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Texas and Triple Crowns

A couple weeks ago, Best Trained’s Angelo Ferrari won the folkstyle nationals in Iowa the first leg of a triple crown award.  This got me wondering just how many Texas wrestlers have achieve this feat.
Looking into Texas History of the Triple Crown.  Texas has had only for 4 wrestlers through out history to achieve this accomplishment, 2 of those wrestlers have done it twice.
Oliver Pierce, Bo Nickal, Nick Cobb, and Nick Reenan are Texas only triple crown winners and the first 3 went through Best Trained in Allen, and pretty sure Nick Reenan trained in the room as well.
Oliver Piece is now wrestling for Arizona State and qualified for NCAA his first year
Bo Nickal of course is a National Champion for Penn State
Nick Cobb, Texas only 2nd, 4x State Champ, went to Texas A & M, and hung up his wrestling shoes after high school.
Nick Reenan is now wrestling for North Carolina State and qualified for the NCAA his first year.
Nickal and Reenan are the only wrestlers to achieve this in High School as Cadets.


History of the Triple Crown
by: Gary Abbott

The Triple Crown is awarded to any athlete who wins a USA Wrestling national title in folkstyle, Greco-Roman and freestyle the same year. It has become one of the most prestigious honors in youth and high school wrestling.

The program started with USA Wrestling’s Kids divisions in 1997, which included competition at the Intermediate (9-10 years), Novice (11-12 years) and Schoolboy (13-14 years) levels.

There were only two Kids Triple Crown winners that first year, Jon Dahl of Minnesota (Intermediate, 100) and Beau DeArmon of Oklahoma (Schoolboy, 100).

In the 20 years of USA Wrestling Kids Triple Crown history, there have been 172 Triple Crown winners. There has been one six-time Kids Triple Crown winner, Riley Adamson of New Mexico, who won two Intermediate, two Novice and two Schoolboy Triple Crowns from 1998-2004.

In 2000, there were 11 Triple Crown winners, and three went on to win NCAA titles later in their careers. David Taylor of Wyoming, who won at Intermediate 60 pounds, went on to win two NCAA titles for Penn State. Brent Metcalf of Michigan, a Schoolboy 115 pound champion, won two NCAA titles for Iowa. Jon Reader of Michigan, the Novice 90 pound champion, was an NCAA champion for Iowa State.

Taylor and Reader continue to compete in freestyle for Team USA, while Metcalf, who made four U.S. Senior World Teams, is now USA Wrestling’s Assistant National Freestyle Coach.

Other Triple Crown winners who went on to win NCAA titles were Angel Escobedo of Indiana (1999 Novice 80 winner), who was an NCAA champion for Indiana, Bo Nickal of Wyoming (2996 Intermediate 75 winner), who won the NCAAs this year for Penn State and Mark Hall of Michigan (2007 Intermediate 87 winner), who was also a 2017 NCAA champion for Penn State.

The next level which started a Triple Crown program was the Cadet level, which is for ages 15-16 years old. There was a Triple Crown winner that first year, when Taylor Moore of Missouri won all three national titles at 189 pounds.

Over the 14 years of the Cadet Triple Crown program, there have been 22 Triple Crowns awarded. Only one wrestler has won a pair of Cadet Triple Crowns, Taylor Massa of Michigan in 2008 and 2009.

Both Mark Hall and Bo Nickal also went on to win Cadet Triple Crown, but representing different states than when they won their Kids Triple Crowns. Mark Hall was a 2013 Triple Crown winner at 160 pounds representing Colorado. Bo Nickal was a 2012 Triple Crown winner at 160 pounds representing Texas.

In 2005 and 2006, there were no Cadet Triple Crown winners. The most Cadet Triple Crown winners in any single year were four, in both 2012 and 2013. The 2012 Cadets who earned this honor were Hunter Marko of Wisconsin, Aaron Pico of California, Bo Nickal of Texas and Lance Benick of Minnesota. The 2013 Triple Crown winners were Daton Fix of Oklahoma, Nick Reenan of Texas, Mark Hall of Colorado and Jacob Marnin of Iowa.

The hardest Triple Crown to win has been at the Junior level, which started recognizing this program in 2007. There have been on seven Junior Triple Crowns awarded in the 10 years of this program. The first Triple Crown winner did not occur until the third year of the program, when Jade Rauser of Montana won all three national tournaments at 105 pounds in 2009.

