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More Rankings to Come

WrestlingTexas is gonna try something new this season,  it’s always been questioned how, who, and why are the rankings done,  some hate it, some love it.  Rankings, however, on a positive note build our sport,  newspapers, magazines and other media sources always refer to the rankings because it builds up the story for good or bad. either way the sport is getting publicity.

I started my rankings board 3 years ago and although it’s not as elaborate as trackwrestling and ranked wrestler am getting there.  Each season I input every wrestler from every team available to me so everyone is at least listed.  Even though I only show the top 20, I have around 70 wrestlers per weight per class boys and girls.

This season in collaboration with the THSWCA there will be a true coaches poll. It will start out just a team rankings for tournament and dual for 6A, 5A, Prep, Boys and Girls.  Girls will be tournament only.  Next season the goal is to have a true state wide coaches rankings.

Wrestlingtexas needs some help,  I’m looking for a club coach, HS coach, or very involved wrestling parent from each region to help me coordinate who is who,  one must be knowledgeable of the wrestlers in your district/region.  I’ve always had some help with various coaches from schools and clubs, and of course the parents, but to step up my game to be more legit I need more eyes in the field.

So who \ever is interested in helping please fill out the ranking form below.  Questions can be emailed to [email protected]

Thank You

Ray Shoaf

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