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Monster Match Nationals Texas Results

 Texas had 3 champions in Colorado this weekend at the Monster Match Nationals in Denver.  Yet another tough preseason tournament, several teams from Texas took lots of wrestlers big and small.
10 Under had the most Champions with Cayden Rios of Takedown Elite and Joseph Jeter of Best Trained.

18 Under had the most placers with Sam Mora of Maverick Elite/Tascosa being the 3rd champion at the 160lb weight.


10U – 57
2nd Place – Zachary Siatka of TSW-Texas School of Wrestling

10U – 61
1st Place – Cayden Rios of Takedown Elite

10U – 81
1st Place – Joseph Jeter of Best Trained

10U – 89
3rd Place – Diego Ramirez of Takedown Elite

12U – 122
5th Place – Tristan Crosby of Takedown Elite

Middle School Girl`s – 86
3rd Place – Lindsay Camden of Boneyard Wrestling Academy

Middle School Girl`s – 98
5th Place – Emily Callender of Takedown Elite

 Middle School Girl`s – 114
4th Place – Keyla Martinez of Takedown Elite

13-15 Rookie – 95
3rd Place – Talon Schroeder of Takedown Elite

15U – 102
2nd Place – Donavan Whitted of Whitted Trained

 15U – 123
3rd Place – Corey Camden of Boneyard Wrestling Academy

15U – 156
6th Place – Aiden Meyer of Takedown Elite

15U – 190
4th Place – Juan Grange of Boneyard Wrestling Academy
  High School Girl`s – 109
2nd Place – Victoria Nunez of Takedown Elite
4th Place – Sarah Martinez of Takedown Elite
High School Girl`s – 185
3rd Place – Jaydn Aldona of Takedown Elite18U – 106
5th Place – Zach Gomez of Takedown Elite

18U – 113
3rd Place – Dominic Chavez of Whitted Trained

4th Place – Isaih Calderon of Cy-Select Wrestling Inc.

18U – 120
6th Place – Dominic Melendez of Takedown Elite
8th Place – Austin Hernandez of Boneyard Wrestling Academy


18U – 132
5th Place – Adrian Zubia of Cougar wrestling club (CWC)

18U – 160
1st Place – Samuel Mora of Maverick Elite