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Toughest 5A Girls Regions Post State

Before the State tournament we compile a list of the top 10 ranked wrestlers per region to get a glimpse of which region had the toughest wrestlers based off the ranking system.  Each #1 rank = 15 points, #2 ranked = 14 points and so on, this points were tabulated.  Below is a comparison to before and after State Tournament and final rankings.

Before state only 34 points separated all 4 regions with region 2 taking the lead.  After state a big separation occurred with region 1 taking a commanding lead to claim the Girls 5A toughest region title 45 points over region 2.  Region 3 and region 4 traded positions with region 4 taking the 3rd spot and region 3 bring up the rear.


Before State

Region 2423424333154
Region 13222443223147
Region 3441432123132
Region 43213211431117


After State

Region 14483331122207
Region 2351332435162
Region 42143126399
Region 3111544282