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Texas Teams at the Heartland Duals Day 2

At the conclusion of the second day of dual team competition where the boys teams where put into brackets based on their pool finish, and the girls teams finished their 8 team round robin.

The Womens Blue Team shined for a 2nd place finish and 3 girls made All Team going undefeated.  None of the boys teams finished in the top 10.  But the boys did have 2 wrestlers make All Team going undefeated.

Tate Dunnam at the Elementary level weight class #50 went 5-0
Angelo Ferrari at the Middle School level weight class #102 went 5-0, Ferrari just wrestled the 1st day.
Zurri Zamaro At the Womens level weight class #58 went 6-0
Deja Wheat at the Womens level weight class #65 went 7-0
Aubrey Yauger at the Womens level weight class #126 went 5-0

The Elementary Boys Blue Team placed 20th out of 33 teams (only had 15 wrestlers out of 17 on the team).
The Elementary Boys Red Team placed 32nd out of 33 (only had 10 wrestlers out of 17 on the team).

The Middle School Boys  Blue Team placed 12th out of 30 teams (had full team).
The Middle School Boys Best Trained Team placed 20th out of 30 teams ( only had 14/13 wrestlers out of 17 on the team).
The Middle School Boys  Red Team placed 26th out of 30 teams (only had 9 wrestlers out of 17 on the team).

The Womens Red Team placed 6th out of 8 teams ( only had 7 wrestlers out of 12 on the team).
The Womens Blue Team place 2nd out of 8 teams (had full team).

All  the boys teams wrestled at least 8 duals over the 2 day event with middle school Texas Red Team wrestling 9 duals.  The Womens Teams all wrestled 7 duals each.  Every wrestler got at least 5 matches wrestled.  Congratulations to all the teams making the journey to Iowa,  and to all 84 wrestlers representing Texas at the national level.



Texas TeamOpponentW/LWrestlers/Weight
Pool ARound 1RedKansas OutlawsL-82-610/17
Round 2RedNorth Dakota The DestroyersL-60-22
Round 3RedNebraska WhiteL-71-9
Round 4RedUSA RockW-36-30
Round 5RedMinnesota StormL-91-3
SilverRound 1RedSouth Dakota Elem 2L-55-19
Round 2RedUSA FreedomW-39-33
Round 3RedMorris Fitness GeorgiaL-48-31
Pool FRound 1BlueKansas RustlersW-45-3315/17
Round 2BlueBye0-0
Round 3BlueTeam CaliforniaL-82-9
Round 4BlueIndiana GoldL-82-9
Round 5BlueIdahoL-61-19
GoldRound 1BlueNorth Dakota The DestroyersW-48-24
Round 2BlueUtahL-62-22
Round 3BlueNorth Dakota Bounty HuntersL-53-28

Middle School

Pool DRound 1BlueMissouri UnitedL-76-617/17
Round 2BlueNorth Dakota The TechniciansW-49-31
Round 3BlueGeorgiaL-68-14
Round 4BlueUSA RockW-99-0
Round 5BlueKansas OutlawsL-39-40
PlatinumRound 1BlueKansas GamblersW-43-29
Round 2BlueTeam OregonL-68-13
Round 3BlueIndiana BlueL-43-37
Pool CRound 1RedKansas LawmenL-76-129/17
Round 2RedUSA FreedomW-30-26
Round 3RedIdahoL-93-0
Round 4RedIndiana GoldL-98-0
Round 5RedNebraska RedL-91-6
Silver ARound 1RedBye0-0
Round 2RedUSA RocksW-39-12
Round 3RedKansas RailroadersL-69-9
Round 4RedKansas CattlemenL-52-51
Pool BRound 1Best TrainedSouth Dakota MS1L-46-3414/17
Round 2Best TrainedMinnesota StormL-82-6
Round 3Best TrainedTeam OregonL-62-18
Round 4Best TrainedIndiana BlueL-48-27
Round 5Best TrainedKansas RailroadersW-41-39
GoldRound 1Best TrainedKansas LawmenW-44-35
Round 2Best TrainedNorth Dakota the TechniciansL-48-37
Round 3Best TrainedNebraska BlueL-57-33


Round 1RedNorth Dakota WomenW-24-217/12
Round 2RedNebraska RedL-48-14
Round 3RedTeam Kansas GirlsL-49-15
Round 4RedTexas BlueL-55-6
Round 5RedColorado 1L-60-0
Round 6RedColorado 2L-33-21
Round 7RedNebraska Deep RedW-31-30
Round 1BlueNebraska Deep RedW-69-012/12
Round 2BlueNorth Dakota WomenW-64-4
Round 3BlueNebraska RedW-48-13
Round 4BlueTexas RedW-55-6
Round 5BlueTeam Kansas GirlsW-32-21
Round 6BlueColorado 1L-38-28
Round 7BlueColorado 2W-41-19

All Team Undefeated

Elementary #50 Tate Dunnam. 5-0
Round 1RedKansas Outlaws11-6
Round 2RedNorth Dakota The DestroyersF 1:57
Round 3RedNebraska White8-2
Round 4RedUSA RockForfiet
Round 5RedMinnesota Storm9-4
Round 1RedSouth Dakota Elem 24-0
Round 2RedUSA FreedomForfiet
Round 3RedMorris Fitness GeorgiaForfiet
Middle School #102  Angelo Ferrari 5-0
Round 1Best TrainedSouth Dakota MS13-0
Round 2Best TrainedMinnesota Storm4-1
Round 3Best TrainedTeam Oregon10-9 TB-2
Round 4Best TrainedIndiana BlueF 3:47
Round 5Best TrainedKansas Railroaders7-2
* only wrestled Saturday
Womens #58 Zurri Zamora 6-0
Round 1BlueNebraska Deep Red6-2
Round 2BlueNorth Dakota WomenF 2:14
Round 3BlueNebraska RedTF 18-3
Round 4BlueTexas RedForfiet
Round 5BlueTeam Kansas Girls12-0
Round 6BlueColorado 1F 1:23
Round 7BlueColorado 2F 1:16
Womens #65 Deja Wheat 7-0
Round 1BlueNebraska Deep RedF 0:54
Round 2BlueNorth Dakota Women9-0
Round 3BlueNebraska Red14-4
Round 4BlueTexas Red8-0
Round 5BlueTeam Kansas GirlsF 0:28
Round 6BlueColorado 19-0
Round 7BlueColorado 2TF 15-0
Womens #126 Aubrey Yauger 5-0
Round 1BlueNebraska Deep RedF 2:30
Round 2BlueNorth Dakota WomenForfiet
Round 3BlueNebraska RedF 0:56
Round 4BlueTexas RedForfiet
Round 5BlueTeam Kansas Girls4-1
Round 6BlueColorado 1F 1:00
Round 7BlueColorado 28-2