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Mensah will be the 3rd Match at Beat the Streets

The Beat The Streets event will, once again, be coming back to Times Square for another amazing wrestling event in the pulse of New York City. Each year the best wrestlers in the United States take on top wrestlers from other parts of the globe. In the past we have seen wrestlers from Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Cuba, among others.

This year Team USA will be taking on a Team Japan next Wednesday, May 17. There will be a slew of talented wrestlers representing the United States on the big stage.

Most of the winners from the Men’s Freestyle US Open will be representing the USA along with some of the USA’s toughest female wrestlers, including 2016 Olympic Champion Helen Maroulis. Also joining the event will be 2016 World and Olympic Champions Logan Stieber and Kyle Snyder.

The event will get kicked off with an all-star match between high school standouts Daton Fix and Austin DeSanto. The other match that will not involve a Japanese wrestler will be a 65kg match between 2015 World Champion and Olympic Bronze medalist Frank Chamizo of Italy taking on 2017 US Open Champion Jordan Oliver.

10 senior level World or Olympic Gold medals will be represented at this event.

Here is the schedule for the event and the match order for the feature dual meet:

3;00pm – Beat the Streets Youth Exhibition Matches
4:45pm – NYC PSAL Girls Dual Meet Championships
6:00pm – Team USA vs Team Japan

Match 1: Daton Fix (USA) vs. Austin DeSanto (USA)
Match 2: 48kg Victoria Anthony (USA) vs. Yuki Irie (Japan)
Match 3: 69kg Tamyra Mensah (USA) vs. Miwa Morikawa (Japan)
Match 4: 58kg Helen Maroulis (USA) vs. Yuzuru Kumano (Japan)
Match 5: 65kg Jordan Oliver (USA) vs. Frank Chamizo (ITALY)
Match 6: 57kg Anthony Ramos (USA) vs. Rinya Nakamura (Japan)
Match 7: 61kg Logan Stieber (USA) vs. Shingo Arimoto (Japan)
Match 8: 65kg Zain Retherford (USA) vs. Daichi Takatani (Japan)
Match 9: 70kg James Green (USA) vs. Nobuyoshi Takojima (Japan)
Match 10: 86kg David Taylor (USA) vs. Takahiro Murayama (Japan)
Match 11: 97kg Kyle Snyder (USA) vs. Koki Yamamoto (Japan)
Match 12: 125kg Nick Gwiazdowski (USA) vs. Katsutoshi Kanazawa (Japan)
Match 13: 74kg Jordan Burroughs (USA) vs. Sohsuke Takatani (Japan)