Michigan heavyweight star Adam Coon was the only two-time Junior Triple Crown winner, sweeping all of the national titles in both 2012 and 2013. The only year where there was two Junior Triple Crown winners was in 2014, when Randon Miranda of California at 100 pounds and Danny Vega of Arizona at 106 pounds achieved this great feat.

Joining Rauser, Coon, Miranda and Vega as Junior Triple Crown winners were Freddy Rodriguez of Michigan in 2010 and Nkosi Moody of Illinois in 2011. There were no Triple Crown winners on the Junior level four different years (2007, 2008, 2015, 2016).

Winning a USA Wrestling Triple Crown is an amazing achievement. The only way to win it is to first enter and win the USA Wrestling Folkstyle National Championships and win that tournament to take the first leg of the journey.

If you can win in Cedar Falls, for wrestlers in the Intermediate, Novice and Schoolboy age groups, the final leg of the Triple Crown will be at the USA Wrestling Kids Freestyle and Greco-Roman Nationals in Atlanta, Ga., June 29-30. For Cadets and Juniors, the final leg is the combined Cadet and Junior Nationals in Fargo, N.D., July 14-22.

USA Wrestling Kids Triple Crown winners (172 as of 2016)

Jon Dahl of Minnesota (Intermediate 100)
Beau DeArmon of Oklahoma (Schoolboy 100)

Riley Jo Lindner of Iowa (Intermediate 100)
Anthony Morales of Nevada (Intermediate 120)
Mark Friend of Illinois (Novice 90)
Alex Cornette of Wisconsin (Novice 165+)
C.P. Schlatter of Ohio (Schoolboy 105)
Johnny Galloway of Iowa (Schoolboy 130)
Jeremy Hart of Indiana (Schoolboy 155)
Josh Reindl of Iowa (Schoolboy 175+).

Riley Adamson of New Mexico (Intermediate 55)
Duane Zlatnik of Kansas (Intermediate 112).
Victor Weideman of Nebraska (Novice 60)
Angel Escobedo of Indiana (Novice 80)
David Craig of Florida (Novice 90)
Cole Swenson of Minnesota (Novice 105)
Jon Dahl of Minnesota (Novice 120)
Joe Zlatnik of Kansas (Novice 140)
Blake Roemer of Wisconsin (Novice 140++).
Alex Tsirtsis of Indiana (Schoolboy 95)

David Taylor of Wyoming (Intermediate 60)
Riley Adamson of New Mexico (Intermediate 65)
Ryan Konrath of Indiana (Intermediate 87)
Atticus Disney of Kansas (Intermediate120).
Jonathan Reader of Michigan (Novice 90)
Mike May of Minnesota (Novice 140++)
Lance Palmer of Ohio (Schoolboy 75)
Brent Metcalf of Michigan (Schoolboy 115)
Brandon Mason of Iowa (Schoolboy 130)
Patrick Bond of Virginia (Schoolboy 150)
Kyle Massey of Minnesota (Schoolboy 160+)

R.J. Pena of Oregon (Intermediate 75)
Jeff Olsen of Georgia (Intermediate 87)
Riley Adamson of New Mexico (Novice 75)
Eric Starks of Washington (Novice 90)
Elijah Madison of Kansas (Novice 140)
Jake Swensen of Utah (Schoolboy 100)
Daniel LeClere of Iowa (Schoolboy 120)
Angel Escobedo of Indiana (Schoolboy 110)
David Craig of Florida (Schoolboy 130)
Joe Zlatnik of Kansas (Schoolboy 160 ++)

Blake Sorensen of Iowa (Intermediate 70)
Zachary Skates of Oklahoma (Intermediate 95)
Riley Adamson of New Mexico (Novice 80)
Atticus Disney of Kansas (Novice 140+)
Collin Dozier of Virginia (Schoolboy 95)
Matt Panasevich of Pennsylvania (Schoolboy 160)

Oliver Pierce, 1st Triple Crown

John Sims of Indiana (Intermediate 87)
Sharky Slyter of Kansas (Novice 65)
Ben Morgan of Oklahoma (Novice 75)
Shane Thomas of Oklahoma (Novice 90)
Jeff Olsen of Georgia (Novice 100)
Mark Myers of Indiana (Novice 105)
Riley Adamson of New Mexico (Schoolboy 85)
Shane Nay of Missouri (Schoolboy 125)
Deron Winn of Missouri (Schoolboy 160)
Matthew Campos of California (Schoolboy 160++++)
Taylor Moore of Missouri (Cadet, 189)

