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Toughest 6A Boys Region

Based on WrestlingTexas  top 10 ranked wrestlers and their ranking poll values.  We’ve calculated who on paper is the toughest region in the State for 6A Boys going into this weekends Regional ‘Championships.  Region 1 like last year is still the leader on paper for toughest region.  each year ranked wrestlers from region 1 dont make it to State.  Although Allen has the lead in ranked wrestlers, after Allen it goes towards the Region 1 with Arlington Martin, El Paso Franklin, El Paso Eastwood, Tascosa, Southlake Carroll to name a few.

To Explain, a #1 ranked wrestler on the ranking sheet is worth 15 points, #2=14 pts and so on.  We take the top 10 ranks and sort them by Region and add up the totals.

Count of RankRank
Region 6A Boys12345678910Top 10