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Wrestlers in Business Network for Texas

Wrestlers in Business Network


Efforts are underway to start a Texas Chapter of the Wrestlers in Business Network.  This nationwide organization strives to bring together ex-wrestlers in a spirit of work for, buy from, and hire wrestlers.  WIBN is dedicated to advancing careersbusinessespersonal growth, and the sport that we all love.

There are so many successful businessmen across the countries that have a background in wrestling.   In wrestling they learned the advantages of hard work and perseverance which formed the foundation for their success.

We are looking for ex-wrestlers who happen to be business owners or executives to serve on our board.  We are also seeking younger professionals just starting, or in the middle of their careers that can benefit for the networking opportunities provided through WIBN.   As members begin doing business with each other, the goal is to give back financially to the sport.

Our long term goal is to create an organization with enough clout to influence the future of Texas wrestling.  The Cleveland Chapter of WIBN was instrumental in over-turning Cleveland State’s decision to abolish their wrestling team last year.   We hope to grow our chapter to over 150 members in the next twelve months.

In Texas we will hold two events per year where we bring in a nationally known guest speaker to address our chapter. We will also purchase a table at the NCAA’s and attend WIBN’s annual dinner at the NCAA Championships.

If you have an interest in joining WIBN please email Tim Brennan at [email protected]  or call him at 214-632-5669.  Our top priority is to put together our board.  Once in place we will schedule our first event.  We hope to do this in the next 2-3 months.