Brandon Sorenson of Iowa (Intermediate 70)
Oliver Pierce of Texas (Intermediate 80)

Oliver Pierce, 1st Triple Crown

Glenn Climmons of Georgia (Intermediate 103)
Alexander Lennartson of Wisconsin (Intermediate 120)
Ravaughn Perkins of Nebraska (Novice 75)
Nick Moore of Iowa (Novice 95)
Brett Jaeckel of Tennessee (Novice 140+)
Sharky Slyter of Kansas (Schoolboy 70)
Nick Lester of Missouri (Schoolboy 90)
Riley Adamson of New Mexico (Schoolboy 95)
Joshua Wiseman of Minnesota (Schoolboy 120)
Grant Gambrall of Iowa (Schoolboy 130)
Zachary Sanders of Minnesota (Cadet 105)

Noah Teaney of Missouri (Intermediate 60)
Mitch Sliga of Indiana (Intermediate 87)
Dylan Diebitz of Wisconsin (Intermediate 95)
Mark Grey of New Jersey (Novice 70)
Eric DeVos of Minnesota (Novice 85)
Taylor Massa of Michigan (Novice 100)
Jason Luster of Georgia (Novice 112) pounds
Donny Longendyke of Minnesota (Novice 140+)
Riley Ewalt of Michigan (Schoolboy 95)

Oliver Pierce top row, far right Bo Nickal bottom row 3rd from left

Cole Verner of Wyoming (Intermediate 50)
James Rothwell of Colorado (Intermediate 65)
Bo Nickal of Wyoming (Intermediate 75)
Joey Mammolenti of Indiana (Intermediate 87)
Cody Rider of Wisconsin (Intermediate 112)
Jered Cortez of Colorado at Novice (Novice 70)
Oliver Pierce of Texas (Novice 90)
Ryan Cone of Wisconsin (Novice 112)
Glenn Climmons of Georgia (Novice 130)
Joe Scanlan of Iowa (Novice 140+)
Jesse Thielke of Wisconsin (Schoolboy 85)
Dylan Ness of Minnesota (Schoolboy 95)

Young Bo Nickal,

Mark Hall II of Michigan (Intermediate 87)
Lance Benick of Minnesota (Intermediate 95)
Zach Wolf of Wisconsin (Intermediate 120+)
Jacob Marnin of Iowa (Intermediate 120++)
Adam Drain of Iowa (Novice 100)
Michael Johnson, Jr. of Illinois (Novice 112)
Mitch Sliga of Indiana (Novice 130)
Nick Cobb of Texas (Novice 140).
Devin Peterson of Wisconsin (Schoolboy 145)
Zack Rutt of Minnesota (Schoolboy 185)

Anthony Artalona of Florida (Intermediate 60)
A.J. Jaffe of Illinois (Intermediate 70)
Ty Pelot of Wisconsin (Novice 60)
Dante Rodriguez of Nebraska (Novice 70)
Matthew Kolodzik of Ohio (Novice 75)
Joey Nelson of Wisconsin (Novice 95)
Sam Brancale of Minnesota (Schoolboy 77)
Ryan Cone of Wisconsin (Schoolboy 152)
Joe Scanlan of Iowa (Schoolboy 175)
Eric Mason of Kansas (Schoolboy 210)

Nathan Walton of Indiana (Intermediate 80)
Louie Hayes of Illinois (Novice 60)
Isaac Florell of Minnesota (Novice 140)
Lance Benick of Minnesota (Novice 140+)
Joseph McKenna of New Jersey (Schoolboy 91)
Jared Schaaf of Wisconsin (Schoolboy 136)
Dominic Flock of Wisconsin (Schoolboy 152)
Paul Harmon of Nevada (Schoolboy 160)
Michael Johnson, Jr. of Illinois (Schoolboy 210)
Jake Scanlan of Iowa (Schoolboy 265)

Ridge Lovett of Idaho (Intermediate 60)
Travis Wittlake, Jr. of Oregon (Intermediate 80)
Joseph Barnes of California (Intermediate 102)
Beau Breske of Wisconsin (Novice 112)
Dante Rodriguez of Nebraska (Schoolboy 84)
Christian DuLaney of Minnesota (Schoolboy 175)

