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College Wrestler Recruiting Combine

College Wrestler Recruiting and the Texas Chapter of the Wrestlers in Business Network are working with the National Collegiate Wrestling Association to sponsor a Wrestling Combine, on Wednesday March 13th  at the Allen Event Center.  The combine is happening on the day prior to  the start of the  NCWA National Championships on March 14-16.

The time has come to start showcasing the talent that we have in Texas.  We are seeing Texas wrestlers succeed in College, and the good news is that there are many more that need to be seen and recruited.

This year we are going to invite Division One and Two coaches, although we may not get the numbers we want in this first year.  We will get some.  The vision for this event in the coming years is that it becomes a “showcase” of Texas Wrestling Talent and that we have many D 1 and D II schools attending.  We have to start somewhere, and this is it.

If you have a desire to wrestle in College, then this is the event for you.  The combine starts out as a practice on the mats.  This will be a combination of drilling and live wrestling designed to give you a workout and let the college coaches take a look at you.   We estimate that as a result of the combine, over 30 Texas wrestlers have found a home where they could continue their career.   Afterward wrestlers and coaches can get together to find out more about each other and start the recruiting process.

College Wrestler Recruiting can get your information out there, and help you get the attention you deserve.  The Wrestlers in Business is there to help you when your wrestling career is over, and you enter the work force.  What we have here is a “cradle to grave” solution for wrestlers.   We all believe that wrestlers make the best employees. We all believe that there is a lot of untapped talent in Texas that needs to be exposed.

If you are a junior or senior in high school and want to get the recruiting process started, please sign up for the event @ and click on the “recruit me”  tab. You can also google “recruit me” combine, and the following link will be the top google search.  2019 High School Wrestling “Recruit-Me” Combine Tickets.

The cost of the combine is $25 if you sign up for the early bid special that ends on February 21st.  The price is then $30 until March 8thand $35 after that.