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Samara Chavez and Camille Fournier Double Up

This years women wrestlers who double up, meaning they not only All-American in cadets they also All-American in the junior division. Those women wrestlers were Samara Chavez of Arlington Martin and Camille Fournier of Weatherford.  Chavez and Fournier each made the finals in the cadet division and placed 2nd.  They also placed in the junior division 8th and 6th respectfully.

2017 Mattison Parker was the only double All-American, 2016 Alex Liles and Angelina Gomez were the only double All-Americans.

Below are the other Texas Women who have multiple stop signs from Fargo wrestling this season.

Womens Fargo AA List back to 2002.

Samara Chavez now has 3 stop signs. 2017/cadet-3rd,  2018/cadet-2nd,  2018/junior-8th



Camille Fournier now has 3 stop signs.  2017/cadet-4th,  2018/cadet-2nd,  2018/junior-6th




Mattison Parker now has 3 stop signs.  2017/cadet-3rd,  2017/junior-7th,  2018/junior-7th



Xochitl Mota-Pettis now has 3 stop signs.  2016/cadet-8th,  2017/junior-4th,  2018/junior-Champion




Hunter Robinson now has 2 stop signs.  2017/cadet-2nd,  2018/junior-7th