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2018 Southern Plains Regional Greco/Freestyle-Texas Entries

The Southern Plains Regional Greco/Freestyle Tournament is upon us.  So far Texas has 113 entries.  For the High School boys who maybe didn’t make the State Tournament,  this is also a qualifier for Team Texas.

FreestyleIntermediate63Victor Matos (2nd)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
FreestyleIntermediate67Devin Longstreet (4th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
FreestyleIntermediate67Garrett Clark (4th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
FreestyleIntermediate77Luke Burgar (4th)Spartan Mat Club
FreestyleIntermediate77Maxwell Ramer (4th)Lofton Style Wrestling
FreestyleIntermediate84Blake Jones (4th)3 Style Wrestling – Texas
FreestyleIntermediate84Steel Meyers (4th)Lofton Style Wrestling
FreestyleIntermediate84Zayn Navarrete (4th)NB Elite
FreestyleNovice63Aydan Stone Thomas (5th)Bear Cave
FreestyleNovice70Kaleb Smith (6th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
FreestyleNovice74Caio Aron (5th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
FreestyleNovice78Riley Rayome (5th)Katy Area Wrestling Club
FreestyleNovice82Dylan Milster (6th)Lofton Style Wrestling
FreestyleNovice86Logan Soileau (5th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
FreestyleNovice108Antonio Oliva (5th)Best Trained Wrestling
FreestyleSchoolboy77Myles Ramer (6th)Lofton Style Wrestling
FreestyleSchoolboy90Alec Robeson (7th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
FreestyleSchoolboy90Joseph Liescheski (7th)Best Trained Wrestling
FreestyleSchoolboy90Phoenix Martinez (7th)Katy Area Wrestling Club
FreestyleSchoolboy97Jakob Smith (8th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
FreestyleSchoolboy97Logan McHam (7th)Omada kitrinos
FreestyleSchoolboy102Timothy McGuire (7th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
FreestyleSchoolboy102Troy Guerra (8th)NB Elite
FreestyleSchoolboy119Connor Timmons (7th)Katy Area Wrestling Club
FreestyleSchoolboy119Samuel Cordova (7th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
FreestyleSchoolboy125Caleb Mata (8th)Vici Wrestling Club
FreestyleSchoolboy125Marcus Allen (8th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
FreestyleSchoolboy130Corey R Camden (8th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
FreestyleSchoolboy149Bryce Milster (8th)Lofton Style Wrestling
FreestyleSchoolboy149Jacob Hansen (8th)Corespeed Wrestling – Hutto-Ro
FreestyleSchoolboy165Abdus-Samad Al-Khatib (8th)Vici Wrestling Club
FreestyleSchoolboy165Vincenzo Oliva (8th)Best Trained Wrestling
FreestyleSchoolboy250Drake Madole (7th)Lofton Style Wrestling
FreestyleCadet Men100nathan mooney (8th)NB Elite
FreestyleCadet Men100Wesley Goleman (9th)Burleson Wrestling Club
FreestyleCadet Men113Andres Mendoza (9th)Omada kitrinos
FreestyleCadet Men113Jackson Crandall (9th)KT3
FreestyleCadet Men113Riley McBryde (8th)Hub City Wrestling
FreestyleCadet Men120Tyler Sliman (10th)KT3
FreestyleCadet Men132Ethan Purdy (9th)Omada kitrinos
FreestyleCadet Men138Jaxson Gonzalez (8th)NB Elite
FreestyleCadet Men152Hank Meyer (9th)Burleson Wrestling Club
FreestyleCadet Men152Truman Timmons (9th)KT 3 Style Wrestling Club
FreestyleCadet Men160Branson Britten (9th)Omada kitrinos
FreestyleCadet Men170Eli Sheeren (9th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
FreestyleCadet Men182Darwin Hull (9th)Ohana Wrestling Academy
FreestyleCadet Men220Xavier Diaz (10th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
FreestyleJunior Men113Gabriel Gamez (11th)NB Elite
FreestyleJunior Men120Gregory Coapstick (12th)Spartan Mat Club
FreestyleJunior Men145Jesse Diaz (11th)Maverick Elite wrestling
FreestyleJunior Men145Steven Gamez (12th)NB Elite
FreestyleJunior Men152Daniel Manibog (11th)KT 3 Style Wrestling Club
