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USMC/USA Womens Junior Nationals

Shilson repeats, Hubby and Osteen win double titles during finals of USMC Girls Junior Folkstyle Nationals

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | March 24, 2018, 10:28 p.m. (ET)

Samara Chavez of Texas defeats Angelina Gomez of California in the 106-pound finals of the USMC Girls Junior Folkstyle Nationals. Dana Strange photo.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Emily Shilson of Minnesota repeated as the champion at 100 pounds, as national champions were crowned at the U.S. Marine Corps Junior Folkstyle Nationals which completed at the Cox Convention Center on Saturday.

Shilson, a Cadet World silver medalist in freestyle, pinned Juliae Moccia of Maryland in the finals in 3:05. Shilson was the only repeat champion from last year.

A pair of 2018 Cadet National champions earned double titles this week after adding Junior Folkstyle National titles, Kiley Hubby of Team Takedown of Washington at 152 pounds and Katja Osteen of the California Folkstyle National Team at 164 pounds.

Hubby defeated 2017 Girls Junior Folkstyle Nationals runner-up Kiana Pugh of the Mosinee WC of Wisconsin, scoring a takedown in sudden victory, 4-2.

Osteen, who was a Schoolgirl Folkstyle National champion a year ago, won her first Junior-level national title by pinning Marlynne Deede of Utah in 1:00 in the finals.

Samara Chavez of the Sisters on the Mat club from Texas, won a folkstyle nationals title for the second straight year. In 2017, she was a Cadet Folkstyle champion. In the finals, she scored an impressive 8-0 major decision over Angelina Gomez of California. In the 2018 Cadet Folkstyle Nationals, Chavez placed second.

A pair of 2017 Junior Folkstyle Nationals runners-up returned to the finals again this year and emerged as national champions, Felicity Taylor of Female Elite Wrestling of Iowa at 112 and Breanna Douglas of Team Kansas at 132 pounds.

Taylor scored a 4-0 decision over Peytong Prussin of Team Nevada, 4-0 in the finals. Douglas was strong in a 9-2 finals victory over Candice Corralejo of California Nightmare.

In an all-Washington state finals at 122 pounds, Payton Stroud of Team Takedown defeated Viktorya Torres of Victory Wrestling, 6-4.

In the finals at 180 pounds, Kenya-Lee Sloan of Team Tennessee, who was ranked No. 7 in the nation at 164 pounds coming into the tournament, defeated the No. 1 ranked girl at 200 pounds, Alexandra Castillo of California, 6-1.

Texas had the most individual champions with three. Joining Chavez as national champions from the Lone Star state were Xochitl Mota-Pettis of Spring Klein Wrestling at 127 pounds and Alyssa Alvarez of Prosper WC at 225 pounds.

Mota-Pettis had a pin in the finals, stopping Caitlin Cardenas of the California Folkstyle National Team in 3:10. Alavarez scored a tight 2-1 decision in her finals against Virginia’s Taja Showers.

Other individual champions were Zoe Nowicki of the Michigan Women’s National team at 117 pounds, Destiny Lyng of the California Folkstyle National Team at 138 pounds, Tiyahna Askew of Team Georgia Girls at 144 pounds and Gabrielle Hamilton of Illinois at 200 pounds.

Nowicki edged Phoenix Dubose of Team Takedown in Washington, 3-2. Lyng opened up her offense in an 8-2 win over Bella Ricchiazzi of Massachusetts, 8-2. Askew scored a pin in the finals, stopping Nicole Clark of Washington in 3:25 in a wide-open, high scoring bout. Hamilton scored a finals pin over Sierra Adams of California in 1:11.

At Oklahoma City, Okla., March 24

1st – Emily Shilson (Minnesota Storm) pin Julianne Moccia (Maryland National Team), 3:05
3rd – Lizette Rodriguez (California Folkstyle National Team) pin Alejandra Corral (Collier Wrestling Academy), 2:46
5th – Alice Todryk (Sapper) pin Amani Jones (Team Georgia Girls), 2:11
7th – Allison Hynes (BA-HYNES) dec. Samantha Miller (Ohio Girls National Team), 5-0

1st – Samara Chavez (Sisters on the Mat-TX) maj. dec. Angelina Gomez (California Folkstyle National Team), 8-0
3rd – Cayden Condit (SOT Academy) pin Sofia Martinez (California Folkstyle National Team), 1:57
5th – Nichole Moore (Team Kansas) dec. Taryn Martin (Ohio Girls National Team), 7-0
7th – Mikayla Vega (California Folkstyle National Team) F Rayana Sahagun (Team Michigan), 1:34

1st – Felicity Taylor (Female Elite Wrestling/Iowa) dec. Peyton Prussin (Team Nevada), 4-0
3rd – Jaslynn Gallegos (Colorado) pin Camille Fournier (Spartan mat club), 0:31
5th – Sugey Ceja (California Folkstyle National Team) pin Marlene Avila (El Paso Wildcats), 2:40
7th – Savannah Kiddoo (Somar WC) pin Kendall Bostelman (Foxfire/Ohio Girls National team), 3:00

