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Timmy Thompson is part of USA Kilppan Cup Win

Peak wins gold, USA takes seven medals and claims team title at Klippan Cup in Sweden

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Oct. 27, 2018, 4:29 p.m. (ET)

The USA poses together after winning the team title at the Klippan Cup. Photo courtesy of Rob Hermann.

KLIPPAN, Sweden – Benji Peak won an individual gold medal at 67 kg, the USA won seven medals, and claimed the team trophy at the Klippan Cup of Greco-Roman wrestling on Saturday.

Peak was dominant in his weight class, earning three technical falls and a pin in his four bouts. In the gold medal finals, he scored an 8-0 technical fall over Baber Ali of the Marvinsholm IF club in Sweden.

Peak was second in the 2018 UWW Junior Nationals this year. Last year, he won a bronze medal at the Klippan Cup at 59 kg. Peak is a freshman at Northern Michigan from Elkhorn, Wis.

Winning silver medals were Sean Sesnan at 55 kg, Keaton Fanning at 87 kg and Tyler Curd at 130 kg.

Bronze medals went to Jacob Cochron at 55 kg, David Stepanian at 60 kg and Nick Boykin at 97 kg

Team USA won the team title by one point over runner-up Belarus.

“The USA team had 22 wrestlers compete in the Klippan Cup, with 14 being in their first international matches. Congratulations to all the medalist with 67kg Benji Peak of NMU-OTS as the only USA champion. We are looking forward to the training camp and watching the wrestlers improve before the Malarcupen tournament next week,” said U.S. coach Rob Hermann.

The delegation will have an international training camp this week, prior to going to Malarcupen in Vasteras, Sweden, November 2-4.

At Klippan, Sweden, October 27

Senior results

55 kg
1. Alexander Norström Örgryte IS
2. Sean Sesnan USA
3. Jacob Cochron USA

60 kg
1. Inaya Mohseni Västerås BK
2. Aliaksandr Niahoda Vitryssland/BLR
3. David Stepanian USA
4. Cole Stephenson USA
5. Jon Massey USA

63 kg
1. Alexander Bica Malmö Tigers
2. Maksim Nehoda Vitryssland/BLR
3. Miru Olsson Örgryte IS
4. Christoffer Svensson BK Pan
5. Moneim Affane Björnekulla BK
6. Julius Tärnklev HBK Bergania
7. Hamid Fasihi Skurups SK
8. Nathan Philips Varbergs BoIS BK
9. Erik Spence USA
10. Abedin Khalili Falköpings ABK

67 kg
1. Benji Peak USA
2. Baber Ali Marsvinsholms IF
3. Aliaksandr Liavonchyk Vitryssland/BLR
4. Noah Wachsmuth USA
5. Timmy Thompson USA
6. Puttichart Phaitoonwong BK Ore
7. Britton Holmes USA
8. Christian Johansson BK Pan
9. Anton Månsson Varbergs BoIS BK

72 kg
1. Simon Erlandsson BK Pan
2. Olle Spetz Varbergs BoIS BK
3. Erik Persson Klippans BK
4. Emil Svensson Örgryte IS
5. Alex Beck Klippans BK
6. Siarhei Baradziulia Vitryssland/BLR
7. Rasmus Åström Västerås BK
7. Timmy Svantesson Malmö Tigers

77 kg
1. Khalid Kerchiyev Västerås BK
2. Artsiom Valaskovich Vitryssland/BLR
3. André Isberg Varbergs BoIS BK
4. Lukas Ahlgren BK Ore
5. Zach Tolver USA
6. Mikita Mihun Vitryssland/BLR
7. Ryan Cummings USA
8. Joakim Tuohimma Björnekulla BK
9. Zachary Grimes USA
10. Finley Allen USA

82 kg
1. Kiryl Maskevich Vitryssland/BLR
2. Oskar Johansson Varbergs BoIS BK
5. Andrija Maletin Björnekulla BK
6. Thomas Dantzler USA
7. Erik Amarian Björnekulla BK
8. Linus Sjöholm Falköpings ABK
9. August Eriksson BK Ore
10. DM Hallett USA
99. Corey Fitzgerald USA
99. Naib Ilaldayev Husum IF

87 kg
1. Emil Sandahl HBK Bergania
2. Keaton Fanning USA
3. Jacob Logård Norrtälje BK
4. Ihar Yarashevich Vitryssland/BLR
5. Gustav Månsson Umeå Brottning
6. Alexander Jersgren Marsvinsholms IF

97 kg
1. Kalle Persson BK Pan
2. Billy Rääf Arboga AK
3. Nick Boykin USA
4. Linus Persson Höörs BK
5. Trace Schirmer USA

130 kg
1. Ilya Yudchuts Vitryssland/BLR
2. Tyler Curd USA

U.S. performances

55 kg – Sean Sesnan, Watertown, Tenn., silver medal
LOSS Alexander Norstrem, Orgyte IS, tech. fall 9-0
WIN Jacob Cochron (USA), tech. fall 10-0

55 kg – Jacob Cochron, Pensacola, Fla. bronze medal
LOSS Alexander Norstrem, Orgyte IS, tech. fall 9-0
LOSS Sean Sesnan (USA), tech. fall 10-0

