight class based on the needs of all three Dual teams.
-Girls may also be required to share mat time with another athlete on their respective dual team.
-The list below does not indicate which Dual team you will be placed on, this list may move around.
-We WILL put into account how you do during the individual competition.
-We are limited to the # of girls we can have on a dual team.

If you have not emailed us and wish to be considered for a Dual team, please do so and be sure to send us ALL the following:
Weight Class
Club team
HS team
and a Picture/copy of your Birth certificate

No photo description available.