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Grappler Results for 3F Wrestling Club

3F Wrestling Club out of Austin with their group of State Champs, placers, and qualifiers traveled to the grappler classic to start their season off in search of  tough competition  and found it.  4 of the 9 wrestlers placed and 4 others lost in the blood round by small decision with 3 of them losing by 1 point or SV.  The club did an awesome showing

98 -Carson Laughery went 2-1, took 2nd place
119 -John Geiger  went 2-2, Injured and medical forfeit out
125 -Jordan Strmiska went 2-2
125 -Noah Gochberg went 2-2
130 -Luke Sloan. went 2-2
140 -Chase Warden went 5-1 and took 3rd
145 – Easton Tobia went 3-3 finished 6th
145 -AJ Lofton went 3-3 and finished 8th
145 -Micah Wiginton went 3-2