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Cadet Folkstyle Nationals Final Results

Shore, Knecht beat returning champions in strong finals at USMC Girls Cadet Folkstyle Nationals

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | March 23, 2018, 2:52 p.m. (ET)
Olivia Shore of Ohio has Samara Chavez of Texas in danger in their 106-pound national finals bout. Photo by Dana Strange.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – National titles were awarded in 14 weight classes, as the U.S. Marine Corps Girls Cadet Folkstyle Nationals came to a close on Saturday morning at the Cox Convention Center.Both returning Cadet Folkstyle national champions who reached the finals were defeated by talented young athletes.

At 106 pounds, Olivia Shore of the Ohio Girls National Team stopped returning national champion Samara Chavez of the Sisters on the Mat from Texas, 8-5. With the match tied 6-5 in favor of Shore after the second period, Shore was able to score a third-period takedown to win the match.

Chavez is ranked No. 7 in the National Girls High School rankings at 106 pounds, while Shore holds a No. 3 national ranking at 100 pounds. Last year, Shore was third at the Cadet Girls Folkstyle Nationals.

Scoring a comeback victory by pin, freshman Jordyn Knecht of Team Kansas scored a pin in 4:52 over returning champion Leilah Castro of Ohio at 117 pounds. Castro jumped to a 4-0 lead in the match, but Knecht came back and secured a pin. Castro is third in the Girls National Rankings at 117 pounds, while Knecht came in unranked.

The finals featured five pins. Joining Knecht with gold-medal round falls were Camille Fournier of the Spartan Mat Club of Texas at 112 pounds, New York native Mia Macaluso of the CA Nightmare club at 127 pounds, Katja Osteen of the California National Folkstyle Team at 164 pounds and Madison Camp of the California Rebels at 144 pounds.

Fournier, ranked No. 6 nationally at 106, put away Rose Ann Marshall of Team Wisconsin in 3:29 at 112 pounds.

Macaluso, who is No. 8 in the national rankings, nailed a headlock to stick Abby McIntyre of the Glenwood Iowa WC in 4:40 at 127 pounds.

Osteen, who is ranked No. 9 in the national rankings and won the California state high school meet as a freshman, defeated fellow Californi Folkstyle National Team wrestler Alia Abushi with a pin in 2:59.

Camp won what many felt was one of the deepest weight classes in the tournament. In the semifinals, Camp defeated California state champion and No. 6 nationally ranked Emmily Patneaud, 6-5. In the finals, she scored a pin in 3:26 over Gianna Anaya of the California Folkstyle National Team).

Six athletes from California were champions. Joining Osteen and Camp at the top of the podium were Lizette Rodriguez of California Folkstyle National Team (94), Kelly Escamilla of the California Rebels (122), Joanna Qiu of the California Folkstyle National Team (138) and Adelina Parra of San Fernando High School (180). Parra holds a No. 3 national ranking at 180 pounds.

Kiley Hubby, a sophomore state champion from Washington who competes for Team Takedown, knocked off the No. 2 ranked Tristan Kelly of Team Colorado, 8-7 at 152. Hubby got behind 7-4 in the match and kept coming back, scoring a reversal in the third period to win the match.

Other individual champions included Allison Hynes of BA-Hynes of Oklahoma at 100 pounds, Emma Walker of Team Tennessee at 132 pounds and Olivia Brown of Oklahoma Girls National Team at 220 pounds.

Many of these athletes are also entered in the USMC Girls Junior Folkstyle Nationals which begins on Friday night at the Cox Convention Center.

At Oklahoma City, Okla., March 23, 2018

94 pounds
1st – Lizette Rodriguez (California Folkstyle National Team) dec. Crystal Venegas (Ohana Wrestling Academy – TX), 4-2
3rd – Avery Kibelbek (Team Tennessee) DEC Chalimar Rodriguez (All American Wrestling), 5-0
5th – Zoe Omura (Collier Wrestling Academy) F Mia Diaz (lil rebels), 1:56
7th – Kylie Robledo (team texas) F Esperanza Rodriguez (Team Colorado), 3:50

100 pounds
1st – Allison Hynes (BA-HYNES – OK) dec. Alejandra Corral (Collier Wrestling Academy – HI), 5-4
3rd – Hailey Ward (California Folkstyle National Team) F Jasmine Howard (Sisters on the Mat), 2:15
5th – Amani Jones Stockbridge, GA (Team Georgia Girls) DEC Adrienna Turner Davis, CA (California Nightmare), 4-2
7th – Julianne Moccia (Maryland National Team) F Brittany Cotter (Cypress Wrestling Club), 1:59

106 pounds
1st – Olivia Shore (Ohio Girls National Team) dec. Samara Chavez (Sisters on the Mat – TX), 8-5
3rd – Cayden Condit (SOT Academy) TF Taryn Martin (Ohio Girls National Team), 15-0 4:33
5th – Catherine Bertrand (Team Georgia Girls) DEC Genesis Quirarte (California Folkstyle National Team), 7-2
7th – Rayana Sahagun (Team Michigan) F Victoria Nunez (team texas), 4:20