FreestyleJunior Men170Michael Solis (11th)All-Valley Wrestling Club
FreestyleJunior Men182holden fricks (12th)Victory Wrestling
FreestyleJunior Men195Alberto Alcala (12th)All-Valley Wrestling Club
FreestyleJunior Men195Javonte Knoxon (12th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
FreestyleJunior Men220Collin Riley (12th)NB Elite
FreestyleJunior Men285Clay Morrison (11th)Vici Wrestling Club
GrecoIntermediate63Victor Matos (2nd)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
GrecoIntermediate67Devin Longstreet (4th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
GrecoIntermediate67Garrett Clark (4th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
GrecoIntermediate77Luke Burgar (4th)Spartan Mat Club
GrecoIntermediate77Maxwell Ramer (4th)Lofton Style Wrestling
GrecoIntermediate84Blake Jones (4th)3 Style Wrestling – Texas
GrecoIntermediate84Steel Meyers (4th)Lofton Style Wrestling
GrecoIntermediate84Zayn Navarrete (4th)NB Elite
GrecoNovice63Aydan Stone Thomas (5th)Bear Cave
GrecoNovice70Kaleb Smith (6th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
GrecoNovice74Caio Aron (5th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
GrecoNovice82Dylan Milster (6th)Lofton Style Wrestling
GrecoNovice86Logan Soileau (5th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
GrecoSchoolboy90Alec Robeson (7th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
GrecoSchoolboy90Joseph Liescheski (7th)Best Trained Wrestling
GrecoSchoolboy90Phoenix Martinez (7th)Katy Area Wrestling Club
GrecoSchoolboy97Jakob Smith (8th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
GrecoSchoolboy97Logan McHam (7th)Omada kitrinos
GrecoSchoolboy102Timothy McGuire (7th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
GrecoSchoolboy102Troy Guerra (8th)NB Elite
GrecoSchoolboy119Connor Timmons (7th)Katy Area Wrestling Club
GrecoSchoolboy119Samuel Cordova (7th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
GrecoSchoolboy125Caleb Mata (8th)Vici Wrestling Club
GrecoSchoolboy125Marcus Allen (8th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
GrecoSchoolboy130Corey R Camden (8th)Boneyard Wrestling Academy
GrecoSchoolboy149Bryce Milster (8th)Lofton Style Wrestling
GrecoSchoolboy149Jacob Hansen (8th)Corespeed Wrestling – Hutto-Ro
GrecoSchoolboy165Abdus-Samad Al-Khatib (8th)Vici Wrestling Club
GrecoSchoolboy250Drake Madole (7th)Lofton Style Wrestling
GrecoCadet Men100nathan mooney (8th)NB Elite
GrecoCadet Men113Andres Mendoza (9th)Omada kitrinos
GrecoCadet Men113Jackson Crandall (9th)KT3
GrecoCadet Men113Riley McBryde (8th)Hub City Wrestling
GrecoCadet Men120Tyler Sliman (10th)KT3
GrecoCadet Men152Truman Timmons (9th)KT 3 Style Wrestling Club
GrecoCadet Men160Branson Britten (9th)Omada kitrinos
GrecoCadet Men170Eli Sheeren (9th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
GrecoCadet Men182Darwin Hull (9th)Ohana Wrestling Academy
GrecoJunior Men113Gabriel Gamez (11th)NB Elite
GrecoJunior Men120Gregory Coapstick (12th)Spartan Mat Club
GrecoJunior Men145Jesse Diaz (11th)Maverick Elite wrestling
GrecoJunior Men145Steven Gamez (12th)NB Elite
GrecoJunior Men145Timothy Johnson-thompson (12th)Vici Wrestling Club
GrecoJunior Men152Daniel Manibog (11th)KT 3 Style Wrestling Club
GrecoJunior Men195Javonte Knoxon (12th)Spring Klein Wrestling Club
GrecoJunior Men220Collin Riley (12th)NB Elite
GrecoJunior Men285Clay Morrison (11th)Vici Wrestling Club
GrecoGirls FS`n/a`Hunter Robinson (11th)College Park High School
GrecoGirls FS`n/a`Katriana Heredia (10th)Omada kitrinos
GrecoGirls FS`n/a`Maddie Sandquist (9th)3 Style Wrestling – Texas
GrecoGirls FS`n/a`Mia Diaz (10th)Maverick Elite wrestling
GrecoGirls FS`n/a`Mikayla Mata (11th)Vici Wrestling Club
GrecoGirls Div. IIPooledRiley Rayome (5th)Katy Area Wrestling Club
GrecoGirls MSPooledMadison Canales (6th)Gracie Barra Westchase
GrecoGirls MSPooledMikayla Herber (7th)NB Elite