60 kg – David Stepanian, Macomb, Mich. bronze medal
WIN Jon Massey (USA), tech. fall 11-3
LOSS Inaya Mohseni, Vasteras BK, tech. fall 8-0
LOSS Aliaksandr Niahoda (Belarus), 9-6
WIN Cole Stephenson (USA), 7-6

60 kg – Cole Stephenson, Colorado Springs, Colo., 4th place
LOSS Inaya Mohseni, Vasteras BK, tech. fall 8-0
WIN Jon Massey (USA), tech. fall 9-1
LOSS Aliaksandr Niahoda (Belarus), tech fall 8-0
LOSS David Stepanian (USA), 7-6

60 kg – Jon Massey, Wilson, N.C., 5th place
LOSS David Stepanian, tech. fall 11-3
LOSS Aliaksandr Niahoda (Belarus), 14-11
LOSS Cole Stephenson (USA) tech. fall 9-1
LOSS Inaya Mohseni, Vasteras BK, tech. fall 8-0

63 kg – Erik Spence, Elk Grove, Calif., 9th place
LOSS Christoffer Svensson, BK Pan, tech fall 13-4
LOSS Maksim Nehoda (Belarus), tech. fall 8-0

67 kg – Benji Peak,Elhorn, Wis., gold medal
WIN Noah Wachsmuth (USA), tech. fall 8-0
WIN Anton Mansson, Varsbergs BolS BK, tech. fall 9-0
WIN Puttichart Phaitoonwong, BK Ore, pin
WIN Baber Ali, Marvinsholm IF, tech, fall,8-0

67 kg – Noah Wachsmuth, Colorado Springs, Colo., 4th place
LOSS Benji Peak (USA), tech fall 8-0
WIN Puttichart Phaitoonwong, BK Ore, pin
LOSS Aliaksandr Liavonchyk (Belarus), tech. fall 8-0

67 kg – Timmy Thompson, 5th place
WIN Christian Johansson, BK Pan, tech. fall 8-0
LOSS Aliaksandr Liavonchyk (Belarus), 7-0
LOSS Baber Ali, Marvinsholm IF, tech. fall 14-4

67 kg – Britton Holmes, Peyton, Colo., 7th place
LOSS Baber Ali, Marvinsholm IF, 6-2
LOSS Aliaksandr Liavonchyk (Belarus), 5-3

77 kg – Zach Tolver, Fairbanks, Alaska, 5th place
LOSS Lukas Ahlgren, BK Ore, tech. fall 8-0
WIN Joakim Tuohimma, Bjornekulla BK, 8-4
LOSS Artsiom Valaskovich (Belarus), 6-2

77 kg – Ryan Cummings, San Jose, Calif., 7th place
WIN Zachary Grimes (USA), tech. fall 9-1
LOSS Andre Isberg, Varsbergs BolS BK, 3-2
LOSS Mikita Mihun (Belarus), tech. fall 8-0

77 kg – Zachary Grimes, Yukon, Okla., 9th place
LOSS Ryan Cummings (USA), tech. fall 9-1
LOSS Khalid Kerchiyev, Vasteras BK, pin

77 kg – Finley Allen, Fayetteville, N.C., 10th place
LOSS Artsiom Valaskovich (Belarus), tech. fall 9-0
LOSS Lukas Ahlgren, BK Ore, tech. fall 8-0

82 kg – Thomas Dantzler, Colorado Springs, Colo., 6th place
WIN Linus Sjoholm, Falkopings ABK, tech. fall 11-3
LOSS Erik Amarian, Bjornekulla BK, tech. fall 11-3
LOSS Oskar Johansson, Varbergs BolS BK, tech, fall 11-2

82 kg – GM Hallett, Littleton, Colo., 10th place
LOSS Andrija Maletin, Bjornekulla BK, tech. fall 8-0
LOSS Naib Ilaldayev, Husum IF, tech. fall 10-0

82 kg – Corey Fitzgerald, Green, Ohio
WIN Erik Amarian, Bjornekulla BK, 2-1
LOSS Oskar Johansson, Varbergs BolS BK, tech fall 9-1
WIN Linus Sjoholm, Falkopings ABK, inj. dft

87 kg – Keaton Fanning, Bedford, Texas, silver medal
WIN Gustav Mansson, Umea Brottning, tech. fall 13-4
WIN Jacob Logard, Norrtalje BK, dec. 7-6
LOSS Emil Sandahl, HBK Bergania, pin

97 kg – Nick Boykin, Colorado Springs, Colo., bronze medal
LOSS Kalle Persson, BK Pan, tech. fall 8-0
WIN Linus Persson, Hoors BK, pin
LOSS Billy Raaf, Arboga AK, 2-1
WIN Trace Shirmer (USA), tech. fall 11-0

97 kg – Trace Schirmer, Grand Rapids, Mich., 5th place
LOSS Linus Persson, Hoors BK, pin
LOSS Kalle Persson, BK Pan, tech fall 10-0
LOSS Billy Raaf, Arboga AK, tech. fall 8-0
LOSS Nick Boykin (USA), tech. fall 11-0

130 kg – Tyler Curd, Oak Grove, Mo., silver medal
LOSS Ilya Yuchuts (Belarus), tech. fall 9-1

Team Standings
1. USA, 21 pts.
2. Belarus, 20 pts.
3. BK Pan (SWE), 9 pts.
4. Vasteras BK (SWE), 8 pts.
5. Varsbergs BolS BK (SWE), 8 pts.
(of 19 teams)