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Texas All State Team and 2nd Team -
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Texas All State Team and 2nd Team

All State Team

106-#1-5A Johnathon Ortegon of Canyon Randall
Ortegon is a 2x state champ and has more credentials than the freshman #1-6A Garcia

113-#1-6A Isaiah Delgado of El Paso Eastwood
Delgado 2x state champ and #1-5A Coapstick although a 3x finalist, the 5A class just isnt as strong as the 6A class here.

120-#1-6A James Green-McClain of ElPaso Franklin
McClain gets the go ahead here over #1-5A Heath Roth, Roth even though undefeated doesn’t have the skins on the wall that McClain has.

126-#1-6A Jack Skudlarczyk of Austin Westlake
Skudlarczyk a 3x state champ has more credentials than #1-5A Xavier Torres a 2x state champ

132-#1-6A Blaine Martinez of Keller Central
Martinez  has more credentials over #1-5a Mike Kumlien. Both state champs, but Martinez has some Fargo All America status.

138-#1-6A Daniel Manibog of Katy
Manibog gets the go ahead here over #1-5A Jacob Gibbs, again both are state champs. I believe the 6A class is a little stronger at this weight.  Wasn’t much H2H info at this weight between 5A and 6A this year in the top 5 anyways

145-#1-6A Taylor Parks of Arlington Bowie
Parks wins the battle over the #1-5A Christian Hernandez, again both state champs, Parks did better in the National tournaments this year.  To my knowledge.

152-#1-6A Juwan Robinson of Allen
This was a tuff one,  but I give the nod to Robinson because of 3x finalist, 2x state champ, and #1-5A Zach Garza is a 2x state finalist and undefeated  state champ.  Also an AA @ NHSCA tournament.  tuff one.

160-#1-6A AJ Ferrari of Allen
This was a no brainer, nobody is touching a healthy Ferrari prolly at any weight over 160 in the whole state. he is just that good.

170-#1-6A Braeden Redlin of Allen
I believe Redlin to be a level above everyone else at this weight as well. #2-6A Anderson Salisbury kept it close in the state finals but that’s what happens mainly in a state finals match.

182-#1 6A Noah Vasquez of El Paso Eastwood
Vasquez beating Hackett in the state finals puts Noah on top.  #1-5A Larsen Hanks doesn’t have the notable wins that Vasquez has.

195-#1-6A Mark Inglehart of Allen
Inglehart a 2x state champ is the clear favorite here over #1-5A Aidan Connor

220-#1-6A Cameron Barnes of Katy
Barnes a state champ is the favorite here over #1-5A Noah Sims, even though Sims is a 2x state champ, his earlier losses at the Outlaw tournament holds him back.

285-#1-5A Brian Andrews of Grapevine
Andrews got the go ahead here because he is a 3x state champ, I think it would be a great match between Manzonelli and Andrews, but that has never happened to my knowledge outside wrestling practice.

All State 2nd Team

106-#1-6A Luke Garcia of Arlington Martin
Garcia gets the spot here due to winning the state championship, Strmiska, Decker, or Martinez all coulda flip flop here, but for now its Garcia.

113-#1-5A Gregory Coapstick of Frisco Centennial
Coapstick is a 3x finalist and state champ,  his only loses this season was to Herrera of Allen and Carter of Westside, no on has beat hin at 113 this season, this gives him the go ahead over #2-6A Christian Moreno.

120-#1-6A Alonzo Herrera of Allen
Herrera I put above undefeated and state champ Heath Roth only because Herrera has higher quality wins than Roth.  Roth to my knowledge hasn’t wrestled anyone in the top 10 on the 6A rankings.

126-#1-5A Xavier Torres of Canyon Randall
2x state champ and state placer Torres is next after Skudlarczyk.  Torres has a win over #2-6A Logan Brown

132-#1-5A Mike Kumlien of Northwest
Kumlien is the state champ here. #2-6A Alfredo Benavidez was the state runner up. this was a tough one as I don’t know much about Kumlien or Benavidez. so I went with the state champ.

138-#1-5A Jacob Gibbs of Bushland
This weight was crazy on both sides of the class, Gibbs takes this spot because he is the 5A state champ.  Dooley, Douglas, Anderson, Carter, Russell, Flores, and last years state champ Fontenot on a different day could change all this.

145-#2-6A Cameron Haddock of Southlake Carroll
Haddock has a win over #1-5A Christian Hernandez. this puts him ahead for the spot.

152-#1-5A Zach Garza of Dumas
Garza being a state champ and undefeated secured this spot over #2-6A Sam Mora, and #2-5A Jordan Robison.

160-#1-5A Harley Coons of College Station
Coons is undefeated state champ here so he slides into this spot.  No match ups with #2-6A Adam Wachin that am aware of, and he beat #2-5A Herrera in state finals and #3-5a Tellez at a tournament earlier in the year.

170-#2-6A Anderson Salisbury of Austin Westlake
Dylan Rowling stepped up when needed this year and is the 5A state champ, but Salisbury has a H2H win over #1-5A Dylan Rowling, So Salisbury gets the spot here. (edited)

182-#2-6A Evan Hackett of Allen
Hacketts only loss to a Texas wrestler in the last 2 years was to Vasquez in the state finals, so Hackett easily slides into the 2nd Team.

195-#1-5A Aidan Connor of Dallas Highland Park
This was another tough one,  Connor has only 1 loss and a state champ, but #2-6A Colin McCoy’s only losses all year was to Inglehart, but I stuck with the Champ.

220-#2-6A Justin Villegas of Allen
Villegas although a state runner up gets the go ahead here solely based on Noah Sims had a lose to Jack Drulman of Allen at the Allen Outlaw,  Villegas beat out Drulman for the starting spot. maybe Sims had a bad match? it happens, but never the less I believe this puts Villegas ahead of Sims, both have a loss to Barnes the state champ as well as Colin Lawler who was considered.

285-#2-6A Nico Manzonelli of Allen
Manzonelli is the clear favorite here. The state champ and  he has a win over Stafford of Amarillo last year in state.