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Schreiner University to add Coach Will McKinney

Schreiner University wrestling team wants to welcome the addition of Coach Will McKinney of 3F Wrestling. Coach McKinney has also been a Texas national team coach along with a Maryland national team coach before that.


Under the direction of Coach McKinney 3F wrestling club has been one of the top clubs in the state at all levels and styles. They have produced many State Champions and All Americans and continue to do so. Most recently the club produced Chase Warden and Noah Gochberg, both All Americans at Fargo this year. As well as Jordan Strmiska, Junior duals Team TX OW.


This past high school season 3F Wrestling club had two UIL state champions, six wrestlers in the UIL state finals, and 13 overall medalists.  Dylan Rowling was a 5A state champion, while Christian Moreno, Adam Wachin, Jordan Strmiska, and Anderson Salisbury were all runner ups in the 6A division.  Coach McKinney is also the longtime coach of last year’s champion Jack Skudlarzyk, now at D1 UNI. Jack was a 3x state champion, 4x medalist and 3x Fargo All American, arguably one of the best to ever come out of the state of Texas.


Coach McKinney also has very strong ties to the women’s side of wrestling as he is the brother of accomplished athlete and coach Nicole Woody. Both growing up in a wrestling family in Maryland. Coach McKinney was a training partner and coach to his sister for some of her greatest accomplishments, such as make the Maryland high school state finals (one division boys and girls), winning 4 Fargo Junior national tiles, and a Junior World title.  After college Nicole moved to Austin to continue training with Coach Mckinney at 3F Wrestling where she finished 4th at the US Open and was 4th place at the 2016 Olympic Trials.


“Personally I have had the opportunity to work with Will on trips, at camps, and regular practices. There’s no doubt he has an outstanding knack for coaching. He keeps things simple and direct. Wrestlers are able to pick up technique quick and no doubt they buy into his proven system. Most importantly, coach definitely has a way of motivating and influencing athletes in a positive direction both on and off the mat, and that is a big one with us.” – Coach Jewell


We believe the addition of Coach McKinney is a big step in the right direction for the SU wrestling program. We also feel his passion and dedication towards TX wrestling and the sport itself will be a huge asset towards our goal of becoming a strong program with depth.


“I am excited to join the SU coaching staff, while still having the ability to continue to help the high school and youth wrestlers in the Austin area.  This is such a great opportunity to help the sport of wrestling in Texas and I am grateful for Coach Jewell to include me into his plans.  It’s time to get to work!!!” – Coach McKinney


Our goal is to add two other coaches in the future to help with each team, both women’s and men’s. We have had some very good ones within the state contact us with interest. We do want to look towards past Texas wrestlers/coaches to be involved.


Troy Jewell
Schreiner University Wrestling Coach
Cell: 830-688-1310
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