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The method used was state champion, National Ranked, H2H, and State placer, 6A vs 5A with some Fargo thrown in the mix strength of schedule meaning some state champs had an easier road then others. Opinions from various coaches.



1113-6ABraxton BrownAllenJR13x state champ , National ranked
2132-6AParker DeckerKellerSR52x state champ, 4x state placer , Fargo champ, Nationally ranked
3152-5AChase WardenDripping SpringsSR22x state champ, 4x state placer-2nd,3rd, Fargo AA
4285-5AChidoze NwankwoRichmond FosterSR92x state champ, 4x state placer 2nd,3rd . Nationally ranked
5120-6ADominic ChavezArlington MartinSR32x state champ, 4x state placer 2nd,5th, Nationally Ranked
6160-6AElise Brown-TonAllenSR42x state champ, 3x state placer 2nd , Nationally ranked
7170-6AKiShawn HigginsKatySR102x state champ
8126-6ADonavan WhittedArlington MartinJR62x state champ,
9145-6AMario DanziAllenSO142x state champ, undefeated in texas
10120-5AAlex PenaLubbockSR123x state champ
11132-6ATagen JamisonPlano WestJR15state champ, finalist, nationally ranked
12132-PREPSkylar SmithLiberty ChristianJR173x prep state champ, 2x National Prep placer
13170-5ABranson BrittenCanyon RandallJR8state champ, state finalist, Nationally ranked, fargo double AA (twice)
14145-5AJackson CarterMidlothianSR222x state champ 3x state placer 5th
15152-6AAaron LoftenVista RidgeJRNRstate champ, 3x state placer, 3rd,3rd
16126-6ANoah GochbergAustin VandegriftJR11state champ, 3x state placer, 2nd,3rd
17182-6AEli SheerenKleinJRNRstate champ, 3x state placer, 2nd,3rd
18138-6ALuke SloanVandegriftSR18state champ, state finalist, Fargo AA
19160-5AJaydn HeatonCanyon RandallSRNRstate champ 4x state placer 4th, 5th, 2nd 1st
20285-6AGeorge MarshNew BraunfelsSRNRstate champ, 3x state placer 2nd, 4th
21152-6APreston DeckerKellerSR164x state placer, 4th, 5th,4th, 3rd, Fargo AA
22195-5AAiden JeanNorthwestSR21state champ, 3x state placer 2nd, 2nd
23160-5AMicah WigintonPflugerville WeissSR20state champ, 3x state placer 3rd, 2nd
24138-6AJayden Two LanceArlington MartinJR193x state placer
25138-6AJohn RichardsonProsperJRNR3x state placer