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CFISD Womens Finals Recap

Katy Morton Ranch is the Team Champs

Girls Team Scores
1 Katy Morton Ranch Hs (Girls) 147.0
2 Keller Timber Creek Girls 133.5
3 Weatherford Girls 129.0
4 Cypress Ranch Girls 116.0
5 Katy Seven Lakes Girls 115.0
6 Cibolo Steel Girls 111.0
7 Katy Hs (Girls) 107.5
8 Corpus Christi Ray (Girls) 101.5
9 Conroe Woodlands College Park Girls 100.0
10 Cypress Ridge Girls 96.0


Action Photos Here


The battle of the top 5A girls here with Howard dropping down a weight.  #2-5A @102 Jasmine Howard (Azle) vs #1-5A Odelia Lopez (Corpus Christi Ray) went to Jasmine Howard with a 7-0 decision.

More top 5A girls battle here as well.  #3-5A @ 110 Madison Brown (Justin Northwest) vs #5-5A Valerie Carreon (Richmond).  Brown took the decision here 6-0

110 The top 6A girls battle here#2-6A Amanda McAleavey (Cypress Creek) vs #7-6A @119 Adia Ronea (Keller Central) making it to the finals.  McAleavey came out the champ here with a 7-0 decision. smiling all the way

119 The battle of the #1’s #1-6A Camille Fournier (Weatherford) vs  #1-5A Jacqueline Ghent (Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial).  Fournier proved to be the true #1 with a fall over Ghent in the first period.

The battle of the #1 & #2 here,  #1-6A Xochitl Mota-pettis (Klein) vs  #2-6A Brianna Jones (Klein Oak).  Pettis stays undefeated here with a fall as well for the 1st place finish.

The #2 & #3 6A girls wrestle here, #3-6A Mhina Oseitutu (Katy Hs)vs #2-6A Jordan Suarez (Katy Morton Ranch).  Suarez squeaked this one out with a 1-0 decision for the win

148 Same as at 138, the #2 & #3 girls wrestle here as well with #2-6A Hunter Robinson (Conroe Woodlands College) vs #3-6A Nia Miranda (Cypress Ranch).  Robinson proved she deserved her spot by pinning Miranda in the 3rd period.

#5-6A Fahydat Bello (Cypress Park) vs#10-6A Destiny Lamb (Cypress Ridge).  Bello keeps her undefeated streak going with the win here 10-8.

The #1 girl went down here in the semi finals so now you have the #2 & #3 ranked girls battling for the #1 ranking spot.  #3-6A Brittyn Corbishley (Conroe Woodlands College Park) vs #2-6A Ashley Molina (Langham Creek) and Corbishley is you new #1 ranked 185-6A women wrestler

The #1 6A girl takes on an unranked 5A girl who beat a couple 6A girls in route to the finals match.  #1-6A Gabi Holloway (Katy Seven Lakes) vs Brooklyn Moreno-arispe (Corpus Christi Ray).  Holloway the National champ get the fall here in the first period.