112 pounds
1st – Camille Fournier (Spartan Mat Club – TX) pin Rose Ann Marshall (Team Wisconsin), 3:29
3rd – Alexis Miller (Oklahoma Girls National Team) F Tehani Soares (Team Nevada), 4:18
5th – Anya Knappenberger (Maryland National Team) M FOR Alyssa Valdivia (California Folkstyle National Team),
7th – Kendall Bostelman (Foxfire/Ohio Girls National team) F Tyesha Thomas (Team Tennessee), 2:27

117 pounds
1st – Jordyn Knecht (Team Kansas) pin Leilah Castro (Ohio), 4:52
3rd – Riley Dalrymple (Team New York) F Kearanie Johnson (Oklahoma Girls National Team), 1:35
5th – Anayka Besco (Team Kansas) F Olivia Mottley (Cypress Wrestling Club), 4:47
7th – Mia Kurashima (Team Georgia Girls) DEC Elise Rose (Team Kansas), 7-4

122 pounds
1st – Kelly Escamilla (California Rebels) dec. Yele Aycock (New Mexico), 7-2
3rd – Rachel Elizondo (Ohio Girls National Team) F Taci Tapia (Utah), 2:13
5th – Miya Trujillo (Team Colorado) F Aki Choates (Team Georgia Girls), 0:39
7th – Cailin Campbell (Indiana Girls Ignites) M FOR Baylie Koonce (Team Colorado), 1-0 2:49

127 pounds
1st – Mia Macaluso (CA Nightmare – NY) pin Abby Mcintyre (Glenwood Iowa Wrestling Club), 4:40
3rd – Deanna Francisco (Minnesota Storm) DEC Nonnie Justice (Team Mssouri women), 7-3
5th – Izabella Evans (CA Nightmare) M FOR Maggie Palmore Germantown, MD (Maryland National Team), 1:00
7th – Riley Holman (Team Arkansas) DEC Neenah Bosman (Minnesota Storm), 4-0

132 pounds
1st – Emma Walker (Team Tennessee) dec. Charmayne Delong (Wyoming Womens Team), 16-3
3rd – Amor Tuttle (Minnesota Storm) F Danielle Garner (California Nightmare), 3:56
5th – Itzel Galaviz (California Folkstyle National Team) DEC Grace Pauls (Team New York), 2-1
7th – Phoenix Waters (Michigan Women’s National Team) M FOR Skylar Nalls (Virginia Women’s National Team)

138 pounds
1st – Joanna Qiu (California Folkstyle National Team) dec. Francesca Lopresti (California Folkstyle National Team), 4-3
3rd – Annie Hua (California Folkstyle National Team) DEC Courtney Pittman (Team Kentucky), 12-6
7th – Sierra Pienkowski (Indiana Girls Ignites) F Gaelyn Gibson (Sisters on the Mat), 0:33

144 pounds
1st – Madison Camp (California Rebels) pin Gianna Anaya (California Folkstyle National Team), 3:26
3rd – Nia Miranda (Cypress Wrestling Club) MD Emmily Patneaud (California Folkstyle National Team), 11-3
5th – Jayden Bentley (Female Elite Wrestling/Iowa) DEC Logan Ryan (Team Michigan), 6-0
7th – Valeria Ceja (California Nightmare) F Nicole Lorenz (Michigan Women’s National Team), 3:39

152 pounds
1st – Kiley Hubby (Team Takedown – WA) dec. Tristan Kelly (Team Colorado), 8-7
3rd – Madison Diaz (Garage Boyz/Girlz) DEC Bella Mitchell (Team Colorado), 7-5
5th – Gabrielle Mendoza (Virginia Women’s National Team) medical fft. Kurstian Martinez (New Mexico)
7th – Lyndsey Buechman (Team Kansas)

164 pounds
1st – Katja Osteen (California Folkstyle National Team) pin Alia Abushi (California Folkstyle National Team), 2:59
3rd – Tristian Martinez (New Mexico) F Katie Moore (Team New York), 4:50
5th – Cheyenne Meade (Ohio Girls National Team) DEC Joylynn Wegman (Texas), 4-2
7th – Heaven Byrd (Team Georgia Girls) F Gabrielle Pena (Texans wrestling club), 0:48

180 pounds
1st – Adelina Parra (San Fernando HS – CA) dec. Jaycee Foeller (Team Missouri women), 7-4
3rd – Daniella Seely (Sisters on the Mat) DEC Brianna Staebler (Team Wisconsin), 3-2
5th – Maggie Kite (Team Tennessee) M FOR Amanda Espinoza (California Folkstyle National Team)
7th – Sarah Sams (Team Colorado) F Saige Cook (South Carolina), 0:35

220 pounds
1st – Olivia Brown (Oklahoma Girls National Team)
2nd – Hollie Espinoza (California)
3rd – Stacey Pgouda (GAWA)
4th – Sydney Bostelman (Ohio Girls National Team)
5th – Taylor Davis (TN)