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Ferrari leads P4P top 25 Texas Rankings

Below is some reasoning to the Pound 4 Pound rankings,  the top 10 are pretty solid and not very arguable,  the 11-25 we could argue all day long.

Criteria was State championships,   AA’s,   head to head wins, state placer, state qualifiers, strength of schedule.    Some state champs didnt make the cut in 5A, only due to not beating any ranked wrestlers, and their strength of schedule.  please feel free to send you arguements  because am sure I missed/left someone out to   [email protected]

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#1       AJ Ferrari,   Fargo Champion, Tournament of Champions finalist, State undefeated Champ.  Ferrari’s Fargo title plus his head to head win over Redlin make him the clear number #1 in the state

#2    Braeden Redlin 4X Fargo All-American, UWW Cadet All-American, 3X state champion.  Braeden has one in state loss in his career to AJ Ferrari.  Minus the lost to Ferrari Redlin has amassed an incredible his school resume.

#3   Isaiah Delgado, NHSCA national finalist, State Champion, and undefeated the last 2 years in the state of Texas.    Have him above Robinson because of being a NHSCA Finalist.

#4    Juwan Robinson State Champion and State finalist.   Juwan is 2X State Champion and made the finals 3X.

#5    Xavier Torres, 3X State placer, 2x State Champion last lost to Texas wrestler was state semi finals at 2016 state tournament.

#6    Jonathon Oretgon,  2x State Champion, undefeated in the state for 2 years.

#7    James Mcclain-Green, State Champion, 2X state placer, NHSCA runner up. and  double AA honors at NHSCA.

#8  Daniel Manibog, State Champ and placer, with his only lost of 2016/2017 season being avenged on the year and two wins over Camden Fontenot a 2016 state champ.

#9   Colin Lawer, 3X Fargo AA, 3x State Prep champion,   multiple in state loses are keeping him from being higher on the list.

#10  Logan Brown 3rd preseason, 3X state placer, 2X state finalist Logan has had an outstanding career, losing in the state tournament only to eventual champions. His lack of state titles keeps him low.

#11   Heath Roth, State Champion he had an undefeated season as a freshman, with a win over Noah Martienz

#12    Aidan Conner,  Fargo AA, State Champion,  had a big win in the state finals vs Joshua Molnar.

#13   Gregory Coapstick, 3x State Finalist, 2017 State Champ,  In state loses and lack of out of state results keep Coapstick down on the list,

#14  Luke Garcia, State Champion, won one of the deepest weigh classes in the state.

#15  Parker Decker, State Placer, Fargo AA, UWW Champ and AA, Decker is in the same shoes as Chavez an under size 106 last season, but had some outstanding national results.

#16   Domnic Chavez, Fargo AA, State Placer, Chavez national results put him on the list but under Garcia, P4P he is probably a little low on the list put now he is becoming a full size 106 he will have multiple opportunities to move up the list.

#17  Christian Moreno, 3x state placer, state finalist, Lack of national results, has had a lot of success in state, but hasn’t been able to put it together to win a state title.  He is above Yeamans head to head.

#18  Joshua Molinar, 2x state place winner, NHSCA nationals All-American, 1 loss in 2017 was in state finals and only loss in 2016 was to state champ Luke Hodsden.  This kids is under the radar, his high school doesn’t wrestle a ton during the season, but his only loses in the past two years was to Luke Hodsden and Aidan Conner.  Both state champs

#19  Samuel Mora,  Fargo AA,  2x state qualifier,  2017 state runner up, strength of 6A puts him above Thomas

#20  Michael Kumlien   5A state champ

#21  Dillion Thomas, 2x state place, finalist, only lose last season was in the state finals,

#22  Noah Yeamans, 2X State Placer, finalist, strength of schedule puts him above the other 2xers

#23  Cameron Haddock, 2X State Placer, finalist

#24  Desmond Williams, 2X State Placer, finalist

#25   Adam Maesta, 3x State qualifier, 2x state placer