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The BIG Question is always how did we come up with the ranking order.. Trackwrestling has their formula, rank wrestler has theirs, Flo, Intermat, Win, open mat, etc…
Although WrestlingTexas system isn’t perfect I believe with the way its sit up shows an actual scale.
Basically we have spread sheets of every wrestler for every weight for every class.  Some sheets have over 80 wrestlers, if you have wrestled in a tournament in Texas from Texas the name is on the list.
The top 20 of each list is placed by wrestlingtexas staff , starting based on last years state and regional finish.  From there the top 20 is placed on a voting poll sheet that is sent out to 14 coaches from across the state where they rank the wrestlers in the top 20,  each ranking spot is based on a point system.  Coaches have 2 days to prepare their order. Every Wednesday morning the new and updated rankings will be released.

For a wrestler to enter into the top 20 they have to of defeated a top 20 wrestler (this season NOT 2 years ago), or placed top 2 sometimes top 3 in a tournament depending on the tournament.  It doesn’t matter if one wrestler not ranked beat another who is ranked twice last fall before regionals and state.    From there the ranking coaches will rank the top 20.  Keep in mind that as wrestlers get added, wrestlers drop off the end.  So if you win your in so to speak.

All weight updates, new freshman, last years JV, Now Varisty, name changes, grade changes, school changes, any changes, or just you think a certain wrestler should be considered top 20, you can email [email protected]

The Team Rankings will be done based off the ranked wrestlers in the top 20 list,  The Coaches Poll Team Rankings will be out soon, they are actually done by coaches ranking per district, regional per division.

The Prep Rankings and the P4P Rankings will be out in the next couple weeks.

Lastly I know half the state loves the rankings, and half the state thinks their a joke and I hear all the time “rankings dont matter” and for the most part they dont in reality cause any wrestler can beat anyone at any time.  BUT here is where they DO MATTER.  WrestlingTexas has college coaches from all over the United States from D1 thur NAIA, Juco looking at the rankings provided and sometimes just sometimes this generates a call to the coach in regards to a potential scholarship or just a chance to go to college that normally wouldn’t of been there because of the visibility from the rankings.