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Best Trained Wrestling Club Sweeps the 2017 Texas Freestyle Championships

Best Trained per Trackwrestling Team Stats List swept the board and won the over all Team/Club race at the 2017 Texas Freestyle Championships.  Rockstar and NB Elite followed in order.  Good thing Texas Best Trained Elite wasnt assembled, it woulda been a lopsided team race for sure, as it was,  22 points separated the top 3 in the overall.
Below is a list of the top 10 per list



Team Name – Wrestler CountTeam AbbreviationPoints
1.Best Trained Wrestling – 168895154.00
2.RockStar Wrestling Club – 16 (Home Page)8899141.00
3.NB Elite – 168894128.00
4.Spartan Mat Club – 168873111.00
5.Vici Wrestling Club – 168871111.00
6.Boneyard Wrestling Academy – 13889893.00
7.3F Wrestling – 12888191.00
8.-Unattached – 16886977.00
9.Spring Klein Wrestling Club – 14893168.00
10.Omada Kitrinos Wrestling Club – 7889153.00
TeamClassification Points
1.Best Trained Wrestling365.0
2.RockStar Wrestling Club221.0
3.Spartan Mat Club219.0
4.Boneyard Wrestling Academy161.0
5.NB Elite154.0
6.3F Wrestling136.0
7.Frisco Bombers120.0
9.Vici Wrestling Club114.0
10.Spring Klein Wrestling Club91.0
TeamNumber of PinsTotal Time
1.Best Trained Wrestling1825:04
2.Spartan Mat Club1425:28
3.Boneyard Wrestling Academy1117:03
4.NB Elite99:01
5.RockStar Wrestling Club88:35
6.Spring Klein Wrestling Club812:40
8.Thunder Cat Wrestling Club.711:06
9.Moya Wrestling68:22
10.RC Wrestling (Rob Clarkston Wrestling)621:11


TeamNumber of Tech Falls/PinsTotal Time
1.Best Trained Wrestling5898:32
2.RockStar Wrestling Club3863:43
3.3F Wrestling3039:14
4.Spartan Mat Club2983:49
5.Boneyard Wrestling Academy2233:10
6.NB Elite2026:12
7.Frisco Bombers2031:52
8.Vici Wrestling Club1725:40
10.Omada Kitrinos Wrestling Club1325:25


TeamNumber of FallsTotal Time
1.Best Trained Wrestling76123:36
2.RockStar Wrestling Club4672:18
3.Spartan Mat Club43109:17
4.Boneyard Wrestling Academy3350:13
5.3F Wrestling3243:29
6.NB Elite2935:13
7.Frisco Bombers2540:53
9.Vici Wrestling Club2231:33
10.Spring Klein Wrestling Club1723:49
TeamTotal Match Points
1.Best Trained Wrestling1032
2.Spartan Mat Club723
3.RockStar Wrestling Club584
4.NB Elite455
5.Boneyard Wrestling Academy401
7.3F Wrestling367
8.Frisco Bombers334
9.Vici Wrestling Club308
10.Omada Kitrinos Wrestling Club249