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Sisters on the Mat Shine in Iowa

This weekend, close to 40 of the top women wrestlers in the state trekked up to Iowa for the Conflict at Carver on Saturday, held in legendary Carver Hawkeye Arena at the University of Iowa, and the Midwest Mat of Dreams Dual Tournament in Independence, IA.  Led by coach Monica Allen, of Azle HS, the team had 17 medalists in Carver, including their sole 1st place winner and most tournament outstanding wrestler Alex Liles.  On Sunday, SOTM entered three dual teams, with the top team taking second in the tournament, just getting edged by Team Illinois in the Championship Dual 19-18.

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Elementary, Middle School Tournament Results

Zaylyn Woods placed 2nd at 55lbs
Miley Turdo placed 3rd at 60 lbs
Riley Rayome placed 4th
Ava Roe placed 6th at 80lbs
Laylla Liles placed 5th at 135

Individual High School Tournament Results

The 136 and 148 weights had the most Texas Girls placing with a several head to head battles.

At 101, #3 ranked @ 95-5A Ivy Gomez in a round robin with 3 other wrestlers takes a 2nd place finish.

At 118, #1 ranked @ 102-6A Camille Fournier topped #18 @ 95-6A Olivia Mottley in the semi finals, Mottley’s stock is rising and will be one to watch as the season progresses.

At 127, #1 ranked @ 110-5A Alexis Hanna and #6 @ 119-6A Collen Weber both were defeated in the semi finals on different sides of the bracket and met up for the 5/6th place match where Hanna takes the win for 5th place.

At 136, it was all #1 ranked @ 138-6A Alex Liles making her way on the top side of the bracket where she met #10 @ 138-6A Jordan Suarez in the finals. Liles wins by fall and captures the MOW.  Suarez on her way to the finals had to go through #7 @ 128-5A Jacqueline Ghent who takes 6th place.  Ghent had to go through #3 @ 128-5A  Alex Eliase.  Updates in the rankings will be noted here.

At 148, #2 ranked @ 138-6A Hunter Robinson made the semi finals on the top side along with #8 @ 128-6A Lexie Basham on the bottom side where they both lose and then met for 3/4th place where Robinson takes the decision 2-0.   Basham had to go through #2 @ 148-6A and Fargo Cadet Champ Nia Miranda who took a 5th place finish.  Miranda had to go through #8 @ 138-6A Kaylynn Albrecht.

At 160,  #10 ranked @ 165-5A Jewel Lively made the finals where she took 2nd place to a Freestyle Champ from Wisconsin.  Unranked Elizabeth Hubbard lost to the same Champ as Lively on the bottom side in the semi finals and came back for a 5th place finish.

At 185, #2 ranked @ 215-5A Bianca Rosales lost in the semifinals where she then had to face #3 @ 185-6A Daniella Seely who had wrestled back through the consolation side.  Rosales won that battle and settled for 4th place in the 3/4th place match – losing 1-0 in the second overtime period.  Seely went on to take a 6th place finish.  Rosales will be a 6A girl this season as she moved to Keller Timber Creek HS.

Girls Brackets


Girls High School (9th-12th Grade) – 101
2nd Place – Ivy Gomez

Girls High School (9th-12th Grade) – 109
6th Place – Jasmine Howard

Girls High School (9th-12th Grade) – 118
2nd Place – Camille Fournier
4th Place – Olivia Mottley

Girls High School (9th-12th Grade) – 127
5th Place – Alexis Hanna
6th Place – Colleen Weber

Girls High School (9th-12th Grade) – 136
1st Place – Alexandria Liles
2nd Place – Jordan Suarez
6th Place – Jacqueline Ghent

Girls High School (9th-12th Grade) – 148
3rd Place – Hunter Robinson of Sisters on the Mat
4th Place – Lexie Basham of Sisters on the Mat
5th Place – Nia Miranda of Sisters on the Mat

Girls High School (9th-12th Grade) – 160
2nd Place – Jewel Lively
5th Place – Elizabeth Hubbard

Girls High School (9th-12th Grade) – 185
4th Place – Bianca Rosales
6th Place – Daniella Seely

Girls High School (9th-12th Grade) – 191
3rd Place – Olivia Ricci


Some Tournament Team Stats

TeamNumber of PinsTotal Time
1.Sisters on the Mat3159:35
2.Missouri Women`s National Team1944:44
3.Team Kansas1426:30
4.Wisconsin611:39 Wisconsin611:42
6.Martinez Fox Valley Elite44:37
7.ND Girls Wrestling34:53
8.Vandalia Community High School35:54
9.Mid-County Wrestling Club21:48
10.Evergreen Park23:23


TeamNumber of FallsTotal Time
1.Sisters on the Mat3471:37
2.Missouri Women`s National Team2255:41
3.Team Kansas1530:51 Wisconsin714:24
6.Martinez Fox Valley Elite59:12
7.ND Girls Wrestling34:53
8.Vandalia Community High School35:54
9.Mid-County Wrestling Club21:48
10.Evergreen Park23:23


TeamMatch Points
1.Sisters on the Mat394
2.Missouri Women`s National Team322
3.Team Kansas185
4.Wisconsin94 Wisconsin90
6.Martinez Fox Valley Elite71
7.Female Elite Wrestling48
8.Vandalia Community High School22
8.Atlanta National Team22
10.ND Girls Wrestling19
10.Advance School of Wrestling19

Quote from Coach Allen

What an amazing experience! God has shown me the way to these girls and we had a trip that was pretty amazing. Everything fell into place beautifully. These girls are the best to work with, the heart, dedication, talent and growth shown thru over these past two days and to be part of this trip was such a blessing. Every single match from these girls got better each time. Team 1 placed 2nd in the dual tournament by 1 point (coaches could have been more strategic and possibly could have pulled out a win- I blame it on them!) Team 2 placed 7th and Team 3 placed 10th. That is right! Texas represented 3 teams this weekend all of the way in Iowa!! What a long, trip, but SO rewarding! I cannot wait until next time, but until then, we all need to get some rest and focus on UIL!

Dual Results