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Team Texas Junior Women Nationals Recap

This years Fargo Womens Nationals was the largest and toughest yet in recent years.  The Junior entries were more then normal showing that womens wrestling is growing nationally.  Team Texas enter 67 women them self showing that the State of Texas is strong with womens wrestling.  Team Texas placed 3rd overall in the Team Race with 46 points, with California running away with the title with 75 points and Washington State coming in 2nd with 50 points

Texas had 10 All Americans total with two Champions, two runner ups, two 5th places, one 6th place, two 7th place and one 8th place finish.

Xochitl Mota-Pettis was the top performer, she went 5-0 with a National Title at 127 with 2 tech falls and 3 falls including a fall in the finals.

Gaby Holloway attained herself a National Championship as well at 225 she defeated another Nationally ranked Texas wrestler

Kaylynn Albrecht was a beast at 152 until she  ran into the World Champ took 2nd, Kaylynn only gave up 1 point and all tech falls til the finals match.

Alyssa Alvarez was the other runner up she ran into Gaby Holloway 225, Alvarez is Nationally ranked at #3 and will attend Schreiner University next year

Lexie Basham took a 5th place finish at 138.  Lexie was dominating in all her matches she won.  I personally was hoping she matched up for a rematch with Kaden Campbell of Colorado who gave Lexie her only loss during High School season. Lexie however tech called the girl that Campbell beat 2-0.

Augustina Ijoma took a 5th place finish, Ijoma had a set back in the quarter finals where she ran into the so to be Champion at the 164 weight.  Ijoma’s 2 losses where to the Champ and 3rd place finishers.

Camille Fournier only a cadet and a cadet runner up,  competing with the juniors. Fournier lost a close one in the quarter finals and fought back to a 6th place finish at 117.

Mattison Parker placed 7th, Parker ran into Work Team Member  Alara Boyd in the quarter finals and fought her way back to All American status.

Hunter Robinson also placed 7th but at 144.  Robinson got a good draw into the bracket with a Bye,  2 other women didn’t make the cut with a 4-2 record.  144 class was a deep weight.

Samara Chavez the other cadet wrestling with the juniors and was also a cadet runner up. Chavez placed 8th at 113,  Chavez bumped up a weight class for the Juniors.

Fargo action Shots

below is the final results

100Elexis Kalar3-2
100Jaclyn Mcnichols1-2
100Mia Diaz0-2
100Marisol Romo1-2
100Odelia Lopez1-2
100Valerie Carreon3-2
106Madison Brown1-2
106Addison Garcia0-2
106Isabella Burnworth0-2
106Kylie Robledo1-2
106Larissa Flores0-2
112Rachael Ingram0-2
112Aylen Vivar2-2
112Carmen Allred1-2
112Samara Chavez4-38th place
112Madison Meyer0-2
112Nayeli Hernandez1-2
117Sydney Harper2-2
117Camille Fournier4-36th place
117Emily Fergeson0-2
117Kayla Fitts2-2
117Cadence Miller1-2
122Jacqueline Ghent2-2
122Olivia Mottley1-2
122Angelina Baltazar3-2
122Kamille Begeal0-2
122Lydia Ramos2-2
122Zahra Metzgar2-2
127Cecilia Adams2-2
127Katelynn Snyder-jones0-2
127Maddie Sandquist1-2
127Juliana Baugher0-2
127Isabella Gonzalez2-2
127Rhett Marks0-2
127Skye Bravo2-2
127Xochitl Mota-Pettis5-0Champion
127Lydiana Hill1-2
132Marissa Torres0-2
132Serena Cervantes1-2
132Abby Anaya0-2
138Katriana Heredia0-2
138Jordan Suarez2-2
138Cassie Moseley0-2
138Lexie Basham5-25th place
138Mattison Parker4-27th place
138Mhina Oseitutu2-2
138Adenike Adenusi1-2
144Hunter Robinson4-27th place
144Jade Larsen4-2
144Madison Guinn4-2
144Nia Miranda3-2
144Victoria Hinojo3-2
144Megan Thomas0-2
152JoyLynn Wegman2-2
152Jude Miller1-2
152Kaylynn Albrecht4-12nd place
164Makia English1-2
164Ashley Lekas1-2
164Augustina Ijoma4-25th place
164Mikayla Mata0-2
180Emily Mendillo1-2
180Brittyn Corbishley0-2
180Bianca Rosales2-2
180Iman Thomas2-2
200Emma Lozada1-2
225Alyssa Alvarez3-12nd place
225Gabrielle Holloway4-0Champion