Travis Wittlake of Oregon (Novice 95)
Louie Hayes of Illinois (Schoolboy 70)
Beau Breske of Wisconsin (Schoolboy 128)
Mason Manville of Virginia (Schoolboy 144)
Samuel Colbray of Oregon (Schoolboy 160)
Tevis Bartlett of Wyoming (Schoolboy 175)

Lance Keneley of Nevada (Intermediate 120+)
Theorius Robison of Colorado (Novice 80)
Peyton Robb of Minnesota (Novice 90)

Jesse Vasquez of California (Novice 85)
Alfonso Martinez of Arizona (Novice 90)
Abe Assad of Illinois (Novice 95)
Braedon Orrino of Washington (Schoolboy 144)
Cole Moody of Utah (Schoolboy 105)
Travis Wittlake of Oregon (Schoolboy 136)

Joshua Barr of Michigan (Intermediate 75)
Rocky Elam of Missouri (Novice 100)
Greyden Penner of Missouri (Novice 112)
Sawyer Hobbs of Idaho (Novice 120)
Cullan Schriever of Iowa (Schoolboy 70)
Colton Yapoujian of Colorado (Schoolboy 91)
Theorius Robison of Colorado (Schoolboy 112)
Brock Hardy of Utah (Schoolboy 136)
Travis Wittlake of Oregon (Schoolboy 152)
Kaleb Reeves of Iowa (Schoolboy 190)

Daniel Max Magayna of Iowa (Intermediate 87)
Hudson Davis of Oregon (Intermediate 95)
Quentin Saunders of Kansas (Novice 130)
Ethan Kremer of Kansas (Novice 140+)
Cullen Schriever of Iowa (Schoolboy 70)
Beau Bartlett of Pennsylvania (Schoolboy 112)
Alfonso Martinez of Arizona (Schoolboy 128)
Luke Luffman of Illinois (Schoolboy 190)

Jason and Bo Nickal winning the last leg of Triple Crown at Fargo

Hudson Rogers of Idaho (Intermediate 87)
Draven Woods of Iowa (Intermediate 112)
Gabriel Kaminski of Illinois (Intermediate 120+)
Avery Allen of Montana (Novice 80)
Colton Garibaldi of Montana (Novice 130)
Quentin Saunders of Kansas (Novice 140)
Amit Elor of California (Novice 140+)
Carson Manville of Virginia (Schoolboy 120)
Alex Facundo of Michigan (Schoolboy 136)
Tyler Hanna of Wisconsin (Schoolboy 175)
Dominik Vacura of Minnesota (Schoolboy 190)
Cody Pearson of Kansas (Schoolboy 265)

USA Wrestling Cadet Triple Crown winners (22 as of 2016)

Taylor Moore of Missouri (189)

Zachary Sanders of Minnesota (105)


Bo Nickal Podium


Hayden Zillmer of Minnesota (84)

Dylan Ness of Minnesota (130)
Taylor Massa of Michigan (140)

Bo Nickal Podium

Taylor Massa of Michigan (152)
Jake Waste of Minnesota (160)
Devin Peterson of Wisconsin (171)

Mitch Sliga of Indiana (189)

Gannon Volk of Minnesota (91)

Bo Nickal

Hunter Marko of Wisconsin (94)
Aaron Pico of California (132)
Bo Nickal of Texas (160)
Lance Benick of Minnesota (195)

Daton Fix of Oklahoma (113)
Nick Reenan of Texas (152)

Nick Reenan

Mark Hall of Colorado (160)
Jacob Marnin of Iowa (285)

Beau Breske of Wisconsin (170)
Keegan Moore of Minnesota (182)

Moshe Schwartz of Colorado (88)

Travis Wittlake, Jr. of Oregon (170)

USA Wrestling Junior Triple Crown winners (7 as of 2016)


Nick Reenan and his hardware



Jade Rauser of Montana (105)

Freddie Rodriguez of Michigan (105/112)

Nkosi Moody of Illinois (98)

Adam Coon of Michigan (285)

Nick Reenan on the Podium

Adam Coon of Michigan (285)

Randon Miranda of California (100)
Danny Vega of Arizona (106)



special thanks for the provided photos by Geno Pierce and John Reenan.