1st – Zoe Nowicki (Michigan Women’s National Team) dec. Phoenix Dubose (Team Takedown – WA), 3-2
3rd – Jordyn Knecht (Team Kansas) pin Rory Coscia California Folkstyle National Team), 2:28
5th – Ainslie Lane (Oklahoma Girls National Team) pin Tara Othman (California Nightmare), 4:32
7th – Danielle Garcia (California Folkstyle National Team) pin Aliyah Rollins (California Folkstyle National Team), 2:04

1st – Payton Stroud (Team Takedown – WA) dec. Viktorya Torres (Victory Wrestling-WA), 6-4
3rd – Andrea Schlabach (Ohio Girls National Team) pin Jasmine Hernandez (team texas), 1:56
5th – Makayla Welch (Minnesota Storm) dec. Kya Rybachek (Minnesota Storm), 6-2
7th – Aleena Gomez (California Folkstyle National Team) forfeit Mya Kretzer McPherson, KS (Team Kansas)

1st – Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Spring Klein Wrestling – TX) pin Caitlin Cardenas (California Folkstyle National Team), 3:10
3rd – Marisol Nugent (Philips Andover) dec. Jacqueline Parks (Michigan Women’s National Team), 6-4
5th – Brooke-Lynn Rush (Team Missouri women) pin Madison Dekker (Cleveland takedown club), 5:00
7th – Desiree Estrada (Somar WC) DEC Nonnie Justice (Team Missouri women), 1-0 TB2

1st – Breanna Douglas (Team Kansas) dec. Candice Corralejo (California Nightmare), 9-2
3rd – Emma Walker (Team Tennessee) dec. Dalia Garibay (California Folkstyle National Team), 8-7
5th – Kaylee Moore (Team Takedown) dec. Mattison Parker (Spartan mat club), 7-5 SV
7th – Julia Vidallon (Team Virginia) pin Genesis Miranda (Moreno Valley Wrestling), 3:44

1st – Destiny Lyng (California Folkstyle National Team) dec. Bella Ricchiazzi (Framingham HS – MA), 8-2
3rd – Lexie Basham (Sisters on the Mat) dec. Hunter Robinson (College Park), 7-4
5th – Amy Gathings Bloomington, CA (California Folkstyle National Team) dec. Jordan Suarez Katy, TX (team texas), 8-1
7th – Joanna Qiu (California Folkstyle National Team) dec. Cassandra Smith (Ohio Girls National Team), 4-3

1st – Tiyahna Askew (Team Georgia Girls) pin Nicole Clark (Team Washington), 3:25
3rd – Emmily Patneaud (California Folkstyle National Team) dec. Madison Camp (California Rebels), 3-2
5th – Daisy Garcia (Somar WC) dec. Jayden Bentley (Female Elite Wrestling/Iowa), 13-6
7th – Jasmine Seely (Waynesville Mo tigers youth)

1st – Kiley Hubby (Team Takedown – WA) dec. Kiana Pugh (Mosinee Wrestling – WI), 4-2 sv
3rd – Yelena Makoyed (California Nightmare) dec. Anna Luciano (Kowboys), 7-2
5th – Liliana Vergara (California Folkstyle National Team) med fft. Anatli Smalley (Titan Mercury WC)
7th – Lena Flanagan (Team Takedown) pin Kaylynn Albrecht (Sisters on the Mat), 2:13

1st – Katja Osteen (California Folkstyle National Team) pin Marlynne Deede (Utah), 1:00
3rd – Kelani Corbett (Leilehaua HS) dec. Alexis Young (California Nightmare), 2-0
5th – Shania Gowan (Florida Jets) disq. Augustina Ijoma (Cypress Wrestling Club)
7th – Gabrielle Neal (Team Tennessee) dec. Rayana Vigil (New Mexico), 5-1

1st – Kenya-Lee Sloan (Team Tennessee) dec. Alexandra Castillo (California Folkstyle National Team) 6-1
3rd – Jesse Kirby (Virginia Women’s National Team) dec. Roxie Umu (Daughters Of Zion), 5-1
5th – Emily Sandoval (California Folkstyle National Team) dec. Natalie Kemp WI (Team Wisconsin), 1-0
7th – Elisa Robinson (Team Kansas) pin Daniella Seely (Sisters on the Mat), 3:40

1st – Gabrielle Hamilton (Oklahoma Girls National Team -IL) pin Sierra Adams (Social Butterfly – CA), 1:11
3rd – Tavi Heidelberg (California Nightmare) dec. Olivia Brown Broken Arrow, OK (Oklahoma Girls National Team), 2-1 TB2
5th – Daya Powell (All American WC) pin Rose Gailah (Team Tennessee), 1:49
7th – Bianca Rosales (team texas) dec. Zanaya Shropshire (Team Tennessee), 3-0

1st – Alyssa Alvarez (Prosper Wrestling Club – TX) dec. Taja Showers (Virginia Women’s National Team), 2-1
3rd – Madlyne Navarro (California Rebels) pin Lillian Mccoy (California Folkstyle National Team), 2:46
5th – Ashley Tapp (Cypress Wrestling Club) forfeit Hallie Walker (California Nightmare)
7th – Rhori Hill (Team Colorado) pin Samantha Apple (Team Missouri Women)