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RockStar Wrestling takes the 2017 Greco State Championships

Rockstar wrestling club takes the win for the Greco Championships per trackwrestling team stats.  With the top 4 teams evenly match with 15 wrestlers each.  The top 4 team were separated by 27 points.

Below is the top 10 in the stat list.


Team Name – Wrestler CountTeam AbbreviationPoints
1.RockStar Wrestling Club – 158899145.00
2.Best Trained Wrestling – 158895140.00
3.NB Elite – 158894134.00
4.Spartan Mat Club – 158873128.00
5.Boneyard Wrestling Academy – 138898106.00
6.Vici Wrestling Club – 158871105.00
7.3F Wrestling – 12888185.00
8.Spring Klein Wrestling Club – 12893182.00
9.-Unattached – 15886976.00
10.Frisco Bombers – 7890154.00
TeamNumber of PinsTotal Time
1.NB Elite1518:42
2.Spartan Mat Club1423:43
3.Spring Klein Wrestling Club1218:55
4.Frisco Bombers1220:40
5.Best Trained Wrestling1113:41
6.Boneyard Wrestling Academy912:59
7.RockStar Wrestling Club915:58
8.Katy Area Wrestling Club814:12
9.Vici Wrestling Club78:33
TeamNumber of Tech FallsTotal Time
1.RockStar Wrestling Club3370:01
2.Best Trained Wrestling3261:23
3.3F Wrestling2032:02
4.Spartan Mat Club2046:02
5.NB Elite1619:51
6.Boneyard Wrestling Academy1521:17
8.Vici Wrestling Club1221:31
9.Frisco Bombers1121:30
10.Takedown Elite813:14
TeamNumber of TF’s/PinsTotal Time
1.Best Trained Wrestling4375:04
2.RockStar Wrestling Club4285:59
3.Spartan Mat Club3469:45
4.NB Elite3138:33
5.Boneyard Wrestling Academy2434:16
6.Frisco Bombers2342:10
7.3F Wrestling2133:59
9.Vici Wrestling Club1930:04
10.Spring Klein Wrestling Club1726:30
TeamClassification Points
1.RockStar Wrestling Club221.0
2.Best Trained Wrestling212.0
3.Spartan Mat Club177.0
4.NB Elite164.0
5.Boneyard Wrestling Academy117.0
6.Frisco Bombers108.0
7.Spring Klein Wrestling Club96.0
9.Vici Wrestling Club92.0
10.3F Wrestling91.0
TeamTotal Match Points
1.RockStar Wrestling Club585
2.Best Trained Wrestling558
3.Spartan Mat Club479
4.NB Elite371
5.Boneyard Wrestling Academy313
6.Vici Wrestling Club264
8.3F Wrestling253
9.Frisco Bombers237
10.Spring Klein Wrestling Club187