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Texans in the Big 12 Championships

It has been awhile if ever since Texas has had more than a couple of Texas wrestlers in the Big 12 Championships.  This year Texas has 6 wrestlers from different D1 Colleges.  The Big 12 Championships are being held this Saturday and Sunday in Tulsa Oklahoma and Brian Andrews is the only seeded wrestler at 5th.

125-Gregory Coapstick of South Dakota State University (Frisco Centennial)

133-Isaiah Delgado of Utah Valley University (El Paso Eastwood)

133-Jack Skudlarczyk of University of Northern Iowa (Austin Westlake)

157 Jordan Robinson of University of Northern Colorado (Frisco Liberty)

174-James Wujeck of West Virginia University (Prosper)

285-Brian Andrews of Wyoming  (Grapevine)

There are only so many allocations of each weight per conference that will make the NCAA Championships in Pittsburg PA below is the allocations per weight just for the Big 12.

125-5 wrestlers
133-5 wrestlers
141-6 wrestlers
149-7 wrestlers
157-1 wrestler
165-6 wrestlers
174-5 wrestlers
184-5 wrestlers
197-7 wrestlers
285-6 wrestlers

So Coapstick has to make a 5th place finish minimum to advance to the Pittsburg, Delgado and Skudlarczyk need at least a 5th place finish as well, Robinson will have to be the Big 12 Champ to advance, Wujeck can be a top 5 finisher, and  Andrews has to finish top 6.

Wish all the boys the best of luck